Christians Use Crisis Pregnancy Centers To Deceive Women

Liars for Jesus: Deplorable, anti-abortion Christians are using Crisis Pregnancy Centers to deceive and torment women seeking abortion.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake health clinics set up by anti-abortion Christian extremists in order to manipulate, deceive, and torment women seeking information and services related to abortion.

CPCs run a bait and switch campaign on vulnerable women in need of services. These fake health clinics will promise comprehensive health care services, including abortion, in order to get women in the door. However, once a woman comes through the door she is lied to and manipulated in an attempt to coerce her into carrying the pregnancy to term.

Media Matters reports on the deplorable state of affairs:

… CPCs in the United States have no licensed medical personnel and provide no referrals for birth control or abortion care. What is worse, they fail to disclose this to women who are seeking accurate and timely health information. Once women are in the door, CPCs then give misleading and false information about birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion care in order to stop women from using or obtaining these critical health care services. This undermines women’s ability to make informed decisions about their pregnancies.

In other words, using a combination of deceptive advertising, misinformation, and interpersonal pressure, the fake health clinics hope to rob women of their choice via manipulation and deceit.

On his HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, host John Oliver explored the deceptive tactics of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Describing the widespread extent of the problem, Oliver notes that there are currently 2,752 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States and only 1,671 abortion-providing facilities in the U.S.

Explaining that many CPCs are church-affiliated, Oliver argues that their mission is not really about preventing abortions, rather the real issue is policing women’s bodies. At one point Oliver opines:

They’re about controlling women’s sexual behavior.

Bottom line: Anti-abortion Christians are using Crisis Pregnancy Centers to manipulate, deceive, and torment women seeking abortion.

Watch the report below via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Bonus: Watch a segment from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on how anti-abortion clinics are “a complete hustle” and “full of toxic bullshit”:

Christians Use Crisis Pregnancy Centers To Deceive Women (John Oliver image via screen grab)
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