Are You Open-Minded?

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Editor’s Note: Considering that 30 US Governors are opposed to admitting Syrian refugees into their states, it seems appropriate to discuss the concept of open-mindedness.  In this post, originally written in March of 2014, the topic is religious open-mindedness, but it can be applied to any controversial issue.  I plan to respond to the five questions [Read More...]

No Thanks to Nuzzi for Latest Vatican Exposé


Editor’s Note: Another negative report from our trusty Vatican watcher. This time she criticizes the latest revealing book about Vatican antics. ===================== By Catherine Dunphy It is growing tiresome – this writing about the Vatican and corruption. Yet still, another book or two have been published claiming to air the dirty laundry of the Vatican [Read More...]

Religious Fundamentalism’s Toxic Certainty Must End

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Editor’s Note: This Clergy Project member’s first Rational Doubt blog post discusses the recent Paris terrorist attacks in the context of pathological certainty. This certainly, which pervades religious fundamentalism, not only murders innocent people, but also tears families apart. ===================== By Dave Warnock As Anne Frank said, while hiding from the Nazis: “In spite of [Read More...]

Calling All (Current & Former) Fundamentalists – Help Us Understand


Have you ever wanted to ask fundamentalists straight up how they can bring themselves to believe what they do? In Bruce Genencser’s recent post, the commenter “Viaten” does just that. He raised some very interesting questions about how fundamentalists respond to apostates – people who once professed to hold strong fundamentalist religious beliefs, who have [Read More...]

Stranger Danger – Beware of Gay Atheist

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Editor’s Note: It is a pleasure to introduce Fernando Alcántar, whose memoir is coming out at the end of this month. In this post, he offers insights on coming out as both gay and atheist. It is derived from a post on his blog, adapted for brevity and with permission from the author. ========================= By [Read More...]

Dear Christian Friend and Former Parishioner: Am I a Good Person?

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Editor’s Note: Long-term Evangelical preacher and Clergy Project member takes issue with people who confidently quote the Bible without realizing how cruel their words can be to good people who do not happen to be Christian. This is reposted with permission from his personal blog. ============================== By Bruce Gerencser A good friend of mine, and [Read More...]

Mormons Angry, Sad over LGBT Marriage Ruling

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah

** 11/10/15 update — there is a mass resignation planned for this Saturday in Salt Lake City ** Editor’s Note: “Joe” was in the middle of his five-year term as Bishop in the Mormon Church when I interviewed him as part of the Dennett-LaScola study of non-believing clergy.  I’m very grateful now that he’s sharing his [Read More...]

The Vatican is Leaking – Again!

Opus Dei Headquarters, Rome

Editor’s Note: Our resident Catholicism expert is on the scent of the latest Vatican scandal.  She has a theory about it which she will expand on after getting ahold of  the new tell-all book on the latest Vatican escapades.  Perhaps you have a theory too.  Read on. ======================= By Catherine Dunphy Thanks to liberal (relatively speaking) [Read More...]

Coming (out) Soon – A Disillusionist


Editor’s Note: I recently had the pleasure of “meeting” another Clergy Project (TCP) member. I put “meeting” in quotes, because I don’t know his real name or where he lives. I do know that he’s for real, however, because I was put in touch with him through a TCP member who can vouch for him. [Read More...]

My Kind of Churches!

sarlat church market

In my recent travels, I’ve come upon several churches that have been repurposed to adapt to changing times and needs.   France is full of lovely old churches finding new ways to serve their communities. Here’s the Sainte Marie Church in Sarlat-La-Caneda that was first built in the 12th century. (Ignore the hunched gremlin in the [Read More...]