Church ‘Counseling Session’ Leaves One Teen Dead, Another Seriously Injured

Mug Shots for Suspects (Image via WKTV Screen Grab)

In upstate New York one teenager was killed and another seriously injured after being brutally beaten for hours at a church “counseling session” designed to get the teens to confess their sins. The two teenage brothers were brutally beaten, one fatally, by their parents, sister, and other congregation members of the “Word of Life Church” [Read More...]

Twitter Storm: Mike Huckabee’s Racist Joke Backfires


More of that Christian love: GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee makes a racist joke at Asians’ expense while live tweeting the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night. In a pathetic attempt to attack Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Huckabee tweeted: I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my [Read More...]

Kentucky Governor Throws Kim Davis Under The Bus

Kim Davis (Image via Carter County Jail)

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is refusing to even meet with a group of Christian conservatives demanding a religious accommodation for anti-gay Rowan County clerk Kim Davis. A small group of influential Kentucky pastors representing  the “Family Foundation of Kentucky,”  was given the cold shoulder on Tuesday after demanding to meet with Governor Beshear. The group [Read More...]

Mississippi Public School Teacher Caught Abusing Atheist Students

Northwest Rankin High School (Image via Facebook)

A public school teacher in Mississippi is caught abusing and insulting his atheist students while praising students who identify as Christian. World history teacher Rick Hammarstrom is not only a public school teacher, he is also a Baptist minister, and he has nothing but contempt for atheists, a contempt he is happy to force upon [Read More...]

Marine Commander Claims ‘God Bless The Military’ Sign Is Secular

(Image via Screen Grab)

Another liar for Jesus: A Marine Corps Base Commander in Hawaii is refusing to remove a controversial and unconstitutional sign declaring “God Bless The Military,” by making the ludicrous claim that the sign is secular. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complained late last month that the sign at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe [Read More...]

Tennessee Bill Prohibits Students From Learning About Islam

(Image via Pixabay)

Christian parents panic after students learn about Islam: Complaints concerning students learning about Islam in Tennessee public schools has prompted paranoid lawmakers to push for a ban on teaching anything about Islam until high school. Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, is leading the charge against students learning about Islam in public schools, and has proposed legislation [Read More...]

Michelle Duggar: Wife Must Always Submit To Husband’s Sexual Desire

(Image via YouTube)

Disgraced Duggar family matriarch Michelle Duggar has some awful advice for newlywed women: Be “joyfully available” to your husband’s sexual needs at all times, whether you feel like it or not. Michelle Duggar, 49, took to the family blog last week to share three pieces of marriage advice, and her first suggestion was all about catering [Read More...]

Ben Carson Preaches Theocracy At Georgia Megachurch

(Image via Screen Grab)

Theocracy alert: Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson claims America is a Christian nation and he is willing to fight “the PC police” to bring God back to the forefront of American life. The Republican presidential candidate spoke Sunday morning at a Georgia megachurch where he made the ludicrous argument that  the motto, “In God We [Read More...]

UT Austin Students Protest Open Carry With Dildos

(Image via Facebook)

Cocks Not Glocks: University of Texas at Austin students will be carrying dildos to class to protest new laws allowing people to carry guns on campus. Jessica Jin, a student at the University of Texas in Austin, set up a Facebook page called “Campus (DILDO) Carry” to promote the protest, scheduled for August, 2016, the [Read More...]

Televangelist Creflo Dollar: Jesus Died So I Can Be Rich


Televangelist Creflo Dollar says Jesus died so that others (including himself) can enjoy “financial prosperity.” After receiving negative feedback from his legions of followers, Dollar (yes, that’s his name) deleted obnoxious and revealing posts from both his Facebook and Twitter accounts making the claim that Jesus died so that others can get rich. Currently Dollar [Read More...]