Ben Carson Busted Hustling Bogus Cures For Christian Company

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At last night’s GOP debate presidential candidate Ben Carson lied about his connection with a Christian nutritional supplement company accused of hustling the gullible with bogus claims of miracle cures for deadly diseases. Carson was asked about his involvement  with nutritional supplement company Mannatech at the Oct. 28 Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC in [Read More...]

Toledo Mayoral Candidate Opal Covey: ‘God Sent Me To Stop The Democrats’

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Toledo, Ohio mayoral candidate and devout Republican Opal Covey is on a mission from God “to bring the citizens out of slavery from the Democrats.” Covey, a  self-proclaimed prophetess, spoke to earlier this week about her campaign for mayor, decalring: God sent me here to bring the citizens out of slavery from the Democrats, [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders Slams Republican ‘Family Values’

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Speaking out for women and gays, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders condemns so-called Republican “family values.” Sanders, appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Monday, declared: We have a very right-wing extremist Republicans Party. Sanders explained what Republicans really mean when they speak of family values: Look, when Republicans talk about family values, this is what they’re [Read More...]

Creationist Ken Ham Argues Gay Marriage Will Lead To Nudism

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Creationist Ken Ham argues that people will abandon clothing if a literal interpretation of the Bible is rejected and same-sex marriage is accepted as the law of the land. Right Wing Watch reports Ham joined the Point of View radio program last week to discuss his worries that younger generations of Christians no longer believe [Read More...]

Florida ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Targets Women and Gays

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In Florida, a dangerous new “religious freedom” bill targets women and gays for discrimination, and would allow medical providers to legally refuse service on the grounds of sincerely held “religious convictions.” The bill would allow medical professionals to discriminate against women and LGBT patients who live in violation of the medical professional’s “religious convictions.” Under [Read More...]

Justice Kennedy To Kim Davis: Do Your Job Or Resign

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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says public officials who do not wish to follow the Court’s marriage equality decision should either do their job or resign. Kennedy, the author of June’s landmark marriage equality decision, made the comment during an appearance at Harvard Law School Thursday, in response to a question from a student in [Read More...]

Christian Marital Advice: Husband Should Not Tolerate Wife’s Sexual Refusal

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A conservative Christian website advises husbands that if the wife is resisting during sexual intercourse, the best course of action is to carry on and avoid looking at her face. Claiming that men “should not tolerate refusal,” a post on the conservative Christian website advises married men that they should not look at their [Read More...]

Pastor Sells ‘Holy Pens’ Guaranteed To ‘Make Students Pass Exams’

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Who needs book learning when you got Jesus? Prophet Sham Hungwe of House of Grace International Church is selling “anointed” ballpoint pens to the faithful guaranteed to make students pass exams. Prophet Sham, a popular pastor located in Zimbabwe, told his congregation earlier this month that those who are sitting for exams only needed faith [Read More...]

Ben Carson: Rape Victims Seeking Abortion Are ‘Perverted’

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Comparing abortion to slavery, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said he would “love” to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, and wants all abortion outlawed, even in cases of rape or incest. Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Carson said he wants to make abortion illegal nationwide, while showing no sympathy for victims of rape or [Read More...]

Ben Carson Promises To Censor Liberal Speech On College Campuses

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Presidential candidate Ben Carson says he will use the Department of Education to police and punish liberal speech on college campuses if elected president. Carson says he will cut federal funding from colleges and universities found to show “extreme political bias,” but promises he will only target liberal speech while protecting conservative speech. During a [Read More...]