Pastor rapes boy: Church knew pastor was convicted sex offender


In Kentucky a pastor faces charges of repeatedly raping a 14-year-old boy who attended his church. Even more disgusting, the church knew they hired a registered violent sex offender to be their pastor, but believed the man had been forgiven by God. Roy Neal Yoakem is accused of sexually assaulting the 14-year-old boy inside the New Gospel Outreach Church in Scottsville, Kentucky, as well as his home in Gallatin, Tennessee. Previously, Yoakem had been required to register as a violent sex … [Read more...]

Fatwa authorizes ‘anal jihad’ for ISIS terrorists far from home

Rear entry? Jihad from behind? Consensual homosexual relations between fellow ISIS terrorists far from home will now be permitted according to a recent fatwa issued by Islamic clerics associated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. According to reports, Islamic clerics have allegedly authorized “anal jihad” for ISIS terrorists far from home, and far from their wives. Recently Egyptian cleric Mazhar Shahin, formerly known as the “preacher of the revolution” during the revolt against President Hosni … [Read more...]

Theocracy watch: Iowa Governor asks citizens to pray, repent

Insulting the intelligence of many, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has issued an official proclamation calling on all Iowans to pray and repent on a daily basis. Earlier this year Branstad signed a proclamation calling for prayer around the country to begin on July 14, 2014, and was a featured speaker at an 11 hour Christian event launching the “pray and repent” campaign. The Governor’s proclamation reads:NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terry E Branstad, as Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby invit … [Read more...]

Facebook fiasco: Mother Jones insults atheists with lame joke


No atheists in hail storms? Mother Jones has egg on her face after insulting atheists with a tired and lame joke, proving even the most progressive publication can act like an ignorant  school yard bully. In an attempt to promote a hyped video of a rather mundane hailstorm in Siberia, the administrators of the Mother Jones’ Facebook page decided it would be cute to insult atheists with a play on the discredited and mean spirited assertion that “there are no atheists in fox holes.” However, inst … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson claims child’s stomach pains are caused by demonic possession

Pat Robertson

Diagnosis: Demons. Televangelist Pat Robertson recently advised a mother that the stomach pains suffered by her son are the result of demonic possession, and that she should seek out someone experienced in “spiritual warfare” to cast out those pesky demons. On Monday’s edition of the 700 Club, Robertson addressed an email written by a mother concerned about her son’s recurrent stomach pains. In the email, a viewer named Dianne explained that her son had “painful shock-waves thru his body” that o … [Read more...]

Perfume logo infuriates Sufi Muslims

Global protest: Sufi Muslims are infuriated that a perfume logo looks similar to their sacred symbol representing "Allah" or God. Followers of the Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism, which has approximately 500,000 adherents worldwide, say the logo, a stylized H lying on its side, is based on an Arabic symbol that spells Allah and depicts harmony and peace. The daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, was recently caught in a firestorm of … [Read more...]

‘Cosmos’ dominates Emmy nominations, scores big in ratings

The triumph of reason: It’s official, “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey,” is a huge mainstream success. The science program received an impressive 12 Emmy nominations and managed to draw the biggest global audience ever for the National Geographic Channel. Variety reports:“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” which premiered this spring on Fox and National Geographic Channel and received an unprecedented rollout in 180 countries, has become the most-watched series ever for National Geographic Channel … [Read more...]

Kidnapped For Christ: Torture and abuse at Christian boarding schools

A powerful film documenting Christian re-education camps where evangelical parents send their gay children to be tortured and abused in the hopes of making them straight premieres on Showtime tonight. The film shines a harsh light on Christian behavioral modification programs used on gay kids and other children displaying “undesirable” behaviors. Some evangelical parents in the U.S. are sending their children overseas to unregulated boarding schools where children are tortured and abused, oft … [Read more...]