Saying Goodbye to Jesus

Editor’s Note: A Clergy Project member and new contributor to the blog tells us about her painful experience leaving the Catholic Church. Stories like this are important to hear as a reminder that it’s not just fundamentalist Christians who are drastically affected when they doubt and ultimately discard religious beliefs that encompassed their lives. If [Read More…]

A Culture of Abuse – That’s What Church Can Be

Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks ago I got an email from an active Clergy Project member who told me how upset he was after hearing an account of “…people who were mentally and emotionally raped by the church organization they participated in.” I asked if it would help to write about it. This is [Read More…]

Hi Dad, I’m a Gaytheist

Editor’s Note: Accepting one’s atheism and homosexuality is easy compared to expecting your long-absent fundamentalist father to be accepting. ====================== By Fernando Alcántar If you read my book, To the Cross and Back: An Immigrant’s Journey from Faith to Reason, you know that my biological father abandoned my mother when he heard she was pregnant—an [Read More…]

“Disillusionist” Update – Coming Out Soon?

Editor’s Note: Last November, the Rational Doubt blog interviewed a Clergy Project member about his plans to “come out” publicly. It hasn’t happened yet, but in this Q&A, “Disillusionist” provides a lively and thoughtful update on his situation and I provide occasional asides in [brackets.] ================== 1. Four months have passed since we talked in [Read More…]

Pope Francis’s New Book – Everything you Need to Know

Editor’s Note: Our intrepid ex-Catholic reviews the Pope’s new book, using her skepticism and understanding of theology to guide the non-cognoscenti through his thinking.   By Catherine Dunphy DISCLAIMER: I have read Pope Francis’ new book, The Name of God is Mercy – a conversation with Andrea Tornielli, so you don’t have to. Francis has shown [Read More…]

From Religiosity to Morality

Editor’s Note: Morality is a very timely topic as the percentage of secularists grows in the US and as Americans weigh their choices in the presidential primary elections. While Republican candidates tout their Christian bona fides, Democrats defer discussion of religion unless asked, and then stress the importance of being moral. Just this past Sunday, well-known [Read More…]


Editor’s Note: Our last post clarified how cruel, evil and petty the God of the Bible can be. This post depicts God as lazy, grumpy and irresponsible. But the Bible (i.e., God’s word) is not the source of the information presented here. Instead, it’s a mock interview with God by a mock, but very entertaining, [Read More…]

God – The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction – Reviewed

Editor’s Note: I am pleased to present a review of  Clergy Project co- founder Dan Barker’s latest book, released today by Sterling Publishing. I’m guessing this will be the most detailed review, since it’s written by a former Bible teacher who is also a Clergy Project member. Even she found some (gruesome) surprises. ======================= By [Read More…]

Wonder Evolves “Beyond Atheism” – Student/Teacher Conversation

Editor’s Note: As promised, TCP member Mark Rutledge has provided feedback on the class he’s teaching called “Beyond Atheism” at Duke University’s Life Long Learning Institute (for adults 55+). After reading Chris Highland’s recent review of Diana Butler Bass’s book, Grounded, Mark decided to include it in his class reading materials. The following is an [Read More…]

In Service to an Impotent God

Editor’s Note: This Clergy Project member shares his heart wrenching experience dealing with his daughter’s cancer and the powerlessness of prayer. ===================== By Dave Warnock I spent over thirty years believing in a God who was personal – a God who listened to my prayers and answered them. I cannot count the hours I spent [Read More…]