Editor’s Note: In the last post, we got a cynical perspective of John the Apostle. In this one, we get further insight into Pontius Pilate. Gotta hand it to these guys for staying in the news – at least the academic news – for centuries. I guess it’s understandable for us to be curious about characters and stories that, real or not, have had such an impact on the beliefs of so many people. Thanks to Clergy Project member and… Read more

Editor’s Note: If you want to hear the unvarnished truth about the Bible, you can count on a Clergy Project member and atheist biblical scholar to clue you in. It helps if the writer has a sense of humor and a way with words. The following is reposted with permission from Debunking Christianity. / Linda LaScola, Editor ========================== By David Madison Theology-Soaked Fiction My biggest problem with Jesus in John’s gospel, one I sensed in my distant youth as a critical… Read more

Editor’s Note: After reading this, I sure am glad that proselytizers rarely approach me. I can easily avoid them, but then I don’t live in a rural area and I was never a fundamentalist minister who very publicly left the fold. The following post is lightly edited, condensed for brevity and reposted with permission. / Linda LaScola, Editor =========================== By Bruce Gerencser Several times a month I receive emails from Evangelicals wanting to be “friends” with me. These emails invariably say… Read more

Editor’s Note: Today I’m pleased to welcome a new writer to the blog. I learned about Kenn Nilsen from Clergy Project board member and Rational Doubt blog stalwart, Mason Lane. Mason got to know him on The Clergy Project’s private forum. Kenn is a former Lutheran minister and a natural storyteller. Enjoy.   /Linda LaScola, editor ====================== By Kenn Nilsen About a year after my retirement as a Lutheran minister, I had a near-fatal accident. I was dismantling an old building to use… Read more

Editor’s Note: One of the many Clergy Project members who was raised as a fundamentalist Christian gives us a inside look at how Bible stories are taught to young children. It makes me feel grateful that I didn’t go to Sunday school until I was six — old enough to study catechism in preparation for First Holy Communion. The only place I heard Bible stories was on TV. True, they were watered down there, just as in Protestant Sunday school,… Read more

Editor’s Note: Here’s another Jacobsen interview reposted* with great pleasure. It’s with Leslea Mair, of Zoot Pictures, the only person besides me who has done extensive in-person interviews non-believing clergy. Many of her subjects also participated in the Dennett-LaScola study. A major difference is that Leslea did her work on camera and made a documentary out of it! She was also able to do something I couldn’t — capture a wife’s reaction to a de-converting pastor husband. Fascinating. /Linda LaScola,… Read more

Editor’s Note: I think you’ll enjoy this update in the ongoing saga of Clergy Project member and United Church of Canada minister, Gretta Vosper. In a recent interview with Scott Douglas Jacobsen, she tells us about her thoughts on preserving and propagating the values (not the supernatural beliefs) that progressive religious communities have provided up until now. I think she has an important point.This interview is lightly edited and reposted with permission from Canadian Atheist. We thank Scott, who has… Read more

Editor’s Note: I am very pleased to tell readers that “Stan Bennett” – who has written for the blog several times – is finally out of the ministry and living a much longed for secular life. He’s looking forward to a time in the near future, for a formal “coming out” when he will write here under his real name. For now, he was kind enough to answer this question: Now that you’re out of the ministry and have withdrawn… Read more

Editor’s Note: This “out” gay atheist laments and castigates former friends who loved him until he left the Christian fold.  Reposted and lightly edited, with permission, from his blog.  / Linda LaScola, Editor ============================ By Fernando Alcántar Facebook keeps making friend suggestions of people who de-friended me when I came out of the closet as both gay and atheist, when To the Cross and Back was published. Understanding how the Christian mind works, I get it—they are afraid of my… Read more

Editor’s Note: New Testament scholar and Clergy Project member, Bart Ehrman, shares another of his public blog posts with us here at the Rational Doubt blog. This one originally appeared on May 14, 2012. He addresses a very human failing – ability to keep the facts straight. We have a problem with it, even when we’re not actively trying to purvey fake news. Read on as Bart tries to set us straight. I suppose many readers here already accept that… Read more

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