Pastafarian in distress: Inmate denied right to worship Flying Spaghetti Monster

An imprisoned Pastafarian in Nebraska is seeking $5 Million in damages after being denied the right to worship his deity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.Stephen Cavanaugh, 23, has filed a lawsuit against Nebraska prison officials, saying staff violated his civil rights by denying him the chance to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster .According to reports, Cavanaugh filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Department of Correctional Services and Nebraska State Penitentiary … [Read more...]

Incompetent Police Chief wants to Pray Gun Violence Away

Apparently unable to do his job, an incompetent police chief in Florida is asking community members to pray the bullets away, and end the gun violence plaguing his community.Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham says the city is facing a crisis, and they need prayer to solve their crime problem.Chief Graham says the violence in the city of Ocala and throughout Marion County is out of hand. So he's planning a prayer vigil for people in the community this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the downtown … [Read more...]

ISIS urges Muslims to kill disbelievers in US, Europe

The Islamic State has issued a chilling new statement calling on all Muslims to kill disbelievers in the US and Europe: "If you can kill a disbelieving American or European… then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way...”In a 42-minute audio recording released via social media on Sunday, an ISIS spokesman calls on Muslims to kill civilians in countries that belong to the anti-ISIS, U.S.-led coalition. In the message, an ISIS spokesman says: "If you can kill a disbelieving Ame … [Read more...]

Pedophiles and Christians use Free Ice Cream to Seduce Children

Taking a page from the pedophile’s playbook, a Florida church is using the promise of free ice cream to seduce and groom innocent and naive young children.In Florida, the Cinco Baptist Church is running a con on the local kids, a bait and switch, offering the children free ice cream from a colorful ice cream truck, and then using that free ice cream as bait in an attempt to seduce the children, and indoctrinate the innocent young minds with ignorant religious superstitions.The attempt to … [Read more...]

Iran: Happy video dancers sentenced to 91 lashes and jail

Under Islam, no happiness will be allowed. In Iran, amateur dancers have been sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes after appearing in a joyous YouTube video tribute to Pharrell Williams' song Happy.Members of the group behind the video were arrested by Iranian police last May for violating Islamic laws, which prohibit dancing with members of the opposite sex and women from appearing without a headscarf.After receiving more than 150,000 views, the "Happy we are from Tehran" … [Read more...]

Priest found guilty of raping dozens of children and a sled dog

In Canada, a Roman Catholic priest has been convicted for a multitude of heinous sex crimes including the rape of at least 12 boys, 10 girls, and a sled dog.Earlier this month, the now defrocked Catholic priest, Belgian-born Eric Dejaeger, 67, was convicted of 31 counts of sexual offenses against children and one count of bestiality.Dejaeger was found guilty of raping dozens of Inuit children and a sled dog in the Canadian Arctic, where he worked alongside other local priests for … [Read more...]

GOP candidate: Church State Separation causes gang violence and promiscuity

In Georgia, a Republican candidate for the US House is blaming the separation of church and state for gang violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and “promiscuity.”Republican House nominee Jody Hice blamed court decisions barring school-sponsored prayer and the display of religious texts in public buildings for a “downward slide” in America, a slide resulting in low test scores, gang violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy and “promiscuity,” according to a recent report issued by Right Wing Watch.S … [Read more...]

Catholic school implicated in brutal Philly gay bashing incident

Staff and former students from Archbishop Wood High School in Philadelphia are suspects in a brutal hate crime that occurred last week.Reports indicate that an assistant coach, along with several other former students from Archbishop Wood High School, ambushed a gay couple last week while they were walking, and violently beat them.Investigators say the victims, a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, were approached by a group of “unknown males and females.” The group of 10-12 people app … [Read more...]