Georgia Bill Calls For State-Sanctioned Prayer In Public School


Theocracy Alert: A bill known as the “Georgia Student Religious Liberties Act of 2016” is a dangerous attempt to force official prayer into the public schools. House Bill 816, also known as Georgia Student Religious Liberties Act of 2016, is a vaguely worded bill that would allow public schools to decide what sort of religious [Read More...]

South Dakota House Authorizes Discrimination Against LGBT and Unwed Mothers

South Dakota (Image via Wikimedia)

More of that Sharia for Jesus: A bill passed by the South Dakota House of Representatives would allow discrimination against same-sex couples, unmarried mothers and transgender people without jeopardizing state contracts or employment. On Monday South Dakota House of Representatives passed yet another extreme measure in the name of religious freedom. By a vote of [Read More...]

Arizona House Discriminates Against Atheist Lawmaker

(Image via Facebook)

This is what persecution looks like: Conservative Christian lawmakers in the Arizona House block their atheist colleague from giving an invocation because he doesn’t believe in God. Republican leadership denied State Rep. Juan Mendez’s request to offer the daily invocation during opening ceremonies on Monday because Mendez is an atheist, and under new rule changes [Read More...]

Michigan Republicans Pass Bill Making Sodomy A Felony

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Republicans in the Michigan Senate have passed a bill making oral or anal sex between consenting adults a felony punishable by 15 years in prison. Currently Michigan still has a law on the books prohibiting sodomy, despite the fact the U.S. Supreme Court decided in the landmark 2003 case Lawrence v. Texas that laws against [Read More...]

‘He’s Possessed By A Demon’: Exorcism On Ted Cruz Fails

(Image via Screen Grab)

Performance art: Concerned citizens conduct an unsuccessful exorcism on GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. At a campaign event in Raymond, New Hampshire on Monday two concerned citizens tried to perform an exorcism on Cruz, claiming that the Republican presidential hopeful was “possessed by a demon.” The Dallas Morning News reports that two men with mirrors [Read More...]

New Anti-Gay Policy Drives Mormon Teens To Suicide

LDS Temple – Salt Lake City (Image via Facebook)

Shocking surge in Mormon LGBT youth suicide: A cruel new policy that stigmatizes and demeans gays, lesbians, and their children is thought to be responsible for an alarming spike in Mormon LGBT youth suicide. Last November the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enacted a cruel new policy declaring that people in same-sex marriages [Read More...]

NFL Star Arian Foster Says ‘No Need To Thank God’

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NFL star running back and outspoken atheist Arian Foster reminds victorious football players that they need not thank God during their post-game press conferences. In a video for Funny or Die, Foster, the Houston Texans star running back who came out as an atheist last year, shares a few tips on how to properly give [Read More...]

West Virginia ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Allows Christians To Break The Law

(Image via Friendly Atheist)

Sharia for Jesus: West Virginia bill would give Christians a “get out of jail free” card. A sweeping religious freedom bIll promoted by Republicans in West Virginia would allow people of faith to illegally discriminate against others, as well as break any other law that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs. Senate Bill 11 (SB [Read More...]

Satanic Temple Forces Phoenix City Council To Ban Prayer At Public Meetings

Baphomet Statue (Image via Satanic Temple)

Secular Victory: The Phoenix City Council has banned prayer at their public meetings rather than allow the Satanic Temple a chance to offer their own prayer. The Phoenix City Council has been desperately trying to prevent members of the Satanic Temple from delivering the public invocation at a council meeting scheduled for later this month, [Read More...]

Obama’s Mosque Visit A Tacit Endorsement Of Gender Apartheid

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By speaking to the gender segregated Islamic Society of Baltimore, President Barack Obama abandoned human rights by giving his tacit approval to the despicable practice of gender apartheid. Obama’s motives by speaking at the mosque may have been noble, and his attempt to push back against the anti-Muslim bigotry of Donald Trump and other conservative [Read More...]