Bakery that refused to write ‘God Hates Gays’ on cake faces investigation

Christian bigot cries foul after bakery refuses to print his message of hate: A Colorado bakery is under investigation for religious discrimination after a baker refused to write “God Hates Gays” on a cake for an obviously disturbed and mean-spirited Christian bigot.Marjorie Silva, owner of Azucar Bakery, is facing a state discrimination investigation after refusing to make a cake with the ugly anti-gay message of Christian hate.The problem began for the Denver bakery in March 2014, when … [Read more...]

Indiana public school teacher fired for being an atheist files lawsuit

A former Indiana public school teacher who alleges he was fired for refusing to participate in prayers initiated by the school principal, and telling administrators and colleagues he refused to pray to some “mystical sky daddy” because he was an atheist, has filed a federal lawsuit.Kevin Pack, a former German teacher, was fired by the Middlebury school board last April.Last Wednesday Pack filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming he was fired because he is an atheist. In his complaint, Pa … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, brutal religious despot, is dead

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, the American ally who ruled over a brutal and draconian Islamic theocracy, is dead.According to reports, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died in hospital Friday morning while undergoing treatment for pneumonia.Abdullah's designated successor is Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, his 79-year-old half-brother. An official Saudi statement has named Salman the new king.A statement on the Saudi Arabian state TV channel attributed to Salman d … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee: As president I will stop ‘secular theocracy’

Mike Huckabee

Christian nation? Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee promises that if elected president he will fight the "secular theocracy" that is supposedly destroying Christian liberty in America.Appearing on today’s episode of James Robison's Life Today television program, Huckabee said that if he was elected president he would have “God’s blessing” to fight the so-called “secular theocracy” that has been imposed upon the American people by atheists and humanists.On the program, the host … [Read more...]

Jury awards $150K to employee who refused ‘Mark of the Beast’ hand scanner

An employee who refused to submit to biometric hand scanning because he feared the scanner would imprint him with the “Mark of the Beast,” was awarded $150,000 in damages by a federal jury last week.Last Thursday a federal jury ruled in favor of Beverly R. Butcher Jr., a general laborer at the Consol Energy/Consolidation Coal Co.’s Mannington mining operations, who said he was forced to retire because of his religious beliefs after refusing to use new biometric technology used to track emplo … [Read more...]

Seven children removed from Christian homeschoolers

Christian persecution or child abuse? The removal of seven home-schooled children from conservative Christian parents in Arkansas after allegations of child abuse has inflamed right wing media with rage and accusation of Christian persecution.Original media reports indicated the children had been removed from the home after accusations surfaced that the parents had using a bogus “miracle” cure known as MMS, a mineral supplement described by the Food and Drug Administration as a dangerous subs … [Read more...]

Holly Hobby Lobby: Another Christian Hypocrite

Exposed as yet another family values Christian hypocrite, social media troll and Tea Party darling Holly Hobby Lobby is doing damage control after admitting she had an extramarital affair while attending a right wing conference.Holly Fisher, aka Holly Hobby Lobby, is a conservative star on Twitter, known for insulting liberals while promoting her own obnoxious brand of patriotism and conservative Christian values.Initially Fisher denied the rumors of her extramarital affair, however, … [Read more...]

Canadian girl dead after abandoning chemo for faith based alternative

Tragic ignorance: Makayla Sault, an 11-year-old Canadian girl who refused chemotherapy treatments in favor of faith based alternatives after “seeing a vision of Jesus,” is dead.Suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Sault had a 75% chance of survival with chemotherapy. However, Sault, under the guidance of her parents, petitioned her doctors to stop chemotherapy treatments after her “vision of Jesus.”The treating hospital referred Sault’s case to the authorities,who ultimately decid … [Read more...]