Texas: GOP lawmakers claim marriage equality promotes pedophilia, incest

In a nod to bigotry and ignorance more than 60 Republican lawmakers in Texas are claiming marriage equality will lead to the legalization of incest, pedophilia and polygamy.63 GOP lawmakers, working in concert with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s efforts to reinstate the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, signed an amicus brief earlier this week arguing that recognition of gay marriage would provide justification for the legal recognition of of moral taboos like incest, pedophilia and pol … [Read more...]

Baptist church leader arrested for soliciting sex with dog

Did the devil make him do it? A prominent figure in the Baptist church was arrested earlier this week for soliciting sex with a dog and another animal “of an undisclosed species.”Jerald L. Hill was arrested in Boone County, Missouri, on Tuesday on suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse. Hill was arrested in a Craigslist sting after police received a tip about Hill posting messages seeking dogs and other animals to have sex with.Prior to his arrest, H … [Read more...]

Man in funny hat with invisible friends tells kids the Internet is bad

Pope Francis, a man who spends a great deal of time trying to communicate with invisible friends, is telling children the Internet is a waste of time.Francis is urging kids not to waste time on the Internet, smartphones and television, but to instead spend their time on more productive activities. (Like talking to imaginary friends?)Speaking before 50,000 German altar servers, Francis said “chatting on the Internet or with smartphones (and) watching TV soap operas” is futile and a waste o … [Read more...]

Teen missionary accused of raping children claims a demon made him do it

An Oklahoma teen admits he molested and raped orphans during a mission trip to Kenya, but claims a demon named Luke made him do it.19-year-old Matthew Durham is facing life behind bars after raping and sexually abusing up to 10 orphaned children while he was volunteering as a missionary in Kenya’s Upendo Children’s Home near Nairobi between April and June of this year.In oral and written statements, Durham allegedly confessed that he spanked, caressed, and engaged in sex acts with young g … [Read more...]

Religious scholar blasts prosperity gospel, calls Joel Osteen a ‘charlatan’

Joel Osteen

Jesus wants you to drive a Bentley? Religious scholar Reza Aslan calls Joel Osteen a “charlatan” and slams America’s sick love affair with the prosperity gospel.Aslan, speaking at the 2014 Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver, discussed his book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. During his talk, the University of California at Riverside professor went off on Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel currently so popular in the U.S. Aslan said: The fastest growing Protestant movem … [Read more...]

Christian leader hopes Ebola will cure America’s problem with gays and atheists

More of that Christian love? End Times radio host Rick Wiles claims an outbreak of Ebola “could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”Right Wing Watch reports that Wiles, while speaking on his on “Trunews” program yesterday, said that an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. might actually be a good thing if it ends up giving an “attitude adjustment” to all the gays and atheists, as well as people who use pornography or have had an abortio … [Read more...]

Yazidis face genocide because ‘there is no God but Allah’


Islam is not a religion of peace. The Islamic State is currently engaged in a campaign of genocide against the Yazidi minority in Iraq under the banner “there is no god but Allah.”Radical Islamist fighters captured the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend, and in the process engaged in a campaign of unspeakable cruelty, butchering hundreds of Yazidi, and forcing tens of thousands of others to flee into the mountains in an attempt to escape the blood thirsty Muslims.Yazidi men an … [Read more...]

Catholics give standing ovation for priest accused of raping children

WTF? On Sunday Catholics attending Mass at a Louisiana church gave a priest accused of raping boys a standing ovation.Father Gilbert Dutel received a standing ovation from his church despite new details being released about Dutel’s sexual abuse of children. Members of the St. Edmond’s Catholic Church cheered Dutel after he made a statement in which he denied the new accusations and reports of sexual abuse recently made public by Minnesota Public Radio.The following is an excerpt from tha … [Read more...]