West Coast Baptist College does blackface

BeFunky_wcbc 2015-03-10.jpg

What were they thinking? A photo of two white students in blackface from West Coast Baptist College posing with an Assistant Dean has many people scratching their head.The controversial photo, shared by the blog Stuff Fundies Like and reshared by the Tumblr blog Christian Nightmares, depicts two white students in blackface grinning for the camera and posing with what appears to be Assistant Dean Reggie Williams, an African American.It is hard to think of a context in which white students … [Read more...]

Lebanese host silences sexist Muslim scholar who told her to ‘shut up’

Lebanese television host Rima Karaki

Lebanese television host Rima Karaki silences London based Islamist scholar Hani Sibai after being told to “shut up” because “you are a woman.”Karaki pulled the plug on the sexist Muslim scholar after he refused to cooperate in an interview discussing ISIS. During the interview, Sibai insulted his host after being asked to address the questions being put to him.After some heated back and forth, an angry Sebai snarled: “Are you done? Shut up so I can talk.” A stunned Karaki asked: “How … [Read more...]

Conservative college group demands gay students learn respect for traditional values

Persecution complex: A conservative college organization at George Washington University is demanding LGBT students be required to take mandatory classes to learn respect for traditional marriage and conservative Christian values.Members of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) student organization at George Washington University (GW) are demanding that LGBT students be forced to take mandatory sensitivity training to learn respect for conservative Christian values and traditional marriage, w … [Read more...]

Christian college apologizes after KKK ‘team-building’ skit

Officials at Wheaton College, an evangelical Christian school, are making apologies after football players wearing white Ku Klux Klan robes and carrying Confederate flags performed a “team-building” skit in a campus gym.The unfortunate event took place Feb. 28 in a campus gym during the football team's annual offseason team-building activity.College officials confirmed about 20 members of the Wheaton College football team, including two African-Americans, performed the "racially ins … [Read more...]

Iran: Billboard claims Batman and Zorro wore the Hijab


Trying to make the oppression of women look cool? A billboard supposedly located in Iran claims Batman and Zorro have never been defeated because they wear the hijab.The image is currently a big hit on Reddit, and has been shared widely on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.According to the post on Reddit, the billboard reads as follows: Have you ever seen ‪Batman‬ or ‪Zorro‬ getting defeated? No! because their Hijab is proper. So you too mind your Hijab sister! While the … [Read more...]

Creationist Ken Ham exploits children to lobby for Ark park tax break

Creationist Ken Ham exploits children in a public relations stunt aimed at shaming Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear into restoring illegal tax breaks for Ham’s Noah’s Ark theme park.Ham is angry that the state of Kentucky had the good sense to withdraw an offer of $18 million in tax breaks after it became clear that Ham’s Noah’s Ark theme park was not a tourist attraction, but a Christian ministry.In an attempt to garner sympathy for his cause and shame Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear into … [Read more...]

In Memoriam: Cardinal Egan – Protector of Pedophile Priests

Edward Michael Egan, American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, is dead. As a member of the church hierarchy, Egan protected and enabled pedophile priests by shuffling them from parish to parish in an immoral attempt to preserve the reputation of the church and protect the church from financial liability.Egan died on March 5, at the age of 82. He served as Bishop of Bridgeport from 1988 to 2000, and as Archbishop of New York from 2000 to 2009.While serving as Bishop of the … [Read more...]

Christian lawmaker: Gays ‘don’t have a right to be served’

Anti-gay backlash: Christian Republicans fight for right to discriminate against LGBT people. Across the country conservative Christians are introducing legislation to provide legal protection to people who wish to discriminate against others based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”Currently Oklahoma is one such state where conservative Christian Republicans are trying to make it easier for businesses and individuals to opt out of serving gay couples on religious grounds, eff … [Read more...]