Slave Labor: Louisiana Sheriff Laments Release Of ‘Good’ Prisoners

Prison Industrial Complex: Louisiana sheriff is angry about prison reform because he will be losing valuable slave labor.

In a deplorable display Sheriff Steve Prator of Caddo Parish laments the fact that some prisoners will be released early after some much needed state prison reform, leaving him without the slave labor he depends upon.

In a press conference held earlier this week Prator raged against the new criminal justice reforms, while complaining about his loss of free labor provided by his virtual slaves, the prisoners:

The [prisoners] that you can work, the ones that can pick up trash, the work release programs — but guess what? Those are the ones that they’re releasing! In addition to the bad ones… they’re releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change the oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that where we save money, well, they’re going to let them out!

Commenting on the despicable display, columnist Shaun King opines:  

In 38 seconds Steve Prator, Sheriff of Caddo Parish in Louisiana, tells you why he REALLY likes keeping “good” Black men in jail.

Reporting on the story, the New York Daily News notes:

After Prator’s press conference, Louisiana state officials released a series of statements claiming that several of Prator’s comments were factually incorrect.

The disgruntled sheriff was griping about the Justice Reinvestment Act, a series of 10 bills that was passed by Louisiana Legislature in June that aim to change Louisiana’s reputation as the most imprisoned state in the country.

A statement from the Office of the Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards concerning Sheriff Prator’s deplorable news conference simply said:

If Sheriff Prator had these questions or reservations as this process was unfolding over a year ago, he could have taken advantage of many opportunities to participate in the process.

Bottom line: Steve Prator, Sheriff of Caddo Parish in Louisiana, does not see people when he sees “good” prisoners, he sees slave labor waiting to be exploited.

Slave Labor: Louisiana Sheriff Steve Prator Laments Release Of ‘Good’ Prisoners (Image via Screen Grab)
Slave Labor: Louisiana Sheriff Steve Prator Laments Release Of ‘Good’ Prisoners (Image via Screen Grab)
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