GOP candidate: Church State Separation causes gang violence and promiscuity

In Georgia, a Republican candidate for the US House is blaming the separation of church and state for gang violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and “promiscuity.”Republican House nominee Jody Hice blamed court decisions barring school-sponsored prayer and the display of religious texts in public buildings for a “downward slide” in America, a slide resulting in low test scores, gang violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy and “promiscuity,” according to a recent report issued by Right Wing Watch.S … [Read more...]

Catholic school implicated in brutal Philly gay bashing incident

Staff and former students from Archbishop Wood High School in Philadelphia are suspects in a brutal hate crime that occurred last week.Reports indicate that an assistant coach, along with several other former students from Archbishop Wood High School, ambushed a gay couple last week while they were walking, and violently beat them.Investigators say the victims, a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, were approached by a group of “unknown males and females.” The group of 10-12 people app … [Read more...]

Air Force reverses decision forcing members to swear oath to God

Good news for secular Americans: the Air Force will no longer require service members to take a mandatory religious oath containing the phrase "So help me God" in order to serve.According to an official release issued Sept. 17: The Air Force has instructed force support offices across the service to allow both enlisted members and officers to omit the words “So help me God” from enlistment and officer appointment oaths if an Airman chooses. The release indicates individuals serving in the A … [Read more...]

Christian extremists fail: Satanists will distribute material in Florida public schools

Scene from the “Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities”

An effort by Christian extremists to indoctrinate public school children has failed spectacularly, opening the door for Satanists, atheists, and others to disseminate religious materials in public schools in Orange County, Florida.Raw Story reports: Last month, a Florida judge ruled that if the Orange County school district allowed Christian groups to disseminate Bibles and Christian-oriented religious materials in its schools, it would also have to allow atheist groups to do the same. The … [Read more...]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star claims AIDS is God’s punishment for immorality

Christian hate: “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson claims AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases are God’s punishment for immorality.Last week Robertson did a radio interview with Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Christian group Family Research Council. Perkins asked Robertson about the controversy he ignited last year after telling GQ magazine that homosexuality is a "modern immorality" and a sin comparable to bestiality.Answering Perkins' question, Robertson said: "If … [Read more...]

Christian leader claims sale of bacon proves USA is a Christian nation

The fact that bacon is sold and consumed in the United States is proof that America is a Christian nation according to leading Christian conservative Bryan Fischer.Speaking on his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday, Fischer offered concrete proof that America is a Christian nation: "You want one single item of proof that America is a Christian nation and not a Jewish nation and not an Islamic nation?" he asked. "One single bit of proof is all you need: we freely allow restaurants … [Read more...]

Teen faces two years in prison for simulating oral sex with statue of Jesus

Statuary Rape? A Pennsylvania teenager faces two years in prison after simulating oral sex with a statue of Jesus.The 14-year-old boy has been charged with desecration of a venerated object, a misdemeanor under Pennsylvania law, according to The Smoking Gun.The teen was arrested after posting photos to his Facebook account of himself simulating oral sex with the statue of Jesus.One of the photos posted to the teenager’s Facebook page shows him with his crotch in the face of the k … [Read more...]

Islamic State Beheads Third Western Captive

An ISIS executioner stands beside British aid worker David Haines.

“A Message to the Allies of America" - A video showing the beheading of British aid worker David Haines has been released by the Islamic State.The video, entitled "A Message to the Allies of America," was posted Saturday to a website associated with the Islamic State. The video shows the beheading of Haines, and calls his execution "a message to the allies of America."The 44-year-old Haines is the third Western captive to be executed by the Islamic State, following the beheadings of A … [Read more...]