Christian theocracy on the rise: New Trump budget would send $1 billion in taxpayer funds to support private religious schools. Trump’s new budget proposal is a nightmare that would cut entitlements to people in need by $1.7 trillion dollars in order to pay for the recent $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that benefit mostly the rich and big corporations. Yet in addition to the cuts in entitlements and a whole host of other bad things, the new budget would also… Read more

Dog whistle politics: Attorney General Jeff Sessions praises the “Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.” While speaking to the National Sheriffs’ Association earlier today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the sheriffs’ “Anglo-American heritage,” a phrase that no doubt brought a smile to the lips of white supremacists everywhere. In remarks made at the National Sheriffs Association winter meeting, Sessions said: I want to thank every sheriff in America. Since our founding, the independently elected sheriff has been the people’s protector, who… Read more

Activists of color come together to address social change at the Secular Social Justice 2018 Conference in Washington DC. The American Humanist Association is hosting the Secular Social Justice conference in Washington DC on April 7, 2018. The conference is “an all-day event that will center the sociopolitical insight, leadership, and strategies of secular, humanist, and atheist activists of color who believe social change will only come through human intervention.” Conference organizer Sincere Kirabo describes the meeting of social justice… Read more

Wrong: Ignorant Congressman Steve Scalise ignores U.S. Constitution, claims “you can’t separate church from state.” In a deplorable speech delivered at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, Rep. Steve Scalise rejected the U.S. Constitution and the secular values upon which the nation was founded by insisting that lawmakers can’t leave their “faith at the door,” and that “you can’t separate church from state.” Scalise said: This is a nation that was not founded in agnostic views. This was a nation founded… Read more

Leading conservative Christian pastor blames the immodest clothing of gymnasts for the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal. Right Wing Watch reports that conservative Christian Pastor Kevin Swanson warned Christian parents against allowing their children to participate in sports because “sports tend to focus on the body.” Swanson went on to single out gymnastics and swimming as particularly odious activities for children, noting that both sports “encourage immodesty.” On his radio program, which aired Friday, Swanson argued that USA Gymnastics doctor… Read more

Sounds like humanism: Dalai Lama declares that prayers are not the answer and suggests that we must take action if we are to achieve world peace. Using Twitter to reach his 17.6 million followers the Dalai Lama explained: Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action. — Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama) February 9, 2018 (Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am… Read more

Unconstitutional: Trump signs new budget deal giving taxpayer money to churches in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. In disastrous news for those who respect the U.S. Constitution and the secular values upon which this nation was founded, President Donald Trump has signed The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 (H.R. 1892) into law. Contained in the new budget are provisions which seriously damage the separation of church and state guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In particular,… Read more

Demons in the White House? Before moving in Melania Trump held an exorcism to remove “demonic spirits” from the White House. Right Wing Watch reports: Last week, right-wing pastor Paul Begley, host of the “Coming Apocalypse” program, appeared on Sheila Zilinsky’s “Weekend Vigilante” podcast, where he claimed that First Lady Melania Trump ordered the White House to be “completely exorcised” before she moved in. According to the report, Pastor Begley first noted that Melania may have been the reason why… Read more

Promoting Christian nationalism, President Trump claims America is a nation of believers at the National Prayer Breakfast. In a speech implying that every American is or ought to be a Christian, President Donald Trump insulted and attacked every non-Christian in America while delivering remarks at today’s National Prayer Breakfast. Trump’s speech referenced Jesus and the Christian God numerous times, while completely ignoring the more than 35% of Americans that are not Christian. During his speech, Trump erroneously claimed: America is… Read more

Theocracy Alert: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is quietly installing “religious freedom” czars in every U.S. Attorney’s office. In a move meant to fly under the radar, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, under the guidance of the Trump administration, made significant changes to the policy manuals for U.S. Attorneys’ offices and Department of Justice litigation offices. The new policy change requires that all U.S. Attorneys’ offices and Department of Justice litigation offices appoint a staff member to monitor any litigation… Read more

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