Rick Santorum: Separation of church and state is communist, not American

Former senator and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum claims the separation of church and state is not an American idea, but a communist idea.Right Wing Watch reports former senator Rick Santorum disputes the existence of the separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution, dismissing it as a Communist idea that has no place in America.Santorum made his unfortunate and erroneous claims while speaking in a conference call with members of right-wing pastor and failed … [Read more...]

Janay Rice reports domestic abuse in elevator was God’s plan

Janay Rice

Claiming “God chose me and Ray for a reason,” Janay Rice says the elevator attack that attracted national media attention was all part of God's plan.Speaking with Matt Lauer on Monday’s edition of NBC’s the Today Show, Rice said she believes that she and Ray were "chosen" to help bring awareness to domestic violence.Rice said: “I feel like God chose me and Ray for a reason and it was definitely to bring awareness to what people are going through every day. You know it’s not what I am goi … [Read more...]

Deepak Chopra and the failure of Quantum Mysticism

Suffering from conceptual confusion and metaphysical mental cramps, Deepak Chopra argues for an empty god in a vain attempt to preserve the superstitions of the theist.Promoting his new book, The Future of God, Chopra, writing for Huffington Post, argues that god makes more sense than atheism. He is wrong. In fact, properly understood, many of Chopra’s assertions serve as arguments for atheism and against theism.What is god?Chopra says: “God is a journey in consciousness.” But wait, t … [Read more...]

Humanist Service Corps going to Ghana to aid women accused of witchcraft


Volunteers wanted: Humanists are going to Ghana to aid women living in witch camps, settlements where women accused of witchcraft are forced to flee to in order to avoid being killed by neighbors.Applications are currently being accepted for the secular mission: Beginning in the summer of 2015, the Humanist Service Corps will work with Songtaba and other Ghanaian human rights organizations to address the causes and the consequences of witchcraft accusations in the Northern Region. Humanist … [Read more...]

Being Thankful without God on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day one can be thankful, without thanking a god.One may appreciate friends and family, good food, good health, the simple pleasures of life, without paying homage to an imaginary deity.Thanksgiving is a time when Americans come together, to feast, to commune with one another, and to appreciate the many gifts and challenges that life has bestowed upon them.On Thanksgiving Day we reflect upon and appreciate the gift of one another, the gift of life, and the gift of … [Read more...]

Marlo Thomas tells Today Show: ‘It’s not a miracle, it’s science’

Marlo Thomas

Giving credit where credit is due: Marlo Thomas corrects Today Show host by explaining that boy’s cancer cure was not the result of a miracle, but science.On Wednesday’s edition of the Today Show, Marlo Thomas made an appearance with Colin Hayward Toland and his family to discuss how they discovered Colin had a brain tumor at two years old, and how after an emotional recovery, he is now cancer-free after receiving treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.Introducing the live seg … [Read more...]

Maryland elected official declines to swear oath on Bible

BeFunky_maryland official.jpg

Secular hero: When newly elected city council member Jessica Fitzwater takes her official oath of office, it will not be on the Bible.Fitzwater just won a seat on the Frederick County Council in Maryland, and says she is thinking of taking the official oath of office on the Frederick County charter or some other government document that will represent her commitment to public service.According to The Frederick News-Post, Fitzwater said: “I think it’s more appropriate to swear my oath on … [Read more...]

Turkish President claims women are not equal to men

Islam means misogyny: Claiming “Our religion has given women a station: the station of motherhood,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declares men and women cannot be equal.Speaking at a meeting in Istanbul on women and justice, Erdogan offended all reasonable people after arguing that women are not equal to men because men and women are created differently. As a result, according to Erdogan, women cannot be expected to undertake the same work as men.Erdogan, a devout Muslim, often c … [Read more...]