The Panic, the Excitement, and then Back to the Panic

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Editor’s Note: What are they like? This is one of the most common questions I get about my research with non-believing clergy or my involvement with The Clergy Project. People want a quick and simple profile of a clergy person who longer believes in God. The unsatisfying answer is “They are all different.” Sometimes the [Read More...]

Pew and You – What to do about Religion?

The Sermon on the MountCarl Bloch, 1890

Editor’s Note: Here’s a thoughtful look at the two latest Pew studies about the future of  religion. =========================== By Catherine Dunphy What a challenge! I’ve been reading over recent PEW Research Center’s publications – The Future of World Religions, April 2, 2015, and America’s Changing Religious Landscape, May 12, 2015 with the goal of forming [Read More...]

The Most Important Lesson in Leaving

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Editor’s Note: This first appeared  in Jim Mulholland’s blog. He later opined that a different title – the one that appears here, would have been more appropriate. It certainly is an important topic, which deserves all the attention it can get. ====================== By Jim Mulholland Originally published 11/2/14 [reprinted with permission] There may be nothing [Read More...]

Why You Don’t Need Dawkins to Become an Atheist


Editor’s Note: This post is written by The Clergy Project’s new Communications Chair, whom I just met a couple of weeks ago. He’s a very upbeat guy with some interesting stories to tell. We hope to hear more from him here on the blog. ============================ By Drew Bekius The question I had just been asked, [Read More...]

Clergy Fuel the Flight from Religion

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Editor’s Note: Here is  Rational Doubt’s twist on the new Pew Study showing considerable growth of the “Nones.” ======================== By Linda LaScola If you haven’t heard about the new Pew study indicating that Christianity is declining as non-believers and other “nones” increase, check it out here, here or here or in your local newspaper. It’s [Read More...]

Readers! Join Discussion of Non-Believing Theologian’s New Book

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Editor’s Note: Frequent contributor LeRon Shults provides an opportunity for blog readers to contribute to the discussion about his latest book. LeRon is a professional theologian who is also an open atheist. ============================ By LeRon Shults Knowing that Rational Doubt attracts a lot of current and former pastors who no longer believe in the supernatural [Read More...]

Magical Thinking In Reform Judaism


Editor’s Note: Christians are not the only ones who place great store in spirituality. As a follow-up to former pastor Jim Mulholland’s piece on how spirituality kept him in Christianity, Humanistic Rabbi Jeff Falick discusses spirituality gone amuck (in his opinion) in Reform Judaism. ======================== By Jeffery Falick (Originally posted on The Atheist Rabbi Blog, [Read More...]

Why I Took So Long To Leave


Editor’s Note: A question I’m often asked about the non-believing pastors I’ve interviewed is, “Why didn’t they just leave?” There are many reasons clergy don’t “just leave” when they realize and finally accept that they no longer believe.  Here’s the perspective of one non-believing pastor, reprinted with permission from his personal blog. ===================== By Jim [Read More...]

Caught in the Pulpit, Expanded Edition: In Bookstores Now!

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5/4/15 Update New article with Dan Dennett on the future of religion and Caught in the Pulpit by Religion Dispatches reporter Andrew Aghapour —  “Churches Can No Longer Hide the Truth:  Daniel Dennett on the New Transparency” Editor’s Note: My colleague on this blog, Catherine Dunphy, asks me some pertinent questions about the expanded edition of [Read More...]

Tooting our TCP Horn – Clergy Project People in the News

Dan Dennett

The media has been pretty active lately for Clergy Project (TCP) founders and members – and all in a positive way.   My colleague and TCP co-founder Dan Dennett has a piece in the Wall Street Journal this Monday that is still going strong. As I write, it’s ranked #3 in popularity of all WSJ [Read More...]