Would I Be Personally Devastated if the Mythicists Were Right?

Editor’s Note: What better time, as Christmas approaches, to ponder the authenticity of the Jesus story? Clergy Project member and New testament scholar Bart Ehrman tells us how he’d react if he learned that his academic study of Jesus was not accurate. This is reprinted with permission from his blog. ========================== By Bart Ehrman [I wrote this in response to a question] … almost exactly five years ago.  I would probably answer it the same today.  My thoughts here on how we… Read more

I Really Do Appreciate Christians who go to Bat for LGBT Rights

Editor’s Note: It seems like a good time, as the US Supreme Court ponders cakes for gay weddings, to revisit the stand that Jesus takes on homosexuality. Who could do it better than a gay, atheist bible scholar? This is reprinted with permission from his blog on Debunking Christianity.  /Linda LaScola By David Madison But com’on, is Jesus their best reason for stepping up to the plate? A young man named Matthew Vines has taken on a big challenge: trying… Read more

Living With Pain and Without God

Editor’s Note: I know the writer of this essay very well. I interviewed her for the Dennett-LaScola study of non-believing clergy, work with her on the blog and recently joined her in Toronto to see a documentary in which we both appeared!   She is fit, energetic and cheerful. She tells me excitedly about her family and her many projects. She doesn’t talk about the pain, however, that is a constant in her life. She has made a kind of… Read more

Liberal, Unbelieving Pastor’s Church Does Good Works for Humanity

Editor’s Note: As promised, here is a “liberal” response to Albert Mohler’s anti- Clergy Project essay. It follows Drew Bekius’s response. The writer, a United Church of Christ pastor and participant in the Dennett-LaScola study, started his career as a Southern Baptist minister. /Linda LaScola ====================== By “Andy” It will come as no surprise to the reader that I, as a Clergy Project member, agree with Drew Bekius. I think that his numbered points fairly represent the arguments of Albert… Read more

Post-Faith Clergy in Community: A Response To Albert Mohler on The Clergy Project

Editor’s Note: This is a must-read response by the current Clergy Project president, who was once an evangelical pastor. It will be followed by another must-read essay by a pastor who is leading a liberal Christian church. The current essay was originally posted here. The version below has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.   /Linda LaScola ======================= By Drew Bekius As famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins once said of the world’s religious leaders: “It is hard to think… Read more


I recalled that last year at this time, I wasn’t feeling terribly thankful because of the result of the US presidential election. So I looked back to see what I wrote, and found that my characteristic optimism was holding up pretty well. I suggested that we could be thankful for people who felt more impassioned than ever to uphold our democratic and secular values. That hasn’t changed. We had the Women’s March! We had the Virginia elections in which a… Read more

Roy Moore’s Victims Are Just as Guilty as He is (?)

Editor’s Note: TCP member Bruce Gerenscer has done a great job of blasting Christian support for Alabama Republican Senate nominee, Roy Moore. Talk about blaming the victim! Although the four participants in the Dennett-LaScola Study who had lived at one time in Alabama all talked about how “Christian” it was – superficial or otherwise – I had no idea how intransigent Alabamans could be about their beliefs. I still can’t get over how stupid they come across in their defense… Read more

Review – Book by Clergy Project Member & his Famous Preacher Dad

Editor’s Note: After meeting Bart Campolo at the first Clergy Project Conference, I read this book with great interest. I recommend that you do the same for insight into how to approach the widest of religious differences in the context of a loving family. Please read on for our resident reviewer’s excellent analysis of this father/son dynamic. ======================= By Alexis Record   Why I Left, Why I Stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son is… Read more

My Secular Atheist life – Past and Present

Editor’s Note: Mason Lane, well known here for his clever comebacks and passion for secularism, entertains and instructs us. ===================== By Mason Lane Assignment:  “Talk about your secular life without referring in a negative way to your life as believing or non-believing clergy.” Yes, I had such a life, but I won’t refer to it here. Most of the time, I don’t refer to it in my daily life. It affords me the joyous freedom to live a completely rational… Read more

My Secular Life, So Far

Editor’s Note: Knowing that “RJ Twain” left the clergy before his doubt became disbelief, I thought it might not be taxing to write about his secular life without referring negatively to his previous life in the clergy. To my surprise, he told me that given his current circumstances, it would be hard to approach the task honestly. So I asked him to speak from the heart, and he did. ================================ By R.J. Twain Assignment: “Stop talking endlessly about us [Christians]… Read more

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