Catholics give standing ovation for priest accused of raping children

WTF? On Sunday Catholics attending Mass at a Louisiana church gave a priest accused of raping boys a standing ovation.Father Gilbert Dutel received a standing ovation from his church despite new details being released about Dutel’s sexual abuse of children. Members of the St. Edmond’s Catholic Church cheered Dutel after he made a statement in which he denied the new accusations and reports of sexual abuse recently made public by Minnesota Public Radio.The following is an excerpt from tha … [Read more...]

GOP House Whip instructs Congress to use Bible for ‘decision making’

Creeping theocracy: Today a member of the House leadership sent a Bible to every Member of Congress along with a letter instructing the representatives to use the Bible as a “guide” in their “decision-making."Talking Points Memo reports: Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) enclosed the Bible in his letter dated July 29 and sent to all House and Senate offices. The letter, written on an official letterhead in his capacity as assistant majority whip, was confirmed by Capitol Hill aides whose offices re … [Read more...]

Hamas wants to exterminate the Jews, implement Sharia

Masked Palestinian Hamas supporters hold a mock Hamas rocket during a protest against the Israeli offensive in Gaza, in the West Bank city of Nablus August 1, 2014.

Holy war in Gaza: Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the extermination of the Jews, and the implementation of Sharia “under Allah’s sky.”Currently Hamas is engaged in a lopsided struggle with Israel for control of Gaza. Yet the military struggle in Gaza is a farce. Hamas is impotent as a military force, and their futile attacks against Israel serve no purpose but to justify Israeli retaliation.AP News reports: Hamas has fired more than 3,20 … [Read more...]

Bishop conceals names of pedophile priests despite pleas of concerned parents

Louisiana Bishop protects pedophile priests: This week Bishop Michael Jarrell refused to release the names of known pedophile priests despite the pleas of local parents and media.Why is the Diocese of Lafayette refusing to release the names of known pedophile priests despite the calls for transparency from the media and victims’ rights advocates?Monsignor Richard Greene, media liaison for the Diocese, wrote the following in response to The Daily Advertiser's request for the priests' n … [Read more...]

Christian Love: Homeless man jailed after Church presses charges for stealing cookies

What would Jesus do? In Florida, a hungry and homeless man was jailed after church officials insisted the man be charged for stealing a few cookies valued at $2.25.The Palm Beach Post reports: A homeless man stole cookies from a church in the 10700 block of Okeechobee Boulevard. A deputy found him sitting by the building’s entrance. He said he had been looking for assistance, pulled on a door and it opened. He helped himself to the cookies, but a cleaning person saw him and called 911. A c … [Read more...]

Kentucky approves $18 million in tax credits for Noah’s ark theme park

Why are Kentucky taxpayers subsidizing an evolution denying Creationist theme park being built by Christian fundamentalists hoping to indoctrinate children with ignorant, discredited religious superstitions?Last week the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Board approved $18 million in tax breaks to promote Ken Ham’s long-planned Noah’s ark theme park being built in northern Kentucky.Ark Encounter is a $172 million biblical-themed amusement park planned in Williamstown, Kentucky. The Chr … [Read more...]

Diner gives discount for prayers in public, discriminates against atheists

A North Carolina Diner is giving a 15 percent discount to customers for praying in public, effectively discriminating against atheists and other reasonable people who do not pray.NPR reports: When Jordan Smith got her tab after breakfast at Mary's Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, N.C., she was pleasantly surprised to find a 15 percent discount — for "praying in public."Smith, on a business trip, tells HLN that she and her colleagues "prayed over our meal and the waitress came over at the … [Read more...]

‘Chill Out!’ Neil deGrasse Tyson blasts GMO critics

Neil deGrasse Tyson

There are no wild cows: Neil deGrasse Tyson goes off on GMO haters, telling them to “Chill Out!” while explaining that humans have always been genetically modifying the foods they eat.A video of the wildly popular astrophysicist and “Cosmos” host defending genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, was published on YouTube earlier this week.In the video, Tyson argues GMOs are part of a longstanding process of humans altering the planet’s biology to serve our needs. The beloved scientist obj … [Read more...]