Confederate Memorial Day: White Supremacists Celebrate Treason

Heritage of hate: White supremacists in the South are observing Confederate Memorial Day, a celebration of treason, slavery, and racial hatred.

Confederate memorial Day is supposedly meant to “commemorate those who died fighting for secession from the United States over slavery and states’ rights.” However, in reality, the holiday simply serves as a reminder that a large minority of Americans are racist scum.

CNN reports:

State government offices are closed today in Mississippi and Alabama for Confederate Memorial Day.

In Georgia the day has been called “State Holiday” since 2015, when Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday were struck from the state calendar. The state holiday list says the official holiday is April 26, but this year it is being observed today.

The Root reports:

Alabama, like a bevy of other Southern states, observes Confederate Memorial Day on the fourth Monday in April. Mississippi, Florida and Texas all have some sort of state holiday for Confederates, and in Texas, the day is called Confederate Heroes Day and is held on Jan. 19…

And from Twitter:

To be clear, any celebration of “Confederate Heritage” is a despicable celebration of the oppression of African-Americans; a celebration of treachery, treason, dishonor, and human degradation; a celebration of dishonorable men who committed treason in a failed attempt to preserve a system of inhumane oppression that kept black men and women in bondage as slaves.

Bottom line: Confederate Memorial Day is a celebration of racism, slavery, and bigotry – a celebration of a heritage of hate.

Confederate Memorial Day: White Supremacists Celebrate Treason (Image via Facebook)
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