CBS shames Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group leader’

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Exposing Christian hate: Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is shamed on CBS when Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer correctly identifies Perkins as the leader of “an anti-gay hate group.”Beginning a discussion on the upcoming Supreme Court case concerning gay marriage, Schieffer introduced Perkins by noting that the Southern Poverty Law Center had determined that Perkins’ organization, the Family Research Council, was a “hate group.”When introducing Perkins, Schieffer said in … [Read more...]

Fox News: Atheists Shouldn’t Be President Because They Don’t Fear God

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In a disturbing but not surprising segment on Fox News panelists all seemed to agree that an atheist would make a poor president because an atheist does not fear God and the possibility of eternal damnation.Raw Story reports Catholic priest and Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris claimed that atheists were not suitable candidates for president because it was “hard to trust” someone who did not believe that God would punish them.Father Morris made his ignorant comments bashing ath … [Read more...]

Surprise: Christians exploit tragedy in Nepal to promote Jesus

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Without shame: Many Christians celebrate the deadly earthquake in Nepal as an opportunity to promote Christianity, using the death and destruction as a profitable and perverse justification for their own religious superstition.The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has risen to at least 2,300. Hospitals in the country are over capacity, electricity has been turned off, and storage for dead bodies has run out. And while the tragedy is fresh, the religious hucksters are out in full … [Read more...]

Cruel Christians Mock Bruce Jenner

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Christian love: Last night a brave Bruce Jenner revealed he is transitioning into a woman, and as one might expect, many Christians are taking the opportunity to abuse and mock Jenner and other transgender individuals.In a highly anticipated interview, Jenner told Diane Sawyer that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”Immediately following the interview some 'loving Christians' condemned Jenner as an abomination and in need of Jesus. Many patronizing and condescending Christians o … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: Religious Beliefs Must Be Changed to Achieve Social Justice


In a fiery speech Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton argues that deep seated religious beliefs must be changed so that everyone can enjoy full participation in every aspect of society.Clinton, speaking in Manhattan on Thursday at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit, declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases” must be changed both in the U.S. and around the world in order to achieve social justice.Clinton, after discussing … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee: Marriage equality means the ‘criminalization of Christianity’

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Dreams of persecution: Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is stoking the fears and paranoia of conservative Christians with wild eyed tales of civil and criminal penalties for Christian pastors who refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.Speaking to a group of conservative pastors in a conference call organized by the Christian hate group the Family Research Council, Huckabee lied to his audience of Christian extremists by claiming that pastors would face civil and criminal penalties … [Read more...]

Religious Freedom law protects U.S. Muslims right to join Islamic State

Flag of the Islamic State

Unintended consequences: Attorneys argue the Religious Freedom Restoration Act should protect U.S. Muslims motivated to join the Islamic State because of their sincerely held religious beliefs.Lawyers for suspected homegrown Islamic terrorists wanting to join the Islamic State are arguing charges should be dropped because the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) protects the sincerely held religious beliefs of the Islamic State sympathizers.In particular, attorneys for a Chicago-area … [Read more...]

Allen West claims school prayer prevents football injuries

Who needs a helmet when you've got Jesus? Former congressman and crazy Christian conservative Allen West claims prayer prevents football injuries at public schools, and blames the rise in such injuries on the enforcement of the separation of church and state.Right Wing Watch reports that while speaking to a conservative group in Gladewater, Texas, last week, former Rep. West blamed high school football injuries on the end of state-sponsored prayer in schools.While discussing a recent … [Read more...]