The Real Reason I Left Christianity

Editor’s Note: This former pastor became a non-believer, like so many of the people who contribute to this blog. So he left ministry, as so many do and so many others intend to do. But it was in a recent conversation with a Christian friend that he inadvertently discovered another, more fundamental reason for leaving. [Read More…]

Interview with John Harkey Gibbs

Editor’s Note: Here is another profile of a Clergy Project member by Conatus News reporter Scott Douglas Jacobsen. Note that he cleverly noted and investigated an odd word that the former minister used in his Twitter profile. ===================== By Scott Douglas Jacobsen, Founder of In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing Jacobsen: You published the story of your personal [Read More…]

This Clergy Project Member Gave Spirituality a Whirl

Editor’s Note: Unlike previous poster, Mason Lane, who was decidedly-not-ever-spiritual, this Clergy Project member discusses his musings on spirituality and his struggle to understand his long journey away from supernatural beliefs.  He also has a question for you. ========================= By Scott Heller When you were religious, did you also think of yourself as spiritual, or [Read More…]

Easter Break – Everyone is Invited

Atheists can celebrate Easter too. It could be a few days of school vacation,  a chocolate bunny or some colored eggs.  I celebrate by attending the beautiful Good Friday service at the National Cathedral, where I watch the afternoon sun moving across the stain glass windows while listening to the best church music performed by [Read More…]

Everything you ever wanted to know about NOT being spiritual

Editor’s Note: In his usual direct way, Mason Lane, Clergy Project board member and loyal Rational Doubt blog commenter has responded in detail and with great clarity to my original query on spirituality, making suggested sub-questions into separate issues. ======================== By Mason Lane When you were religious, did you also think of yourself as spiritual, [Read More…]

Spiritual? No! Serving Christ? Yes!

Editor’s Note: In contrast to Dunphy and Warden,  Clergy Project memberBruce Gerencser has plenty to say about spirituality, a concept which he has eschewed. ================== By Bruce Gerencser Question One: When you were religious, did you also think of yourself as spiritual, or not? How did you talk about spirituality to the people in your [Read More…]

Carter & Catherine – Not Two Spiritual Peas in a Pod

Editor’s Note: I’ve combined responses of two Clergy Project members on the Spirituality questions, in part because they both gave short answers and in part because their answers were so different. This is not surprising, given one was a Roman Catholic and the other a “Christian” i.e., a member of the very fundamentalist Church of [Read More…]

Interview with Terry Plank, Past President of The Clergy Project

 Editor’s Note: As promised, here is another interview by the journalist who interviewed me for Conatus News. This time he talked to TCP’s most recent past president. I’ve known Terry for a fews years now, but must say, I learned a lot I didn’t know by reading this interview. Maybe you will too. ======================== By [Read More…]

Time for Blasphemy Laws to Disappear

Editor’s Note: In a little break from spirituality, we’re getting political again – and religious, at least in the sense of chastising organized religion for supporting blasphemy laws. This is reposted with permission from the author’s website. ========================== By Bob Ripley In the movie Life of Brian, Monty Python’s satirical take on first century Messiah [Read More…]

Our Secular Future: Religion without Spirituality?

Editor’s Note: Like the previous poster, Fernando Alcántar, Drew Bekius, the new Clergy Project president, was a spiritually-inclined preacher. However, as you’ll see in his responses to my questions on spirituality, his deconversion was quite different from Fernando’s. Now Drew supports secular religion with no spirituality involved, using a quote from Dan Dennett to make [Read More…]