Islamic State releases video showing Jordanian pilot being burned alive

Allahu Akbar? Horrifying images released by the Islamic State show Jordanian military pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh being burned alive while wearing an orange jumpsuit and locked up inside a cage.USA Today reports: The 22 minute, 34 second video titled Healing of the Believers' Chests shows media footage of Jordan's involvement in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State and then shows al-Kaseasbeh — bearing a black eye — discussing Jordan's operations in a news-style mon … [Read more...]

Oregon: Anti-gay Christian bakery found guilty of discrimination

Christian bigots suffer defeat: Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an Oregon bakery that refused to supply a wedding cake for a gay couple last spring, discriminated against the same-sex couple by denying them full and equal access to a place of public accommodation, according to a ruling issued by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries on Monday.KGW reports the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery, Aaron and Melissa Klein, will now have to pay the same-sex couple up to $150,000 in damages. The … [Read more...]

Rand Paul: Parents ‘own’ children, vaccines cause ‘mental disorders’

In a painful display of arrogance and ignorance, Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul claims parents “own” their children, and vaccines cause “profound mental disorders.”Speaking with CNBC anchor Kelly Evans on Monday, Paul suggested that vaccines should be voluntary, claiming that mandated immunization is an example of government overreach.In an attempt to defend his position on vaccines, Paul cited alleged cases in which vaccines lead to "profound mental disorders."Paul said: … [Read more...]

Child pornography found at the Vatican

Vatican admits child pornography exists within its own walls: A report issued by Gian Piero Milano, whose official title is Promoter of Justice, reveals child pornography has been found at the Vatican.Piero reported the news of child pornograpy found at the Vatican in a 50-page report read to Vatican officials at a ceremony marking the start of the city-state's judicial year.The news will be of little surprise to informed readers, given the long-running pedophilia scandal that continues … [Read more...]

Val Kilmer refused medical treatment because of religious beliefs

Prayer fails: The family of movie star Val Kilmer, a devout Christian Scientist, reports the actor ignored a tumor in his throat, trying to pray the tumor away rather than seeking medical attention.However, the prayers failed, and last week Kilmer was rushed to a hospital after he began bleeding from his throat. According to reports, paramedics rushed to his Malibu home Monday night after someone called 911 and reported the bleeding.TMZ reports Kilmer’s family believes the actor was k … [Read more...]

Leading scientist E.O. Wilson: Religious faith harms humanity

In a recent interview Pulitzer Prize-winning sociobiologist E.O. Wilson declares religion “is dragging us down” and must be eliminated “‘for the sake of human progress.”Wilson recently spoke with New Scientist about his latest book, “The Meaning of Human Existence,” in which the scientist tackles three fundamental questions of religion, philosophy and science: Where do we come from, what are we and where are we going?Over the course of the interview, Wilson discussed the concept of organi … [Read more...]

Stephen Fry: Christian God is ‘utterly monstrous and deserves no respect’

Stephen Fry

In a glorious and humorous rant, English actor and author Stephen Fry calls the Christian God “capricious, mean-minded, and stupid” when asked what he would say to God if he died and went to heaven.Fry, an unapologetic and outspoken atheist, was being interviewed on the Irish TV show The Meaning of Life hosted by Gay Byrne. On his show, Byrne asked Frye about death and the possibility of meeting the Christian God in the afterlife. Byrne asked: Suppose it’s all true, and you walk up to the pe … [Read more...]

Georgia’s religious freedom bill would permit child abuse, domestic violence

grf Capture

In Georgia, child abuse or domestic violence in the name of “deeply held religious beliefs” would be legally protected under a controversial, Republican sponsored, religious freedom bill.Georgia's House Bill 29,  the "Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression Act,'' is being promoted by Republican lawmakers as a necessary step to protect conservative Christians from perceived persecution.The bill’s sponsor, Marietta Republican Rep. Sam Teasley, insists his bill is only meant … [Read more...]