Merry Christmas – Which Santa Would You Choose?

Santa Dan

Merry Christmas! From Santa Dan, Linda and Catherine! Baby Deniz, Bad Santa and crying baby too!   ==================================================   >>>Photo Credits: <a href=””>Joeckingham</a> via <a href=””>photopin</aref=””>cc</a – See more at: [Read more...]

My Ideal Christmas Sermon – That I Wish I Could Give

Star of Bethlehem Adoration_of_the_Magi

Editor’s Note: Andy, an active UCC pastor gives a no-holds-barred rendition of the Christmas sermon he would give if he felt he could be totally up-front about his beliefs and could tell his congregation what he thinks they should know. He says that he has come pretty close to this already. I don’t doubt it. [Read More...]

A Christmas for Everyone

manger scene

Editor’s Note: This is a sermon that the former Evangelical pastor who wrote it would have given on Christmas if he believed then what he believes now. He actually left the pulpit when he had severe doubts, but before his religious belief crumbled completely. ================== By Dave Warnock Good morning. I stopped and got a [Read More...]

Christmas Sermon 1968 – “A Paradigm Shift Gift”


Editor’s Note:  Join us as we time-travel to Christmas Past — not so far as Ebenezer Scrooge’s 19th century England, but a shorter trip to 20th century America where an atheist pastor of a fundamentalist church returns to give the Christmas sermon he would have given if he could have said what he really meant. [Read More...]

Pondering My Post-Christian Christmas Sermon

Saint Augustine

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series on “Christmas sermons I wish I could’ve given.” Imagine if clergy could say what they really believed when they gave their yearly Christmas sermon. I asked a few Clergy Project members to think about this and got some great responses. ======================== By Bob Ripley When I [Read More...]

Rational Doubt’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!

photo credit: Joe Buckingham via photopin cc

The Christmas Season is here again! We hope you enjoy this re-working of the Twelve days of Christmas by Catherine Dunphy.  Incidentally this version will be republished in a new book by Jerry Bowler, to be published by Oxford University Press.   The Twelve Days of Christmas On the 1st day of Christmas my true [Read More...]

Taking Hanukkah Too Seriously


Editor’s Note: The Twelve Days of Christmas are coming, but not yet! We just finished the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and an atheist rabbi and Clergy Project member discusses his concerns about it here. It behooves us to reflect on this lesser-known ancient story as we enter the next segment of the holiday season filled [Read More...]

Nice-Catholic-Girls–Turned-Atheist: Our Perspectives on “Spotlight”

Editor’s Note: A Jesuit seminary grad (Catherine Dunphy), a former nun with Mother Teresa (Mary Johnson) and an ordinary lapsed Catholic (me), all now atheists, discuss our reactions to the film Spotlight, about the Boston Globe’s reporting on pedophilia in the Catholic Church. This blog post was originally intended to be a podcast, but sound [Read More...]

Defense of Clergy Pedophilia Persists

Sistine Chapel, the Vatican

Editor’s Note: Instead of the podcast about the movie, “Spotlight” that we hoped to post, we have a fascinating, albeit frustrating explanation for why it’s not ready.   The upside is that this incident has helped frame a defense against defenders of the Church.   They are simply wrong, according to evidence that the Catholic Church itself [Read More...]

Former Catholics put a Spotlight on the Movie “Spotlight”


Editor’s Note: Former Father Uhl is back with a short review of the movie “Spotlight” which is currently playing in movie theaters throughout the country. His written review will be followed by a podcast of a conversation among three formerly Catholic women – Catherine Dunphy, a Jesuit Seminary Graduate, Mary Johnson, former sister with Mother Teresa [Read More...]