GOP Official: Giving Women The Vote ‘A Grave Mistake’

The Republican war on women continues: GOP official in Utah claims that giving women the right to vote was “a grave mistake.”

Casey Fisher, a precinct chair with the Davis County GOP in Utah was met with a firestorm of criticism after suggesting that it was a bad idea to give women the right to vote. Writing on his Facebook page, the GOP official declared:

The more I study history the more I think giving voting rights to others not head of household has been a grave mistake!

Fisher posted his comment on Sunday, and by Monday the backlash was so severe the Republican leader felt compelled to shut down his Facebook page.

Running damage control, Davis County GOP Chairwoman Teena Horlacher tried to minimize and defend Fisher’s deplorable comments.

Horlacher said:

Casey has been completely harassed today. He has been inundated with mean emails, mean comments, mean phone calls. I mean, seriously. He’s quite astounded [by] the repercussions of all of this.

Horlacher went on to claim that the political firestorm generated by the comments were “ridiculous” and “politically motivated,” claiming that Fisher’s comments were “in line with the beliefs of the founding fathers.”

In a confusing non-sequitur Horlacher said:

The sentiment was along the lines of what our Founding Fathers believed in. Not necessarily that men only have the vote, that was not necessarily what he was saying.

To her credit Horlacher added:

I certainly don’t agree with that sentiment.

In another attempt at damage control, Rob Anderson, the Chairman of the Utah GOP, responded via Twitter saying:

I denounce any verbiage that disparages voter participation. This is a perfect example that the Constitution, while divinely inspired, has been improved via amendments that made voter equality a right of America’s citizenry.

While Anderson is silly and naive when he claims that the Constitution was “divinely inspired,” at least he’s not publicly endorsing his colleague’s assertion that giving women the right to vote was a mistake.

At the time of posting this story, Fisher was still in hiding and refusing to comment on his offensive and misogynistic Facebook post.

To be fair to Fisher, by claiming that women should not have been given the right to vote, he was merely giving voice to what many conservative Republicans believe. His mistake was to publicly post the bigotry that is privately held by many Republicans.

Bottom line: The Republican war on women continues.

GOP Official: Giving Women The Vote ‘A Grave Mistake’ (Image via Facebook)
GOP Official: Giving Women The Vote ‘A Grave Mistake’ (Image via Facebook)
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