Editor’s Note: This careful reading of a famous 20thcentury social critic’s words makes a strong case for his posthumous nomination to a very elite 21stcentury group.  /Linda LaScola, Editor =========================== By Chris Highland My wife Carol and I made a secular pilgrimage through the South this summer.  For us, a secular pilgrimage is an educational mixture of Nature, Civil War, Civil Rights and local brews.  It can be both delightful and disorienting—a creatively disturbing combination. You may be familiar with… Read more

Editor’s Note: Don’t miss this Clergy Project member’s review of another Clergy Project member’s latest book.  I love it when this happens: one infidel openly writing about another.  Make that three, counting me. ======================== By David Madison A Review of John Compere’s book, Outgrowing Religion Pope Francis may, as a show of theistic solidarity, offer handshakes and hugs to leading Protestant, Jewish and Muslim clerics. Such posturing plays well with the faithful and the media. We’ve all seen the feel-good photo… Read more

By Linda LaScola, Editor Back in January of 2017, I wrote a post featuring photos from the Women’s March, held the day after Trump’s inauguration. Both my anger and my hope were high back then and I felt exhilarated marching with thousands of others with common concerns for the future of our country.  A year-and-a-half later, I’m much more concerned and a lot less exhilarated, to put it mildly. I’m especially disturbed by the recent focus on “civility” – which seems… Read more

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Chapter Two of the story about the evangelical ministerial staff who left both their church and their religion.  /Linda LaScola, Editor =========================== By “Fresh LA” Nothing was off the table. We could talk about anything and question everything. This was the beginning to an outcome none of us could have predicted. The small group that met on my backyard patio consisted of staff, church members, neighbors, friends of my teenage kids and sometimes even area pastors. My patio served as a… Read more

Editor’s Note:  Imagine my delight when this Clergy Project member told me that he had been a “secret reader” of the Rational Doubt blog before leaving the clergy. For me,  it was literally a dream come true. I had hoped that doubting clergy were finding solace here, knowing that they were not alone. I also hoped that once they determined they no longer believed, they could find more solace, as well as comradarie, in The Clergy Project.  Thank you, “Thomas”… Read more

Editor’s Note:  Here’s a first post by another recent Clergy Project member referred to the blog by Mason Lane.  Everyone’s story is unique, of course, but this guy takes the cake – and took his whole leadership team with him when he left religious belief.  We’re going to want more detail, but this is a good start. ===================== By “Fresh LA” I’m only human; what a statement in the making. As much as the masses pulled on me to be… Read more

Editor’s Note: This young man would have been become a member of The Clergy Project, if he had ever completed his seminary training.  Instead, he got a law degree, and went to work for conservative causes – for a while. Now he’s on fire for “human progress and dignity” as he puts it.  And just in time, given the Trump administration’s abhorrent policies on the Mexican border.  I hope we’ll be hearing more from him, here on the blog and… Read more

Editor’s Note:  This TCP member and regular blog contributor shares his thoughts on a recent Facebook discussion he was involved with on the subject of school prayer.  ===================== By John Lombard I recently participated in a Facebook post with a graphic that had a Christian praying to God, asking why he allowed so many school shootings.  And God answers,                            “What did you expect when you took me out… Read more

Editor’s Note: I asked a few Clergy Project members to discuss their career transition out of religious work into the secular world.  Though it is not necessarily easy (i.e., not like being called by God), from what I’ve seen so far, it’s always better.   Here’s a happy-ending story from someone who left without a new job because he was outed by a member of his congregation. He landed on his feet, though, as you will see.  And he’s still preaching…. Read more

  Editor’s Note: This is a very juicy, upsetting look into how some pastors talk among themselves and the repercussions it can have on members of their congregations. It is reposted with permission from his blog. ========================== By Bruce Gerencser Southern Baptist pastor Rick Patrick faced public outrage over comments he made in a private forum about women, sexual assault, and the #metoo movement. His words made it out into the wild, and Patrick was forced to apologize several times for his… Read more

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