Religious Strangers with Much in Common – Catholics and Fundamentalists

Editor’s Note: I love this post, but that’s probably because I was raised Catholic and it brings back fond memories.   Yes, there is much that is “batsh*t wacko” about Catholicism, but much that is beautiful and alluring too, which may explain why it’s had such a hold on people despite it’s many serious failings over [Read More…]


Editor’s Note: Here’s a funny, cleverly concocted comparison of bad medical doctors and bad clergy.  It’s so obvious, I’m surprised I haven’t heard it before. ==================== By Mason Lane This is an excerpt from a newspaper article my good friend Roy sent me. Like me, he was  a patient of the highly respected Dr. Spellberg [Read More…]

From the Catholic Church to The Clergy Project

Editor’s Note: In her first post here, Ashley Lavana focused on her personal struggle when questioning her faith. This post focuses more on the trials of giving up her church community and finding another community that would accept and welcome her changed religious beliefs. =================== By Ashley Lavana The room was filled with smiling faces. [Read More…]

“How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian” – Review by Atheist Former Bible Teacher

Editor’s Note: Our resident biblical expert reads a liberal Christian’s latest book so you don’t have to. ======================= By Alexis Wesley How does a believer retain faith in Christ while reading Christianity’s most troublesome document? John Dominic Crossan attempts to explain that in his newest book, How to Read the Bible And Still Be a [Read More…]

Super Tuesday – Free-Thought Style, On Stage

This past Tuesday was the second reading of the play in development, “Caught in the Pulpit” in New York City, in a small studio that’s just a few blocks from this scene. The play, based on my interviews with non-believing clergy was first reported on this blog last June, when writer Marin Gazzaniga presented the [Read More…]

Agnostic, Non-theist, Atheist – the Ongoing Trials of Rev. Gretta Vosper

On February 21st, the Toronto Star published a long article about Clergy Project (TCP) member Gretta Vosper. Gretta stands out among TCP members for being an active pastor who openly acknowledges her atheism and intends to stay in the church. As far as I know, she’s one of a kind. The only person I know [Read More…]

Saying Goodbye to Jesus

Editor’s Note: A Clergy Project member and new contributor to the blog tells us about her painful experience leaving the Catholic Church. Stories like this are important to hear as a reminder that it’s not just fundamentalist Christians who are drastically affected when they doubt and ultimately discard religious beliefs that encompassed their lives. If [Read More…]

A Culture of Abuse – That’s What Church Can Be

Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks ago I got an email from an active Clergy Project member who told me how upset he was after hearing an account of “…people who were mentally and emotionally raped by the church organization they participated in.” I asked if it would help to write about it. This is [Read More…]

Hi Dad, I’m a Gaytheist

Editor’s Note: Accepting one’s atheism and homosexuality is easy compared to expecting your long-absent fundamentalist father to be accepting. ====================== By Fernando Alcántar If you read my book, To the Cross and Back: An Immigrant’s Journey from Faith to Reason, you know that my biological father abandoned my mother when he heard she was pregnant—an [Read More…]

“Disillusionist” Update – Coming Out Soon?

Editor’s Note: Last November, the Rational Doubt blog interviewed a Clergy Project member about his plans to “come out” publicly. It hasn’t happened yet, but in this Q&A, “Disillusionist” provides a lively and thoughtful update on his situation and I provide occasional asides in [brackets.] ================== 1. Four months have passed since we talked in [Read More…]