How to Quell Doubts While Harboring Your Own?

Editor’s Note: We’ve explored clergy doubt quite a lot here, but we’re looking at it from a different angle this time. In the past, we’ve focused on how pastors handle their own growing doubts. This time, we’re looking at doubt from the perspective of a pastor trying to counsel and comfort members of the congregation [Read More…]

Biblical Untruths about Abuse – Learned Firsthand

Editor’s Note: This was painful for me to read, but I’m glad I did and think you will be too. It’s very unpleasant learning about the horribly negative reactions children can have to biblical teachings. We need to know about it, though, to take it seriously and to spare another generation of children from biblical [Read More…]

How Now Shall I Live?

Editor’s Note: In this account of a first-time experience with a secular crowd, the writer, also a Clergy Project member, ponders her future while describing her experiences over several secularly focused days. Her experience came, finally, after a lifetime of being surrounded by religion. I am so glad that people like “Elizabeth” and “JamesS” have [Read More…]

My First Reason Rally – A Relief and a Thrill

Editor’s Note: Two posts this week are written by Clergy Project members that I had the pleasure of meeting in person at the Reason Rally that was held recently in Washington. It was their first time being with so many openly secular people and their energy and enthusiasm are palpable. Although I’m very happy that [Read More…]

Building Bridges after Deconstructing Faith

Editor’s Note: It’s quite common – and quite understandable – for people who have left religion to be angry. But then what? How do we make peace and make good use of the one life we know we have? This ex-minister provides examples from his own life, one of which involves speaking in a church [Read More…]

Glimpses of Reason Rally 2016

I am happy and exhausted from two days of Reason Rally activities, starting with the Saturday breakfast at my house (just 3 miles from the rally at the Lincoln Memorial) and ending with the Sunday mini-conference at a Capitol Hill Hotel. I was so excited by the prospect of hosting 60 people for breakfast, including [Read More…]

Reason Rally by Proxy

Editor’s Note: Reason Rally 2016 is upon us! It’s starting today in Washington DC with two advocacy days in which participants will “…meet with members of Congress or their staffs to discuss your concerns as a secular constituent.” That will be followed by a big rally with lots of speakers and entertainers down at the [Read More…]

The Easy Way for Atheist Clergy to Lead a Congregation

Editor’s Note: Some non-believing clergy have it easy! They can be recruited to lead a congregation despite being openly atheist. It helps to be Jewish because they established a humanistic tradition over 50 years ago. When I asked Dennett-LaScola study participant Jeff Falick to write a “secular sermon” for the blog, he instead wrote this [Read More…]

Why People Hate Evolution

Editor’s Note: Upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, I wondered how anyone seeing it could possibly believe in creationism instead of evolution. There is nothing in information provided at the national parks that gives any credence to creationism. Instead, everything points to millions of years of evolution at work — in the [Read More…]

Final Sermon: The Torment of Irrational Belief

Editor’s Note: Instead of following the assignment to write a sermon for a secular audience, this former evangelical pastor crafted the final sermon he would have given to his evangelical congregation – if he’d had the nerve! As you read, try to imagine the reaction of the people in the pews to this taking down [Read More…]