Spiritual-but-what-does-that-mean, Really?

Editor’s Note: before becoming an atheist, this Clergy Project member went through a long spiritual period. It gave him excellent insight into how spirituality works and what it means. He also has great ideas for how to study it. Here are his responses to my “Spirituality” questions. ================== By Fernando Alcántar When you were religious, [Read More…]

Active, Open Atheist Rabbi – Not so Spiritual

Editor’s Note: This openly atheist, practicing rabbi is about as spiritual as Sherm the Orthodox rabbi –i.e., not very. But as with Sherm, it is not much of an issue. In his humanistic congregation, community is what counts. ============================ By Jeff Falick When you were religious, did you also think of yourself as spiritual, or [Read More…]

Closeted Orthodox Rabbi – Not Spiritual Then or Now

Editor’s Note: This week, the Rational Doubt blog features two active atheist rabbis responding to my questions about spirituality. One Rabbi is “out” but the one featured today is closeted and plans to remain so throughout his career. It’s actually not that hard to do, as he described it, during our interviews for the Dennett-LaScola [Read More…]

Donald Trump’s Brave New World

Editor’s Note: Here’s another treatise on Trump, by another Clergy Project member who was not born in the US. The last post was written by a naturalized citizen, originally from Mexico. This time it’s a Canadian weighing in. It makes me wonder where the native- born Americans are. Meanwhile, it is interesting to hear viewpoints [Read More…]


Editor’s Note: Now for a little break from spirituality, we’ll head into the all too real world of the havoc Donald Trump’s policies and threats are wreaking on the US and the world. The writer is a member of The Clergy Project and a naturalized American.  A similar version of this post appeared recently on [Read More…]

Freethinker’s Trek Through Spirituality, Mysticism and Nature

Editor’s Note: I specifically solicited Clergy Project member Chris Highland’s thoughts on “spirituality” because I felt, from his past writings here, that he would fall heavily on the spiritual side of things. It turns out that he’s studied and taught spirituality and mysticism. Listen as he describes what he’s learned and passed on to others [Read More…]

Meet a Christian Pastor who is neither Religious nor Spiritual

Editor’s Note: “Andy”, The UCC minister who participated in the Dennett-LaScola study of non-believing clergy is one of many who responded to the questions I posed about spirituality. His responses are below and will be followed by the responses of other study participants and members of The Clergy Project. So far the responses I’ve received [Read More…]

Were you religious, but not spiritual?

You should take a look at The Madness of King Donald, a recent New Yorker piece by Andrew Sullivan. The first section is very rational discussion of the effect Trump’s constant lies are having on us. For example: “I keep asking myself this simple question: If you came across someone in your everyday life who [Read More…]

How I Got Mixed up in This Atheist Clergy Business

Editor’ Note: This is an excerpt from a recent interview that Scott Jacobsen of Conatus News did with me. He has generously offered to conduct interviews with Clergy project members for the Rational Doubt blog, so I offer this excerpt as an example of his work. Please note that I have kept the original Canadian [Read More…]


Editor’s Note: A proud naturalized American citizen and former religious leader provides a needed lesson on confirmation bias. We are all susceptible.  A similar version of this post appeared recently on his blog. ============= By Fernando Alcántar A few years ago, I admit, I would mostly watch FOX for my news intake. I accepted that it carried a [Read More…]