Catholic Seminary Student Arrested After Arranging To Rape Infants

Joel Wright (Image via U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Priest-in-training seeks sex with infants: An Ohio man studying to be a priest was arrested in San Diego last week, accused of trying to pay to rape a 1-year-old baby and a 4-year-old girl in Tijuana, Mexico. Joel Wright, a 23-year-old priest-in-training at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, flew across the United States on [Read More...]

At Cruz Rally Duck Dynasty Star Says ‘Rid The Earth’ Of Gay Marriage Supporters

(Image via Screen Grab)

Is that a threat? Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says “we have to rid the earth” of marriage equality supporters. Introducing Cruz at a campaign rally on Sunday, the reality show patriarch attacked same-sex marriage as “wicked” and “evil,” while suggested that marriage equality supporters needed to be literally obliterated. Robertson told the enthusiastic crowd: [Read More...]

Phoenix Panics: Satanists To Give Prayer At City Council Meeting

(Image via Satanic Invocation at Phoenix City Council meeting Facebook page)

The Phoenix City Council is desperately trying to prevent members of the Satanic Temple from delivering the public invocation at a council meeting later this month. In an emergency meeting late Friday four members of the Phoenix City Council moved to block the Satanist group from delivering the traditional prayer before a council meeting scheduled [Read More...]

Oklahoma Bill Would Deny Suicidal LGBT Youth Counseling

Rep. Sally Kern (Image via Wikimedia)

Cruelty for Jesus: A draconian anti-gay bill would forbid suicidal LGBT youth in Oklahoma from meeting with gay-friendly therapists. HB 3044 seeks to prevent depressed and suicidal queer youth from seeing a gay-affirmative therapist. The bill states that no public school “counselor, therapist, social worker, administrator, teacher or other individual” can “refer a student under [Read More...]

Rubio Regurgitates Religious Platitudes At GOP Debate

(Image via Screen Grab)

Pandering to conservative Christians, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio used the final debate before the Iowa caucus as an opportunity to remind Republican voters that he really loves Jesus. When reminded that Time magazine once labeled him as “the Republican savior,” Rubio was quick to point out that “there’s only one savior,” declaring: Well, let me [Read More...]

Oregon Judge Found ‘Unfit’ After Refusing To Marry Same-Sex Couples

(Image via Screen Grab)

A Hitler-loving, gay-hating Oregon judge who refused to perform same-sex marriages because of “sincerely held religious beliefs” has been found “unfit” for the bench. The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability is urging the state Supreme Court to remove Judge Vance Day from the bench, according to a report filed by The Oregonian. On [Read More...]

Dawkins Tweets ‘Feminists Love Islamists’ – Pandemonium Ensues


Richard Dawkins is at the center of yet another controversy after promoting a controversial video comparing feminists to Islamists. Dawkins shared a link to the anti-feminist video “Feminists Love Islamists” on his Twitter account earlier this week. However, Dawkins deleted the tweet after he found out the female cartoon character in the comedy video was [Read More...]

Creepy Video Tells Children To Always Obey Church Administration

(Image via Screen Grab)

Religious indoctrination is child abuse, and teaching children to always obey the church administration is a dangerous form of brainwashing. In a video released earlier this year by the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo), an international Christian denomination that originated in the Philippines, children are featured singing a disturbing song instructing other children to [Read More...]

Hillary Clinton Defends Separation of Church and State

(Image via Screen Grab)

On the campaign trail in Iowa Hillary Clinton defends the separation of church and state while rejecting faith-based legislation. Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, asked the Democratic presidential candidate for her thoughts on politicians who “pass laws that are based on religious beliefs and end up discriminating against people,” asking: How [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders Rejects Organized Religion, Defends Humanist Values

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Bernie Sanders defends humanist values while explaining why he doesn’t participate in organized religion. Speaking with the Washington Post, Sanders said: I am not actively involved with organized religion. Sanders continued, noting that he believes in God, though not necessarily in a traditional manner: I think everyone believes in God in their own ways. To [Read More...]