Three in One – a New Secular Trinity


Editor’s Note: In anticipation of Openly Secular Day (April 23rd), we offer advice and options for identifying yourself as – well however you think of yourself now that you no longer believe in a deity. ========================= By Mason Lane Congratulations, you’ve realized you’re no longer a believer in any form of monotheism. But hold on [Read More...]

Wrest in Peace


Editor’s Note: A frequent commenter on this blog has started a website of his own.   I’ve visited it. It’s very comprehensive and well organized and it addresses important issues, such as —— Well, I’ll let him tell you about it himself. =========================== By John Lombard One of my great frustrations in all the various discussions about [Read More...]

What to do? Believing Child with Ex-Christian Mom and Siblings

Editor’s Note: The Atheist Ex-Pastor is B-a-a-a-c-k! Where has he been? Writing and promoting his new book, Life Beyond Belief: A Preachers Deconversion. He’s now “out” as Bob Ripley, long-time pastor of a large mainline church in Canada. He’ll tell us about his après book experience in a future post. Right now, he’s responding to [Read More...]

Thank God it’s Over

pastor napping

Editor’s Note: The last essay in our Easter series is by a mainline Protestant pastor who recently and gratefully left the pulpit after too many years of parish ministry. In this reflection on Easters past, I think he sounds frustrated, cynical, a bit obsessive,  and ultimately relieved. What do you think? ====================== By Former Pastor [Read More...]

Happy Easter!

hoppy Easter from Rational Doubt!

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Passover, Humanist Style

Haggadah - Cover Only

Editor’s Note: It’s not just Good Friday; today is Passover too, and Humanistic Jews are celebrating it in humanistic ways,   I first learned the Exodus story was a myth in 2006, when I heard about the 2001 book The Bible Unearthed, written byIsrael Finkelstein, an Archaeology professor at Tel Aviv University, and Neil Asher Silberman, [Read More...]

Easter Perspectives – Past and Present; Catholic and UCC


Editor’s Note: While the Resurrection is the central doctrine of Christianity, Easter observances come in many forms, depending not only on the denomination, but also on the particular person planning the events and delivering the message. This blog post presents two views. The first is a brief recollection from a former Catholic cleric and atheist [Read More...]

Holy Week for Non-Believers


Editor’s Note: Welcome to “Holy Week,” everyone. I certainly never thought I’d be observing it on something called the Rational Doubt Blog. But it warrants attention because it is a significant time in the life of non-believing clergy. This is the first of a series of pastors discussing their experiences preparing and preaching at Easter Time. ===================== [Read More...]

An Easter Lament for Catholics: God’s Bankers Review, Part II

Posner-Dale Stine

Editor’s Note: Dunphy and Posner pull no punches in their ongoing insider’s discussion of the Vatican’s sins. Is there a chance for redemption? =============================== By Catherine Dunphy Dear Catholics, We are nearing Easter, that time of year when thoughts tend to contrition and self sacrifice, when Catholics are called to be holy and emulate Jesus. [Read More...]

God’s Bankers – Interview with Author Gerald Posner, Part One

Posner-Dale Stine

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this former Catholic’s heartfelt and stinging review of a non-practicing Catholic’s investigation of the inner working of the Vatican bank. ============================== By Catherine Dunphy In 2007, the Vatican opened its secret archives to publish for the first time the sordid details of “Processus Contra Templarios.” That’s Latin for “Process against the Templars.” [Read More...]