“Homophobia” in the Bible – What to do about it? VBS #2

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Editor’s Note: “Andy” is an active, nonbelieving UCC pastor who leads a very liberal congregation. In his Vacation Bible School lesson, he explains how he approaches texts on homosexuality in the Bible with two different audiences: liberals and conservatives. ======================= By “Andy” While preparing for presentations I’ve made in various ecclesiastical settings (both Catholic and [Read More...]

Jesus of Nazareth: Lord or Legend? Vacation Bible School #1

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Editor’s Note: Clergy Project Co-Founder and member, Dan Barker starts off Vacation Bible School 2015 with this opening statement he made in a recent debate in Dallas with pastor Justin Bass. ======================= By Dan Barker There could not have been a “Jesus of Nazareth.” Nazareth did not exist during the time of Jesus. The earliest [Read More...]

Welcome to Vacation Bible School — Summer, 2015

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Editor’s Note: Vacation Bible School ain’t what it used to be – it’s online and it doesn’t stick to the old script. You can’t count on God and Jesus coming out looking like good guys and there might even be a bit of what a traditional VBS teacher would call “blasphemy.”   One thing you can [Read More...]

Setting the Record Straight –What The Clergy Project is Really All About

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Editor’s Note:  John Lombard clears up some mistaken ideas about The Clergy Project – a private online community for religious leaders who do not hold supernatural beliefs.  John, a regular contributor to this blog, is one of many “Voices from The Clergy Project” that can be heard publicly here. ======================== By John Lombard The Clergy Project (TCP) [Read More...]

Funny Things Catholics Say and Do


Editor’s Note: Strange things are happening in the Catholic Church – and I’m not talking about transubstantiation. There’s a lot of discord these days among the laity and at the highest levels. Read on as a Catholic seminary grad and former Very Good Catholic fills us in and tells us what she thinks it portends. [Read More...]

Disappointing People with my Non-Belief

Air force Chaplain Corps

Editor’s Note: I recently met Jase at a Military Atheists and Freethinkers Association reception.  Turns out he’s a member of The Clergy Project – the first one I’ve met here in DC. Like Bob Ripley, Jase’s open acknowledgement of his changed religious beliefs was troublesome, even with a mentor who was really trying to understand [Read More...]

LaScola Probes Pastor Jameson’s Road to Atheism

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Editor’s Note: I couldn’t resist asking “John Jameson” a few follow-up questions after his post on how he got to be an atheist.   Here they are, with his answers. ================== 1. Regarding the atheism-inspired rock music that touched you so much – do you have examples of music that had been very influential in bringing [Read More...]

How I Became an Atheist –A Modern Media Story

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Editor’s Note: Everyone who has ever gone from religious to non-religious has a story, but lately with so many new information sources available, the journey is no longer such an internal and lonely transition. As you read this essay by a newly non-believing pastor, think about the role that different types of media played along [Read More...]

Six Months After “Coming Out”


Editor’s Note: Remember when we excitedly announced former pastor Bob Ripley’s new book here on the blog? Well, a lot has happened since then. Read on for Bob’s personal report of his experience and then check out my “Editor’s Question” below. ===================== By Bob Ripley Think twice before telling the truth. That’s my advice to [Read More...]

I Knew “The Bishop’s Man” – the Real-Life, Revolting One


Editor’s Note: Maybe the Catholic Church would have been more humane to its youth if it knew some of them would grow up to be as harsh and incisive a critic as this Clergy Project member and Catholic Seminary grad has become. ========================= By Catherine Dunphy It is not often that you pick up a [Read More...]