Update on “The Hat” and More, from Joe the Mormon

The Golden Plates and other artifacts

**Special Announcement** Also see http://www.patheos.com/Topics/Future-of-Faith-in-America/Humanism/The-Inevitable-Growth-of-Atheism-Daniel-C-Dennett-Linda-LaScola-08-19-2015.html  written by Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola for the Patheos Public Square series on the Future of Humanism in the US. Editor’s Note: I recently heard from “Joe,” the Dennett-LaScola study participant who wrote back to me about the “Hat” post in which I quoted him. He offered his insider’s perspective and [Read More...]

Very Rev. Gary Hall, “Non-Theistic” Dean of National Cathedral, to Resign


As reported today in an “exclusive” by Washington Post Religion writer Michelle Boorstein, Gary Hall announced that he plans to resign on December 31st 2015.  In his resignation letter, he explained: “Responding to the cultural and financial challenges will require a leader with a long tenure – a decade, perhaps more – and at the [Read More...]

It Ain’t Easy — Letting Go of God

Digital StillCamera

Detractors of clergy who change from religious belief to non-belief often characterize them as liars who should leave their posts immediately upon changing their minds. What these detractors don’t understand is that clergy often are fighting against their growing doubts, just as they are taught to do. When clergy first take their doubts to colleagues [Read More...]

Sacred Cosmology – The Bible of the Future?

Christopher Columbus

Editor’s Note: This post is derived in large part from a recent sermon given by John Shuck, PCUSA minister and Clergy Project member, at his very open and welcoming church in Beaverton, OR. At the request of a parishioner, he preached on the function of the Bible: “Why have a Bible at all?  What is it [Read More...]

Mulholland’s Wager


Editor’s Note:  Here’s another post from the rich resources of the Leaving Your Religion blog, reprinted with permission from the former pastor who started writing this blog when he no longer believed in God. ======================= By Jim Mulholland In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal made an interesting argument in favor of believing in God.  Pascal [Read More...]

Evangelical Hate Speech: in the Name of Love


Editor’s Note: Frequent contributor Mason Lane eloquently and forcefully vents his remorse about ever having been a Christian evangelist. This all took place long ago and won’t affect so many well-meaning but uninformed people in the future – thanks in part to apostates like Mason. ============================= By Mason Lane The entire time I was a [Read More...]

“The Hat” and Doubting Mormons

Black top-hat

With all the new information coming out from the Mormon church about the seer stones that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Mormon, I’m surprised the top hat he put them in to gaze at them is not mentioned by official Mormon sources I’ve heard in the last couple of days. This was a big [Read More...]

Old Testament or Torah – There’s a Lot to Learn – VBS #8

Genesis Chapter 15

Editor’s Note: In another lesson from the Torah, an atheist Orthodox Rabbi responds to some of the questions we posed for Vacation Bible School. The term “Rabbi” means “teacher” and in this response, we are carefully educated from a Jewish perspective on the holy book that originally was theirs alone. ========================= By “Sherm” Regarding biblical [Read More...]

Sin in the Hebrew Bible VBS #7

garden of eden sin

Editor’s Note:  Our humanistic rabbi is back, this time responding  questions we posed about sin.  As usual, he sticks to the Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament), his area of expertise. ================== By Jeffrey L. Falick Q: The three “S’s” of the bible – a trinity of sorts that is utilized repetitively throughout the Old [Read More...]

Did Jesus Just Call that Woman a Dog? VBS #6


Editor’s Note: John Jameson’s contribution to Vacation Bible School is a post he wrote earlier on his blog (reprinted with permission and minor edits). It addresses one of the issues we asked people to write about: being embarrassed by something Jesus said. Here Pastor Jameson recounts an embarrassing experience from a recent Bible study he [Read More...]