Kentucky Public School Students Bullied For Not Being Christian

Christian students and staff at a Kentucky public school are caught bullying and harassing students for not being Christian.

A Bible-thumping public school in rural Kentucky is under investigation after reports on social media began to circulate that non-Christian students are being bullied and harassed for not being Christian.

For at least two years faculty and students at Stanton Elementary School located in Stanton, Kentucky, have been bullying and harassing students who do not attend the school’s “Upper Room” described as “a non-denominational, student-led, Christian organization.”

The legal but highly questionable “student led” ministry meets “every morning from 7:45 – 8:00 a.m. in Ms. Mink’s classroom,” and if students don’t attend, they are routinely harassed and bullied for not being Christian by other students and staff.

It is, of course, repulsive that these religious extremists insist on turning a portion of a public school into what amounts to a Christian church every morning, but because the group is a “student led” ministry the immoral practice is apparently legal. The fact that teachers are also bullying and harassing the non-Christian students simply adds a layer to the toxic Christianity permeating the public school.

News of the deplorable practice became public after one brave mother, Heather Estes, decided to speak out after pleading with school administrators to protect her children from the constant harassment and bullying from students and staff for not attending the “Upper Room.”

Covering the story, Raw Story reports:

Heather Estes says her children are being bullied at school because they are not evangelical Christians like their classmates — and that adult school employees have joined in on the attacks.

Going public with the story, Estes explained how her children are the targets of abuse from teachers and students, explaining to Lexington, KY’s Channel 18:

My children are asked every day, ‘do you believe in God? Why don’t you go?’ He’s been told by teachers things like the atheists will be eaten by bears.

Bottom line: Toxic Christianity rules a public school in Kentucky where innocent children are bullied and harassed for not being Christian.  

Kentucky Public School Students Bullied For Not Being Christian (Image via Public Domain)
Kentucky Public School Students Bullied For Not Being Christian (Image via Public Domain)
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