Conservatives argue same-sex marriage causes abortion

Anti-gay Christian conservatives desperate to stop same-sex marriage are making the absurd legal claim that same-sex marriage causes women to have abortions.In preparation for the upcoming and historic Supreme Court same-sex marriage case set for later this month, legal scholars representing the interests of conservative Christians are preparing to argue that legalizing same-sex marriage will cause 900,000 additional abortions in the U.S.The Daily Signal, a front for the conservative … [Read more...]

James Dobson thinks ‘bisexual’ means ‘orgies’

(image via YouTube)

Influential conservative Christian James Dobson reveals the depth of his own depraved ignorance by claiming “bisexual” means “orgies.”Dobson, the founder of the powerful conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, made his ridiculous claim last week while speaking on his radio program  “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.”Dobson, an anti-gay evangelical Christian, was taking issue with pastors "who are compassionate toward those who have attractions to same-sex individuals. … [Read more...]

Televangelist Creflo Dollar claims Pokemon causes homosexuality

Pokemon makes you gay? Creflo Dollar, the prosperity gospel preacher who hustles gullible Christians for fun and profit, now claims Pokemon was designed to turn kids gay as part of the so-called “gay agenda.”According to recent reports, Creflo Dollar Ministry has released a “study” claiming that teens of the late 80s and 90s “had their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends,” a reference to Pokemon characters.Dollar claims the close relationship between the Pokemon characters Ash … [Read more...]

Death by drowning: Muslim migrants throw 12 Christians overboard

That’s not Christian love, that’s the Religion of Peace: Muslim migrants toss 12 Christians overboard while crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.Multiple media reports indicate a group of Muslim migrants from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal attacked a small number of Christians from Nigeria and Ghana, throwing a dozen people overboard while crossing the Mediterranean on a large rubber boat.12 Christians are presumed dead by drowning.A statement from the Italian police said … [Read more...]

Vatican backed exorcism threatens the mental health of the vulnerable

Goya's painting of a Catholic priest performing an exorcism (Wikipedia)

Currently a controversial and dangerous course on exorcism approved by the Vatican is underway at the European University of Rome.The course is sponsored by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy and organized by the Sacerdos Institute, all with the approval of Pope Francis and the Vatican.The course runs from April 13 to 18, with reports indicating that at least 170 students are attending in order to learn how to “recognize and fight demonic possession.”The conference is an assault … [Read more...]

Arizona pastor publicly supports death by stoning for homosexuals

(image via YouTube)

A Christian pastor in Arizona is publicly calling for gays to be stoned to death, and is angry that other pastors are not following God’s command “to kill the gays.”In a recent sermon Pastor David Berzins of Word of Truth Baptist Church condemned all those who would refuse to endorse God’s call to kill the gays. In particular, Berzins was angry with a fellow pastor who had refused to endorse far-right pastor Steven Anderson’s call for death to LGBT people.Bezrin and Anderson both argue th … [Read more...]

Ricky Gervais Shames Despicable Trophy Hunters

(image via Twitter)

Ricky Gervais is using Twitter to expose and shame despicable trophy hunters who take perverse pleasure in killing exotic animals for fun.Gervais, an atheist, a humanist, and an animal rights activist, recently tweeted a revolting photo of prolific trophy hunter Rebecca Francis smiling next to the corpse of a recently slaughtered giraffe.Gervais captioned the photo with the following question: What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & t … [Read more...]

Iowa GOP official wants Christianity taught in public schools

Tamara Scott, (screen-grab)

A GOP official argues Christianity should be taught and practiced in public schools because “there’s only one true God.”Last week, Tamara Scott, an Iowa member of the Republican National Committee, gave a speech advocating for Christianity being taught in public schools. Scott said she was upset by the fact that non-Christian prayers (Wiccan and Muslim) had been said at the Iowa State House.Speaking at a Republican presidential forum hosted by the influential Iowa conservative group The F … [Read more...]