Myths from the Past, Hope for the Future

Editor’s Note: In the second of three “student” posts, Catherine, a former Catholic chaplain student, discusses losing her faith during seminary and her concerns about Pope Francis’ criticism of seminary studies. By Catherine Dunphy It’s been nearly ten years since I graduated from seminary.  In that time I have done what I can to distance [Read More...]

Kids, Catholicism, and Compromise

Editor’s Note: “Brian” is one of five religion students that I interviewed in the Dennett-LaScola study of non-believing clergy.  His religious career was brief to the extreme: He had an undergraduate degree in religion and was enrolled in Lutheran seminary, only to quit on the first day.  His experiences since then raising children with a [Read More...]

Leaving Ministry – Big Relief and Big Adjustment

  Editor’s Note: “Chris,” the third and last in this series with clergy-founders of The Clergy Project, still maintains his anonymity although he’s been “out” for quite some time now.  In the following Q&A that Chris and I conducted via email, he discusses his disappointment with the freethought/atheist community, positive changes in friendships and family [Read More...]

Oozing Out of Ministry and Into a Secular Job – At Last

“Adam Mann” has quietly left fundamentalist ministry and hopes that someday he can talk openly about his changed beliefs without repercussions to his family. [Read more...]

Through A Glass Clearly

Dan Barker explains: “I don’t think I was blind back when I was a devout and sincere preacher. I was simply looking at the world the wrong way, like peering backward through a telescope or microscope.” [Read more...]

Humanist Community Grows out of Lutheran and Non-Denominational Ministry

Humanist community leader Mike Aus says: “Some have referred to us as an ‘atheist church’ and imagine that we sit around bashing religion and talking about non-belief each week, but that is not what Houston Oasis is about at all. We are simply trying to explore life together from a completely secular perspective.” [Read more...]

“The Universe is Expanding and So Am I,” says incipient atheist UCC pastor

UCC pastor questions his honesty and finds comfort in knowing there is room for him to expand – just as the Universe is doing. [Read more...]

Reverend Mark and Professor Richard are Secular Christians

Mark Rutledge, who recently posted here, is currently in England.  He emailed me today to tell me about his recent adventures: “Yesterday I went to an event at the Hay-on-Wye (Wales) Literary Festival that was attended by 2,000 people, which featured Richard Dawkins.  I prepared a question in case I was called on and, to my [Read More...]

Looking Back at Religious Life; Looking Forward to the Earth Community

Editors Note: In the second of our series on liberal clergy, a former Episcopal priest reflects on her growing inability to think, teach and preach in the language of the church and her relief at finding a more natural way to communicate with the world. by Caroline Fairless On the wall of my office hangs a [Read More...]

“Non-believers” – Who Are They and What Will Become of Them?

Post-supernaturalist, non-theist, humanist who seeks to follow the original (historical) Jesus asks: “What are the practical implications of doubt and non-belief for those of us serving as clergy?” and more – - – - [Read more...]