Iraqi Woman Kills ISIS Commander For Forcing Her Into Sex Slavery

Kurdish Female Fighter (image via Flickr)

An Iraqi woman believed to be be a member of the Yazidi-Kurdish minority has shot and killed a senior Islamic State commander who forced her into sexual slavery. According to reports, the woman killed a senior Islamic State commander known as Abu Anas after Anas gave the woman as a “gift” to Islamic State fighters. [Read More...]

Anti-Gay Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis Released From Jail


Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who was jailed after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, has been released from jail. U..S. District Judge David Bunning, who jailed Davis for contempt of court on Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, ordered Davis be freed on the condition that she not interfere [Read More...]

Texas County Used Religious Test For Hiring Law Enforcement Officers

Williamson County Courthouse (Image via Flickr)

A Texas county is caught discriminating against applicants for a law enforcement position by employing a religious test that asked potential candidates about their views on abortion, gay marriage, and religion. Last week a Texas judge ruled that a federal lawsuit against Williamson County could go forward after a job applicant claimed that commissioners utilized [Read More...]

Sarah Palin Says Immigrants Should ‘Speak American’

(Image via Screen Grab)

Sarah Palin has a message for immigrants arriving in the USA: “When you’re here, let’s speak American” Palin, the former half-term Alaska governor and failed GOP vice presidential candidate, embarrassed herself yet again during a lengthy conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday morning. In the interview, Palin defended GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump while promoting [Read More...]

Oregon Judge Refuses To Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Judge Vance (Image via Screen Grab)

An Oregon judge is under investigation after refusing to perform same-sex marriages because of “sincerely held religious beliefs.” According to reports, Marion County Judge Vance Day is currently being investigated by a judicial fitness commission over his refusal to perform same-sex marriages on religious grounds. A spokesman for Judge Day said that when same-sex marriage [Read More...]

Lawrence Krauss Makes A Powerful Case Against Organized Religion

(Image via Screen Grab)

In a brave and thoughtful soliloquy, Lawrence Krauss makes a powerful case against organized religion. In a new video for Big Think titled Is Xenophobia Inherent in Organized Religion?, Krauss declares: Religion is a negative force for humanity because … it implies things about the real world that are just not true. While acknowledging that [Read More...]

Report: Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis Terrorized Staff

Kim Davis (Image via Carter County Jail)

A bigot and a tyrant: Anti-gay Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis terrorized her staff and made life miserable for her employees. Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, terrorized her staff, who wanted to follow the law and issue same-sex marriage licenses, but were too afraid of Davis to [Read More...]

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Uses Bible to Justify Marijuana Prohibition

(Image via Facebook)

Claiming that “anointing oil in the Bible is not cannabis” the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics makes bad theological arguments to justify a prohibition on marijuana. Last week the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics posted a false and misleading anti-marijuana comment on their Facebook page that was immediately met with criticism. What followed was a bizarre exchange, [Read More...]

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Jailed For Contempt

(Image via Screen Grab)

Today a judge found anti-gay Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court and had her placed in jail. U.S. District Judge David Bunning told Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis she would be jailed until she complied with his order to issue the licenses. Davis said “thank you” before she was led out of [Read More...]

Creepy: Church Camp ‘Hug Club’ Under Investigation

(Image via Facebook)

Allegations of inappropriate conduct: A church camp in Ohio is under investigation after young campers report they were forced to participate in a secret “Hug Club” that may have been sexual in nature. According to reports, counselors at Camp Akita, a church camp for youth operated by the First Community Church in Grandview Heights, Ohio, [Read More...]