VBS #3 – Tweaking the Translation Alters the Meaning

Editor’s Note: paganpreacher/Mike Aus continues dissecting the Bible, showing how differences in translation can hugely alter the meaning. Mike was a nondenominational minister when he wrote this back in February of 2012. Mike’s posts are reprinted with permission. ==================== By Mike Aus The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah lived in the early 6th century B.C.E., at [Read More…]

Vacation Bible School #2: Dishonest Bible Translations

Editor’s Note: In this lesson, the “paganpreacher” is not as kind with the Bible, using several verses to show how meanings can be easily manipulated, mistranslated and misunderstood. This was originally published on 2/15/12. ==================== By Mike Aus Translating the Bible is a tricky and imprecise process, which allows ample room for translators and Bible [Read More…]

Welcome to Vacation Bible School: Good Reasons to Read the Bible

Editor’s Note: It’s that time of year again. And because the Bible never changes and there are only so many stories in it, we are repeating some Rational Doubt favorites for this year’s session.   This was originally written in August of 2012 for a blog called paganpreacher several months after the writer “came out” as [Read More…]

Donald Trump – as seen from the Great White North

Editor’s Note: I just can’t stop thinking about Donald Trump and apparently neither can this Canadian ex-pastor. At least he doesn’t have to worry that this nightmare of a presidential candidate will become his nation’s leader. =================== By Bob Ripley It’s not easy to see ourselves as others see us.  And it’s not always welcome.  [Read More…]

What Trump Supporters & Fundamentalists Have in Common: Facts Don’t Matter

I knew there was a religious angle to Donald Trump’s candidacy, but I couldn’t figure out what it was until I read a recent column in the Washington Post.  It’s by opinion writer David Ignatius and is titled Why facts don’t matter to Trump’s supporters. Ignatius starts out asking: How did Donald Trump win the [Read More…]

God Kills Man and Leaves Three Girls Fatherless

Editor’s Note: Here’s a reminder that some things just don’t make sense and that it’s frustrating and confusing to try to try to inject meaning where there is none. This post is reprinted, with permission, from The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. ===================== By Bruce Gerencser Recently, a young father drowned after attempting to [Read More…]

Houdini and Atheist Clergy – Professional Tricksters

Editor’s Note: Read this fascinating discussion of the similarities between magic tricks and religion, as only someone with intense personal and professional experience – an Atheist clergy – could explain it. ============================== By “Sherm” The new 2016 TV series, Houdini and Doyle, seems like a show that will not make it to a second season. [Read More…]

Clergy Project Founders – Together at Last at FFRF Conference

I have exciting news for anyone who knows about The Clergy Project or who has followed it since its inception in 2011. This October, at the annual Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) Convention in Pittsburgh, four of its founders will be meeting together in person for the first time.  They are Dan Barker, co-president of FFRF, [Read More…]

Nastiness Dressed Up As Patriotism

Editor’s Note: I was thinking that as a Canadian, our current writer is somewhat removed from the current political chaos in the US and Britain. However, as she points out in prose and poetry, we’re really all in this together. ======================== By Catherine Dunphy I hate adages, but still, you can’t escape the feeling that [Read More…]

Donald Trump’s “Good News” for Atheists

Editor’s Note: When frequent contributor “RJ Twain” asked me what I’d like him to write about next, I said, “How about something on Donald Trump.” After all, he’s the man of the hour (and hopefully for not too much longer than that). RJ tried, but soon confessed, “I’m having a hard time writing anything about [Read More…]