Trophy Hunter Tries To Compensate For Small Penis By Killing Cougar

Pathetic: Canadian TV personality and trophy hunter Steve Ecklund brags about killing a cougar for fun.

Ecklund, a deplorable human being who takes pleasure in the suffering of other animals, is being pilloried on social media after bragging about killing a large and beautiful cougar in Alberta, Canada.

Earlier this month Ecklund, the host of the Canadian television program “The Edge,” went on social media to brag about killing the huge cat. The ethically challenged television host wrote on his Facebook page:

What an unreal ending to a fun filled season. Northern Alberta lion with BIG CAT ADVENTURES Brian and Claudette Chorney … can’t thank you guys enough for the eye opener into your world of houndsmen.

As one might expect, most people were appalled at the despicable display. For example:

In particular, Laureen Harper, wife of former prime minister Stephen Harper, roasted Ecklund on Twitter for his deplorable behavior, declaring:

What a creep. Chasing cougars with dogs until they are exhausted then shooting a scared, cornered and tired animal. Must be compensating for something, small penis probably.

Harper is right. Ecklund is a creep, as are all trophy hunters.

Those who would try to defend the immoral act of trophy hunting claim that it is a necessary evil, and that the trophy hunters, by paying large fees to guides and governments for the perverse pleasure of killing an animal for sport, are somehow helping conservation efforts. This is false.

Research shows that it is a myth that trophy hunting supports wildlife conservation. The fact is, trophy hunting does not help conservation efforts, although those who defend the cowardly sport often make claims to the contrary.  

Make no mistake, trophy hunting is for immoral cowards with too much money and too little self-esteem. There is nothing brave or noble about killing exotic animals for sport. In fact, there is no “sport” in trophy hunting. Such activity is a perverse pursuit, and has no place in a civilized society.

Bottom line: Ecklund, like all trophy hunters, is a deplorable human being, and should be shamed and mocked for taking perverse pleasure in the death and suffering of another animal.

Trophy Hunter and Canadian TV Personality Steve Ecklund Kills Cougar To Compensate For Small Penis (image via Twitter)
Trophy Hunter and Canadian TV Personality Steve Ecklund Kills Cougar To Compensate For Small Penis (image via Twitter)
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