Easter Perspectives – Past and Present; Catholic and UCC


Editor’s Note: While the Resurrection is the central doctrine of Christianity, Easter observances come in many forms, depending not only on the denomination, but also on the particular person planning the events and delivering the message. This blog post presents two views. The first is a brief recollection from a former Catholic cleric and atheist [Read More...]

Holy Week for Non-Believers


Editor’s Note: Welcome to “Holy Week,” everyone. I certainly never thought I’d be observing it on something called the Rational Doubt Blog. But it warrants attention because it is a significant time in the life of non-believing clergy. This is the first of a series of pastors discussing their experiences preparing and preaching at Easter Time. ===================== [Read More...]

An Easter Lament for Catholics: God’s Bankers Review, Part II

Posner-Dale Stine

Editor’s Note: Dunphy and Posner pull no punches in their ongoing insider’s discussion of the Vatican’s sins. Is there a chance for redemption? =============================== By Catherine Dunphy Dear Catholics, We are nearing Easter, that time of year when thoughts tend to contrition and self sacrifice, when Catholics are called to be holy and emulate Jesus. [Read More...]

God’s Bankers – Interview with Author Gerald Posner, Part One

Posner-Dale Stine

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this former Catholic’s heartfelt and stinging review of a non-practicing Catholic’s investigation of the inner working of the Vatican bank. ============================== By Catherine Dunphy In 2007, the Vatican opened its secret archives to publish for the first time the sordid details of “Processus Contra Templarios.” That’s Latin for “Process against the Templars.” [Read More...]

Minister Announces on Internet What Many Ministers Secretly Believe

John Shuck pic

3/24/15 **Update**  John Shuck wrote a response to the Friendly Atheist blog on his own blog By Linda LaScola People over at the Friendly Atheist blog have gone crazy over the post written by Clergy Project member and Presbyterian minister, John Shuck.  As I write this, there are almost 900 comments. Maybe it’s because the [Read More...]

Is American Christianity Dying?


Editor’s Note: As a follow-up to the discussion between two dedicated but not hopeful Christians, an ex-pastor does a detailed analysis of the decline of Christianity – and this is before the recent bad news from the Public Religion Research Institute. Reprinted with permission from http://leavingyourreligion.com/2014/05/american-christianity-dying/ ======================== By Jim Mulholland In the book The Biological Evolution of the [Read More...]

Two Public Christians are Down on the Future of Faith


Editor’s Note: There’s been a lot lately about continuing indications of the decline of Christianity. We’ll be talking about that this week, starting with this review of a 2012 seminar held by and for liberal Christians. ========================= By Catherine Dunphy One of the joys of working with Patheos is that I am always being introduced [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt # 11: This Ex-Nun Didn’t Doubt for Long


Editor’s Note: I recently met this ex-nun and Clergy Project member and asked her to participate in our series on clergy doubt. Unlike many clergy who deny and compartmentalize their doubts for years, her switch from faith to non-belief happened rather suddenly.                      ======================== By Carolyn Clark 1. What caused you to start seriously doubting [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #10: He Tried his Damnedest to Believe and Now Wants Out


Editor’s Note: This active minister and Clergy Project member shares his poignant story of sincere attempts to believe, mental anguish, his surrender to non-belief and his determination to get out of his predicament. ========================= By “Stan Bennett” 1. What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? I think it was somewhere in my tenth [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt # 9: Retired Episcopal Priest Believes All Nature is Sacred


Editor’s Note: Caroline Fairless, like the Catholic Catherine Dunphy, preferred to respond to my “doubt” questions in free form. And like the previous former liberal Christian minister, Chris Highland, she is most at home in the natural world. Her concept of religion does not include “god talk.”  Update, 9:55 AM EST 3/6/15 – slight title [Read More...]