Top Ten Rewards of Becoming Non-Religious


Editor’s note: People who are experiencing serious religious doubts might be surprised to know that people who finally accept their doubts and embrace non-belief are actually quite happy about their decision! Part of this surprise is likely because of ubiquitous warnings about the liabilities of “losing” belief, accompanied by triumphant stories about how exploring doubt [Read More...]

Dear Yahweh, You’re Fired: an Open Termination Letter for God


Editor’s Note: A Former Fundamentalist Preacher shares with us the letter he would have sent to God, if he could have found his address. This is adapted with the author’s permission from his personal blog ================================= By Dennis Augustine Dear Yahweh, Our working relationship is not what it used to be. My parents absolutely worshiped [Read More...]

Oscar Romero for Sainthood!

Oscar Romero National Cathedral

Editor’s Note: I’m not happy about Pope Frances’ recent remarks about limiting free speech when it comes to ridiculing religion. Still, There are good things happening at the Vatican. I am pleased to learn that the Pope is pushing for recognition of a priest who died for the cause of social justice. (In Catholic-speak, it’s [Read More...]

The Atheist Rabbi and the Orthodox Women’s Seminary

Jewish education

The Atheist Rabbi and the Orthodox Women’s Seminary Editor’s Note: In part two in our series on how non-believing clergy handle their children’s religious education, you’ll see a much different approach of a Humanistic rabbi whose daughters have been raised Orthodox by their mother. Versions of this post first appeared on the blog “The Atheist [Read More...]

But What About Your Daughter?


Editor’s Note: This former United Methodist pastor explains the benefits of not religiously indoctrinating children, using his own daughter as an example. This essay first appeared on his blog on January 18, 2014. It is reprinted here with his permission.  ======================= By Jim Mulholland Years ago, when I was a youth pastor, I read an [Read More...]

If We Would Stay . . . Part Two


Editor’s Note: Here, retired Episcopal Pastor Caroline Fairless provides a step-by-step methodology for integrating her concept of ecology into the liturgy. She hopes it will be helpful to active clergy who are in the difficult position she was once in.                                [Read More...]

If We Would Stay . . . Part One


Editor’s Note: A retired Episcopal pastor explains how she made the liturgy more palatable to herself and her parish as her religious beliefs and attitudes about the value of Church were changing. Many current churchgoers may noticed their pastors making similar changes, often in concert with members of the congregation who are also looking beyond [Read More...]

Happy New Year! – Day 12

   Linda & Catherine! [Read more...]

A message from Saint Sagan – Day 11


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An Atheist Christmas Myth – Day 10


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