From Isolation to New Family


Editor’s Note: My Patheos Colleague, Catherine Dunphy, celebrates her first face-to-face meeting with her Clergy Project family member, Jerry Dewitt. I knew them before they knew each other, having interviewed them for the Dennett-LaScola study. Catherine contacted me directly after seeing our study and Jerry contacted me after hearing about the study and the newly [Read More...]

Praise Worthy


Editor’s Note: Neither my Catholic upbringing nor my Episcopal adulthood exposed me to the repetitive “praise” singing typical of Evangelicals.  Still, my eventual reaction to the words to religious songs is similar to the description below written by a former pastor.  Once I started really listening to the words, I realized how gruesome they could [Read More...]

We Gather Together: Giving Thanks for Meeting Places for Non-Believing Clergy


Almost five centuries ago, the Pilgrims gathered together with the Indians for the first Thanksgiving to “ask the Lord’s blessing” as the old hymn goes. It would have been impossible then to foresee the day when non-believing clergy would be gathering together in an “on-line” community. But that’s what’s happened in an amazingly short period.   [Read More...]

The Futility of Biblical Morality


Editor’s Note: This is a updated version of a blog post on religious leaders’ support of LQBTQ teens that was written four years ago by a Humanistic Rabbi.  It is reprinted here with permission.  ============================= By Jeffrey L. Falick Several years ago, I wrote on my blog about the high rate of LGBTQ teen suicides. [Read More...]

Church Leaders Assess Campaign to End Literal Belief in Jesus’ Resurrection


Editor’s Note: Rev. Mark Rutledge intrepidly reports from a day in the future in which liberal church leaders finally step forward with their true, fact-based beliefs about the Resurrection — and pay the price.                                ========================= By Mark Rutledge Dateline, Durham, NC Five years after launching a major national campaign to combat widespread belief that [Read More...]

Reflections on My Growing and Sustained Religious Doubt


Editor’s Note: A recently retired Episcopal priest explores her early and growing doubts about her faith and how those doubts diminished instead of strengthened her faith.  ========================== By Caroline Fairless My confirmation in the Episcopal Church as a 7th Grader coincided with my first communion and my last day of voluntary Sunday attendance – a [Read More...]

Dripping Wet Baptists


Editor’s Note: Clergy Project member and previous Rational Doubt poster Mason Lane recounts his full-emersion baptism and the unexpected, unwelcomed vision he saw that day. Excerpted from his book, Justifiable Homicide? Growing up a Baptist Fundamentalist.                              ========================== By Mason Lane Behind the choir in most Baptist churches there is a large baptismal tank with [Read More...]

It’s Not You, It’s Me


Editor’s Note: Breaking up is always painful, whether it’s with a romantic partner or with a religion. Here an ex-pastor shares his experiences and his advice. Reprinted with permission. ========================= By Jim Mulholland                          When I was a freshman in college, I had a [Read More...]

An Atheist at the Cross (or Why the Suicide of God might be Good News)


  Editor’s Note: A secular chaplain offers a positive, modern and inclusive way of interpreting the Crucifixion, whether you’re religious or not. ======================== By Chris Highland “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself.” (John 12:32) “For the message about the cross is foolishness [to unbelievers]….” (1 Cor. [Read More...]

Theistic Evolution? No Such Thing


Editor’s Note: Our Humanistic Rabbi sets liberal clergy straight on the subject of evolution:  religious beliefs and the findings of science are NOT perfectly compatible. =========================== By Jeffrey L. Falick Not too long ago someone asked me if The Clergy Project was in any way related to The Clergy Letter Project. The two should definitely [Read More...]