Christian Homeschoolers Refuse To Educate Children Because Rapture Is Imminent

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Waiting for the Rapture: Christian homeschoolers in Texas refuse to educate their nine children because they believe the Rapture is at hand. Last year the Texas Eighth District Court of Appeals ruled that Christian homeschooling parents  Laura and Michael McIntyre were not exempt from state education regulations after they refused to educate their nine children [Read More...]

Anonymous Unmasks Alleged Ku Klux Klan Members

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International hacktivist group Anonymous has begun to publish the names and personal data of alleged Ku Klux Klan members.   On Monday morning, Anonymous began to release the names of 1,000 people who the group accuses of being members of the KKK. It seems that phone numbers of KKK members are on the internet. [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins Slams Ben Carson For Denying Evolution

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Leading scientist and atheist activist Richard Dawkins says Republicans are a “disgrace” for denying evolution while taking specific aim at GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson during an appearance on “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” Dawkins, appearing on CNN Sunday with Fareed Zakaria, discussed science and evolution, and expressed his disgust at the fact that Republican presidential candidates [Read More...]

Christian Youth Facility Shut Down For Felony Child Abuse

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House of Horror: In Alabama, a Christian youth facility has been shut down after disturbing allegations of torture and extreme physical and emotional abuse of children. The Saving Youth Foundation in Mobile has been shut down by the Alabama Department of Human Resources, and a pastor and two employees have been charged with multiple counts [Read More...]

Ben Carson: If Noah Built An Ark, I Can Be President

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Appealing to his conservative Christian base, GOP presidential front runner Ben Carson claims that if Noah built an ark, than he is qualified to be president. Speaking at Colorado Christian University earlier this week, Carson offered this mind-boggling explanation of why America needs a leader who knows nothing about governing: This nation, believe me, was [Read More...]

Alabama Pastor Made Daughter Watch While He Sexually Abused Minors

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Court filings in a disturbing case of sexual abuse indicate an Alabama pastor made his underage daughter watch as he raped and tortured multiple young girls. reports Mack Charles Andrews was pastor of the First United Pentecostal Church in Thomasville and principal of Faith Christian Academy when the alleged crimes took place. Andrews is [Read More...]

Praying Football Coach Joe Kennedy Placed On Leave

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In Washington, a high school football coach who prayed at games despite orders from the school district to stop was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday. Bremerton High School Coach Joe Kennedy was placed on administrative leave because he refused numerous requests from his supervisors to stop his illegal post-game prayers. The action was taken [Read More...]

Ben Carson Busted Hustling Bogus Cures For Christian Company

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At last night’s GOP debate presidential candidate Ben Carson lied about his connection with a Christian nutritional supplement company accused of hustling the gullible with bogus claims of miracle cures for deadly diseases. Carson was asked about his involvement  with nutritional supplement company Mannatech at the Oct. 28 Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC in [Read More...]

Toledo Mayoral Candidate Opal Covey: ‘God Sent Me To Stop The Democrats’

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Toledo, Ohio mayoral candidate and devout Republican Opal Covey is on a mission from God “to bring the citizens out of slavery from the Democrats.” Covey, a  self-proclaimed prophetess, spoke to earlier this week about her campaign for mayor, decalring: God sent me here to bring the citizens out of slavery from the Democrats, [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders Slams Republican ‘Family Values’

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Speaking out for women and gays, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders condemns so-called Republican “family values.” Sanders, appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Monday, declared: We have a very right-wing extremist Republicans Party. Sanders explained what Republicans really mean when they speak of family values: Look, when Republicans talk about family values, this is what they’re [Read More...]