Editor’s Note: This is this former Lutheran minister’s second post on the Rational Doubt blog – and it’s a doozy.  / Linda LaScola, Editor By Kenn Nilsen What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? There were many tributaries emptying into my river of doubt over the years, but the one that really led to flood stage was a conversation I had with my then 13 year-old daughter. She approached me on day while I was working in my… Read more

Editor’s Note: Three years after doing a series on religious doubt here on the “Rational Doubt” Blog, I figured it was time to do another one — this time featuring non-believing clergy I had met in the interim. I started the 2015 series with an introductory essay titled Doubt Street: U-Turns Only Allowed. Here are a few highlights from it that will prepare you for the clergy responses that follow:  “Just about everyone who was once taught a religion would… Read more

Editor’s Note: I had the pleasure of speaking with Lon on the phone a few weeks ago after he became the new President of TCP. Here’s your chance to get to know him. /Linda LaScola, Editor [A slightly amended version of this appears on The Clergy Project private site.] ===================== By Lon Ostrander Greetings to Clergy Project participants and friends. I am here to introduce myself as the newly elected president of The Clergy Project. For those who may be wondering,… Read more

Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever been surprised or disappointed when your “big news” (whatever it was) wasn’t openly acknowledged, you’ll empathize with this retired atheist minister. He is reaching out for help and I bet there are lots of readers with lots of insights who could help him from becoming a cranky atheist. /Linda LaScola, Editor ================== By Bob Ripley I need help.  I need help understanding something.  I need help to keep from becoming a cranky atheist.  Let me… Read more

Editor’s Note: This biblical scholar/Clergy Project member certainly doesn’t have much respect for the Apostle Paul. The case against Paul’s writing is very carefully made, using four texts as examples. It is reposted with permission from the Debunking Christianity Blog.  /Linda LaScola, Editor ================== By David Madison The batshit crazy theology of the apostle Paul: four texts John Loftus has displayed his skill at backhanded compliments with his comment that “…it takes a great deal of intelligence to defend Christian theism,… Read more

Editor’s Note: I met Scott Heller at the 2016 FFRF conference. At the time, he told me that his story differed from that of most non-believing clergy, because he was asked to leave his fundamentalist church (for being too liberal) before he became atheist. Here he explains how that happened and the effects it has had on his life and his family. It’s fascinating and could be a good lesson to current pastors who are starting to lean a little… Read more

Editor’s Note: Of the nearly 900 Clergy Project members, only eight are from the continent of Africa. Today’s post is about one of them, E.J. Hill.  He grew up in the Dutch Reformed Church, then attended a Charismatic Bible school and served in a Reformed Evangelical ministry before becoming an atheist. In his journey away from religion, he came to the following conclusions (as listed in his story on The Clergy Project public site): Most Christians did not really care about the… Read more

Editor’s Note: In the last post, we got a cynical perspective of John the Apostle. In this one, we get further insight into Pontius Pilate. Gotta hand it to these guys for staying in the news – at least the academic news – for centuries. I guess it’s understandable for us to be curious about characters and stories that, real or not, have had such an impact on the beliefs of so many people. Thanks to Clergy Project member and… Read more

Editor’s Note: If you want to hear the unvarnished truth about the Bible, you can count on a Clergy Project member and atheist biblical scholar to clue you in. It helps if the writer has a sense of humor and a way with words. The following is reposted with permission from Debunking Christianity. / Linda LaScola, Editor ========================== By David Madison Theology-Soaked Fiction My biggest problem with Jesus in John’s gospel, one I sensed in my distant youth as a critical… Read more

Editor’s Note: After reading this, I sure am glad that proselytizers rarely approach me. I can easily avoid them, but then I don’t live in a rural area and I was never a fundamentalist minister who very publicly left the fold. The following post is lightly edited, condensed for brevity and reposted with permission. / Linda LaScola, Editor =========================== By Bruce Gerencser Several times a month I receive emails from Evangelicals wanting to be “friends” with me. These emails invariably say… Read more

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