‘Creation Scientist’ claims young dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark

Answers in Genesis founding board member and self-described “Creation Scientist” Carl Kerby insists dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark, explaining that Noah selected only young and small dinosaurs, and that is how they could all fit on Noah’s big boat. Speaking to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association last week, “Creation Scientist” Kerby said:“I see some people that like to mock and ridicule, especially about the dinosaurs, how did they put the big old dinosaurs on there?” he said. “ … [Read more...]

Good Friday? Catholics re-enact crucifixion of Christ with real nails

Ouch! To mark Good Friday in the Philippines Catholic devotees had themselves nailed to a cross to re-enact the bloody crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of local and foreign spectators watched the bloody annual rite as approximately 20 Filipinos and a Danish filmmaker were nailed to crosses to re-enact the crucifixion of Christ.on Good Friday. The annual Philippine ritual draws thousands of spectators to see penitents flagellate themselves and a series of crucifixions in a recreation of … [Read more...]

Anti-gay conservative Christians keep sodomy law on the books in Louisiana

Religious bigots win symbolic victory: Capitulating to political pressure from anti-gay conservative Christian groups, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted to retain an unconstitutional and unenforceable law banning sodomy. House Bill 12 sought to amend Louisiana’s crimes against nature law by removing a prohibition on consensual relations between people of the same sex. The bill would have simply removed unconstitutional language banning oral sex and all forms of same-sex sexual c … [Read more...]

Nigeria: Islamic extremists abduct more than 100 teen girls to use as sex slaves

Heavily armed Islamic extremists abducted as many as 200 teen girls from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria to use as cooks and sex slaves. CNN reports dozens of Islamic extremists from the Boko Haram terrorist network stormed the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, about 130 km (81 miles) west of Maiduguri, on Monday night as the students slept in their dormitories. The Islamic extremists engaged the soldiers guarding the school in a lengthy gun battle and then herded the … [Read more...]

Funny or Die delivers Bible based ‘Creationist Cosmos’ for creationists

Spoiler alert: God did it. Funny or Die gives creationists the answer to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s successful revival of Cosmos: the hilarious “Creationist Cosmos.” Creationists have been unhappy about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s successful revival of Cosmos, claiming the show lacks scientific balance because it fails to provide airtime for their discredited, alternative theory to evolution. Funny or Die remedies that situation by giving the discredited, alternative theory to evolution the airtime it dese … [Read more...]

Welcome back Jesus? Christians say ‘Blood Moon’ signals End Times

Many Christians believe Tuesday’s rare celestial event known as a “blood moon” is a sign that the End Times are upon us and the return of Christ is near. The lunar eclipse scheduled to happen after midnight on April 15th will reportedly be the first of four so-called “blood moon eclipses” expected to occur over the next two years. A “blood moon” occurs when the Earth spins between the sun and the moon. When the Earth aligns with the sun and casts a shadow on the moon, it creates the effect know … [Read more...]

Poll shows Americans losing faith in Bible at rapid rate

Americans are losing their faith in the Bible at a rapid rate according to the American Bible Society's latest "State of the Bible 2014" poll. According to the poll, young Americans in particular are less likely to view the Bible as sacred literature; less likely to believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to lead a meaningful life; and, more likely to never read the Bible at all. The survey shows the number of American adults who are skeptical of the Bible grew by 10 … [Read more...]

Sorry Francis, no forgiveness until pedophile priests are punished

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the rape and sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy. However, no such forgiveness is possible until pedophile priests face criminal prosecution. Speaking to members of the International Catholic Child Bureau, a non-profit international Catholic network of organizations engaged in the promotion and protection of children’s rights, Pope Francis said:I feel that I must take responsibility for all the harm that some priests—quite a number, but no … [Read more...]