God sends Oklahoma a sign via tornado, Christians are thankful

telephone pole1

God is with them? Oh look, God sent a tornado to Oklahoma, destroying property, ruining lives, and leaving at least one dead, but Christians celebrate because the magic man in the sky left a sign in the form of a broken telephone pole.The stupid. It burns.ABC reports on a photo of the tornado’s aftermath that quickly went viral on Twitter, thrilling gullible Christians from coast to coast: "Just found this after the tornado. God is with us," the high school student wrote on T … [Read more...]

Indiana leads the nation in hate: Anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ bill becomes law

Indiana Flag (Wikimedia)

Boycott Indiana: Today Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law legislation that permits discrimination against LGBT people and others when such discrimination aligns with “sincerely held religious beliefs.”The mean-spirited legislation is supposedly meant to prevent the government from “substantially burdening” a person’s exercise of religion. However, in reality, the bill is an anti-gay measure sponsored by Christian conservatives in a despicable attempt to protect bigoted business owner … [Read more...]

Lawmaker claims brutal attack on pregnant woman was ‘God’s punishment’

Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt

A Colorado lawmaker claims the brutal attack on a pregnant woman whose unborn baby was cut from her womb by a stranger with a kitchen knife was a result of God’s punishment for allowing women safe and legal access to abortion.Last week, a pregnant woman in Colorado was attacked by a stranger who stabbed her in the stomach and cut her baby out of her womb in a most heinous act of violence. While the victim survived the deranged attack, the fetus did not.Former Navy chaplain and Colorado s … [Read more...]

Congressman: There is no ‘freedom from religion’ Air Force cadets must swear to God

Claiming Americans don’t have “freedom from religion,” a GOP lawmaker from Texas has introduced federal legislation that would force Air Force Academy cadets to swear an oath to God.Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced HR 1425, the Preserve and Protect God in Military Oaths Act of 2015, also known as the “so help me God” bill, claiming the legislation “Defends Religious Freedom for America’s Troops,” yet it does the exact opposite.The bill is an unconstitutional effort to require Air Force … [Read more...]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star fantasizes about the rape and murder of an atheist family

Christian love: “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson fantasizes about how an atheist father would react to watching intruders behead his atheist wife and rape and kill his two atheist daughters.The conservative icon elaborated his gruesome fantasy on Friday while speaking to a crowd of conservative Christians in a ridiculous and offensive attempt to illustrate the supposed perils of atheism.According to audio surfaced by Right Wing Watch, Robertson made the remarks during a speech at a Flo … [Read more...]

Sharia for Hoosiers: Indiana House passes ‘religious freedom’ bill

Theocracy in the heartland: The Indiana House has passed a controversial religious freedom bill that will allow anyone to ignore the law when it conflicts with their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”The Republican-controlled Indiana House approved the draconian measure Monday on a 63-31 vote, largely along party lines. However, to be fair, five reasonable Republicans joined 26 Democrats in opposing the bill.To make matters worse, Republican Gov. Mike Pence said he plans to sign the leg … [Read more...]

George Zimmerman claims killing Trayvon Martin was God’s plan

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman claims killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was God’s plan, and that wishing Martin had lived would be “blasphemous,” according to a recently released interview.Zimmerman spoke to his attorney about the case in an interview recorded earlier this month.When asked “George how about the actual event itself. Do you wish you had turned different?” Zimmerman responded, in part: ...as a Christian I believe that God does everything for a purpose, and he had his plans and for me to … [Read more...]

Obnoxious Ted Cruz panders to conservative Christians

They deserve each other: An obnoxious Ted Cruz announced his presidential campaign today by pandering to conservative Christians in a revolting display of faith-based politics.Cruz began his 2016 presidential bid with an impassioned appeal to the religious right while speaking at the world's largest Christian college, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.Cruz fed red meat to the conservative Christian base in a speech stressing faith in God, and belief in Jesus Christ. While the … [Read more...]