Scott Walker Claims His Presidential Run Is ‘God’s Plan’

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GOP presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tells supporters that his bid to be the next president of the United States is “not just man’s calling” but “God’s calling.” Earlier today Walker officially announced his candidacy for president via Twitter. As part of his presidential campaign launch, Walker sent an email to supporters. The [Read More...]

Christian ‘Marital Expert’ Says Women Should Submit To Marital Rape

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Trigger Warning: Claiming “it is impossible” for a man to rape his wife, a Christian fundamentalist and “marital expert” argues that women should always submit to the sexual desires of their husband. Writing at Biblical Gender Roles, a self-proclaimed expert on “marriage, feminism and the deterioration of gender roles” mansplains why marital rape is acceptable [Read More...]

Bill Nye Explains Why Being Gay Is Perfectly Natural

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Bill Nye “The Science Guy” explains why being gay is both perfectly natural, and a natural part of the evolutionary process. In a new video for Big Think, popular science explainer Bill Nye explains why homosexuality makes sense from an evolutionary and a genetic standpoint. An anonymous viewer asks Bill about same-sex attraction, and how [Read More...]

Theocracy Alert: GOP War on Women Goes Global

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GOP presidential candidates pledge to promote Christian patriarchy by denying women access to reproductive health care “at home and around the world.” Earlier this week at the National Right to Life Committee’s convention in New Orleans Republican presidential hopefuls pledged to fight Roe v. Wade, deny women the right to choose, and promote an agenda [Read More...]

Majority of Americans Reject Claim US is a ‘Christian Nation’

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Good news: Most Americans reject the claim that the United States is a “Christian nation.” According to a new report issued by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), most Americans don’t believe the U.S. is a Christian nation. PRRI reports on the survey data: Most Americans do not believe the U.S. is a Christian nation. [Read More...]

Christian Bakers Fined For Doxxing Lesbian Couple Via Social Media

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It wasn’t refusing to bake a wedding cake that earned Sweet Cakes By Melissa a $135,000 fine, it was the fact that the Christian bakers published the personal information of the lesbian couple requesting the cake, thus inviting fellow anti-gay Christians to attack and threaten the couple and their foster children. While many Christians claim [Read More...]

Kentucky Governor: Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses or Resign

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Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Steve Beshear tells an anti-gay county clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of sincerely held religious beliefs to do his job or resign. In a private meeting today, Kentucky Governor Beshear explained to Casey County Clerk Casey Davis that “he took a constitutional oath to uphold the United States [Read More...]

First Church of Cannabis Files Religious Freedom Lawsuit

Citing religious freedom, the First Church of Cannabis is suing for the right to use marijuana as part of its sacrament under Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration law. The suit, filed yesterday (July 8), invokes Indiana’s recently-enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and asks that the Church, its founders, and its members be shielded  from [Read More...]

Kansas Governor Issues Executive Order Promoting Discrimination Against LGBT

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Under the pretense of protecting sincerely held religious beliefs, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback issues an executive order promoting discrimination against LGBT people. The order allows taxpayer funded religious groups, including those providing social services, to discriminate against LGBT people and their families without fear of legal consequence. Tuesday, Governor Brownback issued the executive order titled [Read More...]

Contempt of Court: Oklahoma Governor Refuses to Remove Ten Commandments

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Placing her religious beliefs above the law, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin defies a state Supreme Court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument on State Capitol grounds. Despite a state Supreme Court decision issued last week stating that the Ten Commandments monument is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion and must be removed, a defiant Governor [Read More...]