Moore-Supporting Pastor: ‘More Women Are Sexual Predators Than Men’

Moral failure: Alabama pastors support Roy Moore, blame the victims, claim women are the real sexual predators in the “war on men.”

Despite multiple credible allegation of sexual assault and harassment against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, many conservative Christian pastors, both inside and outside the state of Alabama, are supporting the GOP candidate.

For example, Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, a nationwide church, told that the accusations against Moore were part of a “war on men.”

Raddish, one of over 50 conservative Christian pastors who signed on to a letter supporting Moore’s campaign, went on to make the outrageous claim that women are the real sexual predators:

More women are sexual predators than men. Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that because it’s not PC.

For the record, “US Department of Justice statistics show 91 per cent of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female. Nine per cent are male.”

Joining in the chorus of conservative Christian pastors blaming the victim, Pastor David Floyd of Marvyn Parkway Baptist Church said:

This attack on Judge Moore is an attempt by the Democrats to sway voters in Alabama. I don’t believe those women. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty.

Because nothing says Christian love and compassion like: ” I don’t believe those women.”

However, while a majority of conservative Christians continue to support the child molester, a few progressive Christians are pushing back. ShareBlue reports  70 Alabama pastors released a joint letter calling Moore “not fit for office” and condemning him for “cynically [using] Christianity for [his] own goals.”

In the letter the progressive pastors claim “no person of faith can, in good conscience, support” Moore, claiming:

Roy Moore does not speak for Christianity, and he acts in ways that are contrary to our faith.

While the letter is a nice gesture, the fact remains that progressive Christians represent a distinct minority of Christians in the U.S., and are not at all representative of the conservative Christians that dominates Alabama.

The sad fact is conservative Christians would rather support an immoral, Bible thumping, racist, child molester, like Roy Moore; than an upright and decent human being who prosecuted KKK members, like Democrat Doug Jones.

Indeed, last week, in a stunning example of complete and utter moral failure, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said that she believes that Roy Moore is a child molester, but will vote for him anyway, because he is a Republican.

Bottom line: The senate candidacy of Roy Moore only illustrates the painful fact that many conservative Christians are simply immoral hypocrites more than willing to support a child molester for the U.S. Senate if they think it will further their dreams of a Christian theocracy.


Moore Supporting Pastor Franklin Raddish: ‘More Women Are Sexual Predators Than Men’
Moore Supporting Pastor Franklin Raddish: ‘More Women Are Sexual Predators Than Men’
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