Florida Pastor: Men rule Women because ‘It’s a Man’s World’

Pastor Bill Lytell (screen grab)

God is a misogynist: A Florida Pastor is caught on video ranting about the importance of male leadership and the second class status of women during a wild eyed sermon.Pastor Bill Lytell of Florida’s Gospel Baptist Church went on a wild rant recently, yelling at his congregation “This is a man’s world!” while arguing that men must rule over women and in so doling implying that women are inferior to men in “every church that’s right with God.”Raw Story reports that during a March 29 sermon … [Read more...]

Rand Paul: Another anti-gay, anti-woman, GOP theocrat

Sen. Rand Paul officially launches his 2016 White House bid (screen grab)

Contrary to the hype, Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul is just another standard issue Republican: anti-gay, anti-woman, and subservient to the Christian patriarchy.Today Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul formally announced his 2016 presidential campaign for the Republican nomination for president, declaring "we have come to take our country back."Presumably the “we” Paul speaks of is white, heterosexual, conservative Christian males.Speaking at his “Stand for Rand” rally in Louisville … [Read more...]

Fox & Friends promotes discrimination against atheists

(screen grab)

Folks at Fox News are angry that Madison, Wisconsin now prohibits discrimination against atheists, because “there’s a lot of reasons why Christians or Jews might not want to hire an atheist.”After Fox & Friends host Tucker Carlson reported that the city of Madison, Wisconsin is now including atheists as a protected class, his co-host Anna Kooiman asked GOP activist and former DOJ attorney J Christian Adams the following rhetorically loaded question: Where does this hostility come from? … [Read more...]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali advocates for Muslim LGBT at American Atheists Convention

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at American Atheists Convention (screen grab)

Giving voice to the voiceless: Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes a passionate plea for LGBT people faced with discrimination, abuse and death in the Muslim world.Ayaan Hirsi Ali was the keynote speaker at the American Atheists Convention this weekend, and she used her platform to offer an eloquent plea on behalf of LGBT people living in Muslim dominated countries, while also pointing out the obvious truth that Islam is a greater global threat than Christianity in the current geopolitical … [Read more...]

Muslim militants massacre Christians at Kenyan university

Shouting “this will be a good Easter holiday for us” Muslim militants stormed a university in Kenya on Thursday, killing nearly 150 students, allowing fellow Muslims to live while slaughtering Christians and other non-Muslims.In the attack, a small group of militants went from dorm to dorm, separating Christian from Muslim students and killing the Christians, Kenyan authorities said.The militants burst into the university before dawn Thursday, shooting students and taking hostages during … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Conversation on Faith at Patheos

(image via Facebook)

Warm wishes and deep respect to all my fellow bloggers at Patheos. As an atheist and a humanist I reject religious superstition, but as a thinking individual I deeply appreciate anyone who has the moral and intellectual courage to publicly examine and articulate their deeply held beliefs.As human beings, we all struggle with profound existential questions as to life’s meaning and our place in the world. There is perhaps no more profound question than the existence or nonexistence of a God or … [Read more...]

Anti-gay bigotry pays off for Indiana pizzeria: $700k and counting

(screen grab)

Conservative Christians are rewarding an anti-gay Indiana pizzeria forced to close after publicly declaring they would not cater to same-sex weddings because of their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”Over $700,000 has been raised for Memories Pizza, located in the 2,200-person town of Walkerton, about 20 miles southwest of South Bend. The pizzeria took center stage in a firestorm of controversy surrounding Indiana’s anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act.Kevin O'Connor and his daugh … [Read more...]

Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law liberates Pagans

Pagans plan to take advantage of Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, although probably not in the way conservative Christian lawmakers intended.Instead of using the “religious freedom” law to discriminate against gays and others, some Pagans say they will use the law to legally protect their own religious practices, such as ritual drug use and dancing naked in the light of the moon.Dusty Dionne, a Wiccan High Priest and High Summoner of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, told Th … [Read more...]