NYC medical alert: Infants infected with herpes following ritual Jewish circumcision

Metzitzah b'peh: A bizarre Jewish ritual where ultra-Orthodox clergy suck the blood off a newborn's penis after circumcision is responsible for two more infants being infected with neonatal herpes according to a medical alert issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The ritual Jewish circumcision, known as metzitzah b'peh, involves the practitioner, or mohel, placing his mouth around the baby's penis to suck the blood off the penis in order to “ritually cleanse the w … [Read more...]

New Orleans Mayor honors anti-abortion Christian terrorists

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued an official welcome this week to Operation Save America, honoring a group of Christian terrorists vehemently opposed to reproductive freedom for women. This week Operation Save America (aka Operation Rescue) launched an aggressive, week-long siege against reproductive health clinics and abortion care providers in southern Louisiana. Hundreds of the anti-choice extremists have been descending on New Orleans this week to stage protests around the city. The … [Read more...]

GOP candidate wants to ban transgender people from public bathrooms

Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt

Biblical morality? Transgender people should be prohibited from using public bathrooms according to Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt, the Republican nominee for House District 15 in the Colorado House of Representatives. The leading Christian conservative and Tea Party darling argues that because the Bible (Deuteronomy 23) prohibits transgender people from entering a church, they should be prohibited from using gender appropriate public bathrooms as well. On his "Pray In Jesus Name" program ye … [Read more...]

Creationist calls for end to space exploration because aliens go to hell

Leading Christian creationist Ken Ham says space exploration is driven by man’s rebellion against God, and that if aliens do exist, they are going to hell. Ham, writing a blog post for his Answers in Genesis website, claims that the U.S. space program is a waste of money because any alien life that scientists might find would face eternal damnation. Ham’s post is a rant against “secularists” and their need to “prove evolution.” Ham explains that space exploration is “rebellion” against his God: … [Read more...]

God tells Sarah Palin Obama must be impeached

palin article-2698614-1FCCEE9C00000578-111_634x354

God is an angry Republican? Sarah Palin, the former half-term Alaska governor and failed GOP vice presidential candidate, blasted President Barack Obama on Saturday, claiming God told her the president must be impeached. Palin, speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, said God told her that President Obama must be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Palin said:Folks, he is radically changing the balance of power. It’s setting a wicked dangerous precedent. With his p … [Read more...]

Tom Petty blasts Catholic Church for protecting pedophile priests


Rock icon Tom Petty is taking on the Catholic Church for allowing generations of pedophile priests to rape and abuse young children. This week’s Billboard cover story features Tom Petty, who opens up about his new album  ‘Hypnotic Eye,’ and in particular the track ‘Playing Dumb,’ which blasts the Catholic Church for protecting and enabling pedophile priests. Petty rails against the Catholic Church in ‘Playing Dumb,’ which appears as a bonus track on the vinyl version of ‘Hypnotic Eye.’ The son … [Read more...]

Viral video depicts child coercion at church summer camp

Religious freedom or child abuse?

When does religious indoctrination become child abuse? A disturbing video depicting children crying and wailing in the name of Jesus at a church summer camp has many concerned that the religious indoctrination and coercion depicted in the video is child abuse. The video, which comes from the Rose of Sharon Summer Camps in Burlinson, TN, was shared publicly on Facebook by a counselor from the camp earlier this week. However, the video soon went viral on Facebook after freethinkers and other … [Read more...]

Obama rejects religious exemption for executive order protecting LGBT

A victory for social justice, and a defeat for religious bigotry: President Barack Obama will sign an executive order prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender workers without a new exemption that was requested by anti-gay religious organizations. On Monday, President Barack Obama plans to sign the executive order banning workplace discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers of federal contractors and the federal government. Huffington Post reports senior … [Read more...]