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Linda LaScola is co-author, with Daniel C. Dennett, of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind (2013) and “Preachers who are not Believers” (2010). She is an independent qualitative research consultant who works out of Washington, D.C. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America and is a co-founder of the Clergy Project.

Sin in the Hebrew Bible VBS #7

garden of eden sin

Editor’s Note:  Our humanistic rabbi is back, this time responding  questions we posed about sin.  As usual, he sticks to the Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament), his area of expertise. ================== By Jeffrey L. Falick Q: The three “S’s” of the bible – a trinity of sorts that is utilized repetitively throughout the Old [Read More...]

Did Jesus Just Call that Woman a Dog? VBS #6


Editor’s Note: John Jameson’s contribution to Vacation Bible School is a post he wrote earlier on his blog (reprinted with permission and minor edits). It addresses one of the issues we asked people to write about: being embarrassed by something Jesus said. Here Pastor Jameson recounts an embarrassing experience from a recent Bible study he [Read More...]

Did You Think the Bible was a Book of Laws? WRONG VBS#5

Psalm 23

Editor’s Note: This active agnostic pastor goes into some detail explaining how the Bible was not intended as a rule book for living – not ever – and it definitely not for the twenty-first century. ======================== By Stan Bennett Is the Bible a clearly constructed set of laws given to us by God to help [Read More...]

Morality – Old Testament Style VBS #4


Editor’s Note: Vacation Bible School is not just for Christians anymore.   Here, in response to  questions (in bold) we asked, a humanistic rabbi  who now has his own Patheos blog,  gives an Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures view of morality. ==================   By Jeffrey L. Falick Anyone who thinks that the Bible is about morality does not truly understand [Read More...]

From Apostle to Apostate – The Story of the Clergy Project

Apostle to Apostate cover

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the release of: It is written by my colleague on the blog, Catherine Dunphy, who is also one of the original 52 members of The Clergy Project.   The foreword is written by Richard Dawkins who is emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, head of The Richard Dawkins Foundation [Read More...]

Biblical Morality Lesson for Unbelievers VBS #3

true cross

Editor’s Note: How can you be moral without religion? This ex-pastor teaches us how translate Christian beliefs into humanist principles. =====================   By Drew Bekius My friend Tom Cara, who is also President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Metro-Chicago Chapter, likes to point out that at our old church gatherings we’d talk about anything [Read More...]

“Homophobia” in the Bible – What to do about it? VBS #2

Homosexuality bible

Editor’s Note: “Andy” is an active, nonbelieving UCC pastor who leads a very liberal congregation. In his Vacation Bible School lesson, he explains how he approaches texts on homosexuality in the Bible with two different audiences: liberals and conservatives. ======================= By “Andy” While preparing for presentations I’ve made in various ecclesiastical settings (both Catholic and [Read More...]

Jesus of Nazareth: Lord or Legend? Vacation Bible School #1

Jesus composite

Editor’s Note: Clergy Project Co-Founder and member, Dan Barker starts off Vacation Bible School 2015 with this opening statement he made in a recent debate in Dallas with pastor Justin Bass. ======================= By Dan Barker There could not have been a “Jesus of Nazareth.” Nazareth did not exist during the time of Jesus. The earliest [Read More...]

Welcome to Vacation Bible School — Summer, 2015

Vacation Bible School-300x150

Editor’s Note: Vacation Bible School ain’t what it used to be – it’s online and it doesn’t stick to the old script. You can’t count on God and Jesus coming out looking like good guys and there might even be a bit of what a traditional VBS teacher would call “blasphemy.”   One thing you can [Read More...]

Setting the Record Straight –What The Clergy Project is Really All About

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Editor’s Note:  John Lombard clears up some mistaken ideas about The Clergy Project – a private online community for religious leaders who do not hold supernatural beliefs.  John, a regular contributor to this blog, is one of many “Voices from The Clergy Project” that can be heard publicly here. ======================== By John Lombard The Clergy Project (TCP) [Read More...]