How Can Seminary-Educated Pastors Preach the Bible?

Editor’s Note: Our Atheist ex-pastor answers a question posed by one of our frequent commenters, Maine Skeptic, about the supposed divine origins of the Bible.  ========================= Dear Dave: I’ve been listening and reading works by Bart Ehrman, who is often criticized by professors and authors at Dallas Theological Seminary. While they paint Ehrman as attacking [Read More...]

Humanistic Judaism: Modernizing an Ancient Religion

Editor’s Note: In the last of our Rabbi series, we hear again from Jeff Falick. This time he tells us in some detail how the Humanistic Judaism movement got started and how he got involved with it. ===========================  By Jeff Falick What’s an atheist rabbi to do? That was the dilemma that confronted me when [Read More...]

So How Does It Feel Not To Wear a Kippah?

Editor’s Note: Former Rabbi Levin reflects on his life as an observant Jew via his experiences with and without a “Kippah.”   We hope to hear more from him as he continues to adapt to secular life.  He left his congregation earlier this summer. ========================== A kippah is a head covering worn by Orthodox Jewish males [Read More...]

Atheist Orthodox Rabbi – for a Lifetime

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series on Rabbis. We’re starting with “Sherm” an active Orthodox Rabbi who muses on belief and non-belief. Then we’ll meet Shlomo Levin, an Orthodox Rabbi who recently resigned and we’ll hear again from Jeff Falick, the Humanist Rabbi who recently wrote about the Exodus myth.  All are [Read More...]

The Apostles Creed – Revised For Humanists

Editor’s Note: Mary Johnson, Clergy Project member and former nun with Mother Teresa’s order, gave Rational Doubt permission to reprint this post from her website. Thank you, Mary, and thanks for the enticing offer to readers to write their own variant of the creed. =================== By Mary Johnson I don’t believe in God, an imaginary [Read More...]

The Problem of Evil

Editor’s Note: Dave, The Atheist Ex-Pastor addresses the age-old problem of evil in the world                                            ===================== As a pastor, whenever I was asked about the problem of suffering in the world, I defaulted to the notion of freedom.   In other words, because Jesus loves us he gives us the freedom to [Read More...]

Truth Is Stranger Than Truth

Editor’s Note: Well, it’s back to Vacation Bible School!  This time, in the spirit of Ecumenism, we’re hearing from a Rabbi. I can’t find any Google reference to Jews doing Bible school, but if they did, I’m not sure this lesson would make the cut. It was originally posted on “The Atheist Rabbi” blog on [Read More...]

Another question for the Atheist Ex-pastor – This time about Women

  Editor’s Note: Atheist ex-pastor is back, addressing a perplexing question from a reader that many people have thought about but have hesitated to ask their pastor.   Why do so many Christians and Christian religions treat women so abominably? Atheist ex-pastor answers: I came from a fairly liberal Protestant denomination that has been ordaining women [Read More...]

Lesson #6 in Vacation Bible School: Biblical Inspiration? Not So Much

(Originally published 3/8/12, by Mike Aus, aka paganpreacher) ==================== Editor’s Note: Mike picks out some of the ugliest parts of the Bible, questioning why so much of the “good book” would contain such gruesome material.   Just a little inspiration from the “Good Book” to bless your week: “When a man sells his daughter as [Read More...]

My Weekend at the World Humanist Congress, Oxford, UK

Editor’s Note:  Catherine Dunphy, Clergy Project member and operations manager of this blog, shares her enthusiasm about her recent experience with humanists from around the world.                                                           [Read More...]