Fox Pundit Claims ‘B’ In LGBTQ Stands For ‘Bestiality’

The stupid, it burns: Conservative Christian activist and Fox News pundit Star Parker claims the “B” in LGBTQ stands for “bestiality.”

Parker, a right-wing darling who appears frequently on conservative Christian programming as well as Fox News has a deplorable but novel new theory concerning the “B” in LGBTQ.

Right Wing Watch reports that earlier this week Parker appeared on the “Vocal Point” radio program to discuss a recent column she wrote in which she denigrated Gay Pride Month, declaring:

Gay Pride Month has become a time for LGBTQ storm troopers to pursue political enemies. Not much different from the infamous Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, when Nazi brown shirts took to the streets to smash windows of shops owned by Jews.

Obviously comparing happy parade goers at a Gay Pride Parade to Nazi brown shirts terrorizing Jews is over-the-top crazy. But Parker took the crazy one step further during the interview defending her column, making the absurd claim that the “B” in “LGBTQ” stands not for “bisexual” but rather for “bestiality.”

During the interview Parker said:

They keep pushing out this idea, LGBTQ. We did the ‘L’ and the ‘G,’ they legalized marriage for themselves. We doing the ‘T’ now—the trans—and this is a big, big challenge in our society right now. They did the ‘Q’ where they’re changing all the textbooks, even as low as kindergarten, to reflect that you don’t know what you are, you’re questioning. But notice they skipped over the ‘B,’ and there are some that say this ‘B’ is going to bombard us with real vileness in our society if they get what they want because it’s not about bisexuality, it’s about bestiality.

Parker continued:

We’re not sure what they mean by ‘B.’ We do know that there is an agenda and we do know that there have been discussions about bestiality in their closed doors. I’m just saying don’t be surprised if we find out that that ‘B’ is not what they said publicly—that we just love each other—that it may, in law, show up as something else.

Bottom line: Conservative Christian activist and Fox News pundit Star Parker makes the absurd claim that the “B” in LGBT is not about bisexuality, because it’s really about “bestiality.”

The stupid, it burns.

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