Roy Moore: ‘I Dated A Lot Of Young Ladies’

Roy Moore: ‘I Dated A Lot Of Young Ladies’ November 10, 2017

Super Christian Roy Moore denies sexually abusing a 14-year-old-girl but does admit that he “dated a lot of young ladies.”

The Moore scandal keeps growing as the Alabama politician tries to defend himself against charges that he sexually abused a 14-year-old-girl and pursued other teenager girls while in his early 30’s.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday Moore discussed the 14-year-old-girl he victimized, claiming he never met the girl, despite witness reports to the contrary. Moore said:

I don’t know Ms. Corfman from anybody. I never talked to her, never had any contact with her. Allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false.

About the charges that he sexually abused the underag girl and sexually pursued other teen girls Moore said:

I believe they are politically motivated. I believe they are brought only to stop a very successful campaign, and that’s what they are doing. I’ve never known this woman.

With regard to the other girls, you understand this is 40 years ago after my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies.

Hannity asked:

You don’t specifically remember having a girlfriend that was in her late teens even at that time?

Moore responded:

I don’t remember that and I don’t remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother.

Commenting on the interview, Raw Story notes:

Moore’s story seemed to change multiple times — he claimed both that he never dated girls even in their “late teens” but also that he never dated any girls without the permission of their mothers.

In a statement released Friday Moore denied he previously “provided alcohol to minors” or “engaged in sexual misconduct”:

I have never provided alcohol to minors, and I have never engaged in sexual misconduct. As a father of a daughter and a grandfather of five granddaughters, I condemn the actions of any man who engages in sexual misconduct not just against minors but against any woman.

Bottom line: Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Moore continues to deny that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl; but with that said, he still wants everyone to know that he “dated a lot of young ladies.”

Listen to the interview below:

Roy Moore: ‘I Dated A Lot Of Young Ladies’ (Image via Twitter)
Roy Moore: ‘I Dated A Lot Of Young Ladies’ (Image via Twitter)
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