Noting that the Bible never mentions vaccines, a Christian author claims vaccines are “satanic, witchcraft, sorcery.” Christian author Brittney Kara, who claims to be a certified master NLP practitioner, a hypnotherapist, and a nutrition coach, uses the Bible and her Christian faith to promote dangerous anti-vaxx pseudoscience. Recently Kara posted a video to her Facebook page warning parents about the supposed dangers of vaccines, claiming that vaccines are “demonic” and “satanic,” and also claiming that the scientists responsible for developing… Read more

A Nashville pastor who spoke out against gay rights has been arrested and charged with eight counts of aggravated sexual battery for molesting children at his church. According to multiple reports, Pastor Matthew Dennis “Denny” Patterson was arrested for molesting multiple children, almost all little boys, at his church, the Nolensville Road Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. News Channel Five reports: Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said he molested at least eight children over the course of more… Read more

The Colorado GOP is apologizing after making social media posts saying “Republicans hate poor people.” In yet another case of Republicans being caught declaring in public what they are only supposed to whisper about in private, Alamosa County Republicans in Colorado are apologizing after publicly declaring their hatred for poor people. On both their Twitter account, and their Facebook page, Alamosa County Republicans posted the following: Out of self-respect–be Republican. Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people… Read more

If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right: Conservative Christian activist Dave Daubenmire warns that masturbation is wrong because “masturbation is homosexuality.” Daubenmire recently discussed the pressing issue of masturbation on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast, arguing that masturbation is wrong because it is really a form of homosexuality. On his program Daubenmire declared: You’ve just got to say no to it, as hard as it is. If you’re very honest about it, masturbation is homosexuality. You’re having… Read more

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley now admits the white, Christian homeschooled, Austin bomber, was, in fact, a “domestic terrorist.” If he was a brown Muslim there would have been no problem labeling Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt a domestic terrorist. However, immediately after his death via suicide bomb, local and federal authorities refused to label the white, Christian homeschooled young man a domestic terrorist, despite the fact that he terrorized the Austin, Texas community with a series of bombings that… Read more

ProTip – There’s no heaven either: Pope Francis declares “There is no Hell” and the Vatican panics, denies the claim, and reassures the faithful that sinners will burn for eternity. Speaking with respected journalist Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of one of Italy’s leading newspapers, La Repubblica, Pope Francis explained that there is no Hell, and that sinners will not be punished for eternity. At one point in the interview, Scalfari asked the Pope: Your Holiness, in our previous meeting you told… Read more

Alexandre Bissonnette, self-described “Christian Crusader,” pleads guilty to killing six and injuring more in a 2017 Quebec mosque attack. Earlier today Bissonnette pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder in connection with the 2017 attack at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre. CBC News reports: Alexandre Bissonnette, the man who stormed a Quebec City mosque in January 2017, killing six and critically injuring five, said Wednesday he has changed his plea to guilty because… Read more

Virginia GOP leader Fredy Burgos is being punished after claiming that only Christians are fit to run for political office. Republican leader Burgos recently made a Facebook post suggesting only Christians are fit to run for office. On his Facebook page Burgos wrote: Having a preference for Christians over non-Christians as political leaders is not bigoted. It is a preference and duty we are allowed. Many felt the comment was directed against Mike Ginsberg, a Jewish Republican running for the chairmanship… Read more

Bible approved: Despite multiple reports that Trump enjoys sexual affairs with women who remind him of his daughter Ivanka, conservative Christians stand by their incestuous president. Both Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal and Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels report that Trump told each woman that they reminded him of his daughter Ivanka. Daniels, talking to  In Touch magazine in 2011, said President Trump told her she was “just like his daughter” Ivanka before the two had sex. Discussing her sexual affair… Read more

Faith healing kills: Parents convicted of involuntary manslaughter after refusing to seek medical care for their child on religious grounds. Earlier this week Jonathan Foster, 35, and Grace Foster, 34, were convicted in a Pennsylvania court of child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter in the November 2016 death of daughter Ella Grace Foster. According to reports, the couple did not seek any medical care for their ailing daughter because of their religious beliefs. Instead, the parents treated their two-year-old daughter’s pneumonia… Read more

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