Faith healing kills: Parents convicted of involuntary manslaughter after refusing to seek medical care for their child on religious grounds. Earlier this week Jonathan Foster, 35, and Grace Foster, 34, were convicted in a Pennsylvania court of child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter in the November 2016 death of daughter Ella Grace Foster. According to reports, the couple did not seek any medical care for their ailing daughter because of their religious beliefs. Instead, the parents treated their two-year-old daughter’s pneumonia… Read more

Armed not with weapons, but with signs to protest gun violence, hundreds of thousands attend March For Our Lives protests around the country. Time reports: Over 800 March For Our Lives events took place in response to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead. Up to 500,000 were expected in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of thousands more at marches in New York, Parkland, and around the world. The March For… Read more

Religion kills kids: A pastor is sentenced to 99 years in prison after starving a toddler to death as part of an attempt to exorcise a demon. Aracely Meza, also known as ”Shepherd” and ”Prophet,” was sentenced to 99 years in prison after ordering that a 2-year-old boy fast because she believed he was possessed by a demon. The boy, Benjamin Aparicio, was starved to death, and died one month before his third birthday. Meza, the pastor at Jesus is… Read more

They called themselves “The Crusaders”: Trial begins for Christian terrorists accused of plotting to bomb a mosque in Kansas in hopes of starting a race war. In 2016 federal investigators stopped a domestic terrorism plot to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that is home to mostly Somali Muslims and is also used as a mosque. According to reports, the plot to kill Muslims was planned by a small group of Christian extremists known as “The Crusaders.” Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright… Read more

Guns and Bibles: Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt trained with Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT) a Christian survivalist group. The Independent reports: The Austin bomber was involved in a teenage Christian “survivalist” group that discussed weapons and dangerous chemicals, according to a childhood friend. Mark Anthony Conditt reportedly took part in a conservative outdoors club called Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT), in which home-schooled young people studied the Bible and were taught gun skills. BuzzFeed reports on Conditt’s training with… Read more

The white, Christian homeschooled young man terrorized the Austin, Texas community with a series of bombings, yet authorities refuse to label him a terrorist. If he was a brown Muslim there would be no question that  Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt would be labeled a terrorist. Yet, local and federal authorities refuse to label the white, Christian homeschooled young man a terrorist. For example, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, tweeting on behalf of President Donald Trump, denied that the… Read more

Domestic terrorist: Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt was homeschooled by a conservative Christian family and contemplated going on a “mission trip” before becoming a terrorist. Conditt, the bombing suspect believed to be responsible for terrorizing the Austin, Texas community with a series of  bombings that killed two people and injured four more is dead. According to reports, the 24-year-old bombing suspect died by detonating an explosive device after police cornered him in the early morning hours of March 21. According… Read more

Republicans nominate a Nazi: A Trump-loving, former Nazi leader and white supremacist wins the GOP nomination for a congressional seat in Illinois. Arthur Jones, a former leader of the American Nazi Party, is the Republican nominee for the state’s 3rd Congressional District, a congressional seat that represents parts of Chicago and nearby suburbs. Jones, an outspoken Holocaust denier, anti-Semite activist, and white supremacist, ran unopposed for the Republican nomination. The former leader of the American Nazi Party is a big… Read more

GOP candidate tweets death threat: He’s “pro life,” but he loves guns, and he threatened to shoot a congressman for opposing the NRA. Carl Nett, a Republican candidate for Kentucky secretary of state, is facing a national backlash after claiming he would like to shoot Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth because the Democrat opposes the National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s premier terrorist organization. Nett issued his threat while responding to a tweet from Rep. John Yarmuth, who was boasting about his… Read more

Faith healing kills: Parents on trial after two-year-old daughter dies because parents treated pneumonia with prayers and anointing oil instead of medicine. Reading Eagle reports: Jonathan Foster, 35, and Grace Foster, 33, are being tried on charges of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child in the death of their daughter Ella Grace Foster. The couple did not seek any medical care for their ailing daughter because of their religious beliefs. The Fosters belong to Faith Tabernacle Church,… Read more

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