Editor’s Note: Doubting is different for everyone and this religious historian had his own set of issues. As a teacher, he was naturally curious and eager to keep up with the latest academic information. Meanwhile, he was guiding his students to a career in a field that he himself was questioning more and more. Complicated! Listen as this former seminary professor explains how it unfolded for him. /Linda LaScola, Editor ==================== By Brandon Withrow What caused you to start seriously… Read more

By Linda LaScola, Editor Much has already been written in the short time that David Silverman, President of American Atheists was suspended and then quickly removed from office. You can find articles here, here and here. Please read them for additional information. Rather than repeat anything already written, I’m using this space to support and applaud the women who came forth with personally embarrassing stories to make a case against Silverman as a sexual predator. I don’t think this would have happened without… Read more

Editor’s Note: Meet the rare ex-clergy whose road away from religion did not start with doubt. It did not involve doubt anywhere along the line. When I asked him to respond to the “doubt questions” I’ve asked others, he rightly declined. The questions simply didn’t apply to his experience. Instead, he answered in this much more satisfying stream-of-consciousness manner. / Linda LaScola, Editor ==================== By Dennis Augustine My path away from religious belief wasn’t just one thing and didn’t start… Read more

Editor’s Note: Like so many other religious leaders who try to pray their doubts away, this former pastor finds that doubt ultimately wins and morphs into disbelief. Instead of losing faith, he’s found an openness that he hopes others can find, as well. /Linda LaScola, Editor ==================== By Matthew Hullinger What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? My cousin committed suicide and I could not reconcile a loving god with one who sends folks who commit suicide to… Read more

Editor’s Note: Another resurrection story– just in time for Orthodox Easter. This one features a modern-day savior, who was also cut down in his prime. His work wasn’t done, but it lives on after him. But the lesson this time is quite different. Maybe we can learn something from it. / Linda LaScola, Editor ================== By Chris Highland Has it been told? Have you not heard? A word is swirling as a whirlwind, a tornado. Something incredible, amazing, wonderful has… Read more

Editor’s Note: The Clergy Project member we’ve known as “Stan Bennett” is free at last. He’s not only out of the clergy, he’s in a new job, a new relationship and a sunny new climate! He writes here today to tell us about his emergence.  It’s with great pleasure that I introduce him to you by his real name. =================== By David Mercer “Stan Bennett” has been my pseudonym for the past few years. In addition to the posts for… Read more

Editor’s Note: This was originally written as Chris Highland’s weekly “Highland Views” column for the Religion page of his hometown newspaper, the Asheville Citizen-Times, a USA Today affiliate (columns listed here). He writes as a freethinking humanist who stays in relationship with people of faith—including family. I’ll let Chris tell the rest of the story himself. /Linda LaScola, Editor ================== By Chris Highland As I was writing my column, I realized it might instead be something worth running by my… Read more

Editor’s Note: What a treat – two posts in a row from Rational Doubt’s most active book reviewer. This time, as we continue our Clergy Doubt series, she takes us through her struggles to maintain her faith as she mercilessly tests it – and it fails. Then she describes her life on the other side. It was pretty rocky for a while. / Linda LaScola, Editor ======================= By Alexis Record 1.What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? I… Read more

Editor’s Note: as a brief break from Clergy Doubt, this book review moves us to the murkier area of spirituality. Are you spiritual-but-not-religious? If so, this Clergy Project member’s book is for you. Not so much? Listen as this former fundamentalist valiantly and steadfastly attempts to comprehend and convey the author’s (also a Clergy Project member) point of view. / Linda LaScola, Editor ===================== By Alexis Record It’s become increasingly common to hear someone say they are “spiritual but not… Read more

Editor’s Note: It really bugs me when Christians approve of having religious doubts, as long as those doubts eventually return to faith. What if you’ve been having doubts for TEN YEARS??? Isn’t it possible that your doubts are well founded and should be acted upon instead of continuously being stuffed away? This former clergy waited until his doubts reached the 80% mark until he gave up the faith. /Linda LaScola, Editor ====================== By “Joseph MacKenzie” What caused you to start… Read more

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