September 20, 2018

Editor’s Note:  Over a year ago, I watched the 47 minute film discussed in this post and had the pleasure of meeting the filmmaker shortly afterwards. Now he’s responding to some questions about his film.  I know a lot of people who have already seen and enjoyed it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a chance to learn more it about and to  see it, too. It’s just a clickaway – and it’s free! ====================== Your documentary is LEAVING GOD: Why… Read more

September 17, 2018

Editor’s Note: I’m feeling optimistic. Maybe because I’m an born optimist, and maybe because I actually see the tide turning on this incredibly stupid and disheartening political situation we’re experiencing in the US.  Whatever – it’s encouraging to see a former fundamentalist leave his antiquated and harmful beliefs behind to become an humanist activist.  It’s especially heartening to hear about the good guys winning over the really bad guys – white nationalists.  I have a feeling that this will be happening more often and… Read more

September 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: In case you didn’t already know it, here’s information from a bestselling author/Clergy Project member showing that lying and cheating among government leaders has been going on for aeons.  Ancient Greek Scholar Heraclides Ponticus had a fit of apoplexy that killed him shortly after he tricked a portion of the citizenry into making him royalty.  Meanwhile, in modern-day United States, growing numbers of us are hoping that the mid-term elections will influence the beginning of a change in leadership… Read more

September 10, 2018

Editor’s Note:  When I was a kid, I remember sometimes having to sit in the back of the church at early mass while my Dad sat in the front with the all-men “Holy Name Society.”  I vaguely knew it referred to Jesus, but my major impression of those early morning Sundays was how tiny the old ladies were who sat in the back with me.  It was the only time I could see over anyone’s head! I also never thought… Read more

September 6, 2018

By Linda LaScola, Editor Hello, Everyone – Welcome to September and the end of our rousing Vacation Bible School.  We had a good time recasting and discussing some of the Bible stories we knew so well as children. Now it’s time to get serious. While the VBS series was running, and while I was off on a cool and wonderful vacation to Nova Scotia, the Catholic Church was having another pedophilia scandal.  I suppose many of you were following it,… Read more

September 3, 2018

Editor’s Note: We end Secular Vacation Bible School with high drama and a big thank you to all who participated in this year’s educational effort, either as readers or contributors. /Linda LaScola, Editor. ======================= By David Madison While conventional wisdom holds that Jesus preached the gospel for three years, it has been calculated that everything in Mark’s gospel could have taken place in about two or three weeks. Except, of course, his temptation in the wilderness for forty days. But… Read more

September 1, 2018

Editor’s Note: The virgin birth has always been hard for some people to accept (unless, you’re Catholic, like I was, and you learn it as a rote part of Catechism).But who knew that the Jesus being baptized was also an issue?  /Linda LaScola, Editor ======================== By David Madison With all the Christian hype about the Virgin Mary, it commonly goes unnoticed that the virgin birth of Jesus is a minority opinion in the New Testament. The apostle Paul wrote long before… Read more

August 30, 2018

Editor’s Note:  The truth about Jesus comes out, in secular Vacation Bible School, of course! /Linda LaScola, Editor ======================== By David Madison Little did the author of the Book of Acts know that, in his very first chapter, he sabotaged the Christian faith. He describes Jesus, in front of his disciples, ascending to heaven (vv. 9-11): “…as they were watching, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight. While he was going and they were gazing up… Read more

August 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: This former Bible teacher displays her knowledge of the Bible, her wry sense of humor and her active imagination all at the same time.  Enjoy.  /Linda LaScola, Editor =========================== By Alexis Record Hello children and welcome to Bible corner! Today we’ll be reading from Romans 9 while you eat your animal crackers and drink your juice. Make sure to stay on your carpet squares! Now follow along with Polly the Puppet as she talks about God! “God hates… Read more

August 25, 2018

Editor’s Note: Knowing that the Bible can get very gory, I still don’t think this particular lesson would make the cut for traditional Vacation Bible School. It’s very educational, however, and should not be overlooked in this secular version of VBS. ========================== By David Madison Here’s an eye-opener Bible exercise. Read Mark’s gospel—all of it—straight through, carefully. This will require a couple of hours, maybe a little more, about the time it takes to watch a movie. Then relax a bit,… Read more

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