Final Sermon: The Torment of Irrational Belief

Editor’s Note: Instead of following the assignment to write a sermon for a secular audience, this former evangelical pastor crafted the final sermon he would have given to his evangelical congregation – if he’d had the nerve! As you read, try to imagine the reaction of the people in the pews to this taking down [Read More…]

Tell Me about the God You Don’t Believe In

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to the writer of this secular sermon who, at my request, addressed my pet peeve. It’s a trick, in my opinion, played by otherwise compassionate progressive clergy in which they turn honest inquiry into a phony teaching moment. There is much I admire about progressive clergy – their openness and assistance [Read More…]

Beautiful Secular Prayers – By Dennett and Dawkins

Editor’s Note: This time, instead of a full-blown sermon, the blog is featuring what I’m calling “secular prayers.” They are short, very sweet, and written by two extremely prominent professors who are also co-founders of The Clergy Project. Both men are highly acclaimed in their academic fields (philosophy and science) and are often called “angry” [Read More…]

Secular Sermon #2: Hitchens’s Advice: “If You Want to be Inspired”

Editor’s Note: This is excerpted from a series of debates Christopher Hitchens did with Christian apologist Douglas Wilson. The debates were later made into a 2009 film, Collision. I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing this passage is the highlight of the film. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this “secular sermon” is that it [Read More…]

Secular Sermon #1: You Don’t Have to Come Down to my Basement

Editor’s Note: Inspired by Chris Highland’s recent secular sermon, the Rational Doubt Blog has put together a series of such sermons, featuring friends and members of The Clergy Project. We start of with a segment of a talk given by Clergy Project co-founder Dan Barker. It’s very inspiring, making it easy to see how effective [Read More…]

Clergy Doubt Update: Still Hanging in There

Editor’s Note: It’s been over a year since this active pastor first wrote about how he came to and handled his religious doubt and ultimate disbelief. If you read that, you’ll see that he truly hoped and believed he’d be “out” by now. But he’s not. Some things have changed for the better, however, and [Read More…]

The Game is Rigged for God

Editor’s Note: Former pastor “RJ Twain” colorfully explains the doubts he experienced on his way from belief to nonbelief.  As he noted in his first post here, he became a non-believer after leaving the pulpit. The following questions, plus two more at the end, were also asked in the original series on Clergy Doubt, which [Read More…]

Pastor Left Church with Doubts; Became Atheist Later

Editor’s Note: Good old Mason Lane, frequent commenter and contributor here, recently introduced me via email to the Clergy Project member featured below. We’ve corresponded, I’ve heard his recorded voice in a presentation he recently gave and I’ve seen his smiling, 30-something face on an article he wrote while still in ministry. Although he is [Read More…]

Nature: The New American Religion – WOW

Editor’s Note: As humanist communities become more popular, more Clergy Project members are being called upon to speak at them. Certainly former clergy, now non-believing, are uniquely suited for the role. They already have public speaking skills and they have a lot to say, now that Holy Scripture no longer binds them. Here is an [Read More…]

Why I Don’t Care Much About Jesus

I know what an important figure Jesus is in Christianity, but I must admit, he never meant much to me. When I read Bruce Gerencser’s passionate “Why I hate Jesus” post, or when I hear about people joyfully “finding” Jesus, I wonder why such strong negative or positive emotions were not stirred in me. Certainly, [Read More…]