Loving Church Life; Leaving the Faith

“I was part of a music ministry that catered to youth. We led concerts, revivals and all sorts of events. I really enjoyed it. We saw hundreds of people come to the altar.” [Read more...]

No Longer Defending the Silence of God

It should at some point strike us as ludicrous that we even have to debate the existence of an eternal deity. If he is powerful enough to create everything with the word of his mouth, then surely he is powerful enough to reveal himself to all men. [Read more...]

"I am not Rebelling Against God"

Editor’s Note: The next three posts will feature fundamentalist members of The Clergy Project, followed by a series featuring liberal clergy members.  As you know (and will see in these posts) fundamentalists and liberals have very different points of view about the Bible and religious belief and practice. The Fundamentalist view is the one most [Read More...]

Dennett’s Dangerous Idea: Church as Theatre

Editor’s note: Daniel C. Dennett is an esteemed professor, author and a co–founder of the Clergy Project.  Here he shares his innovative idea of how churches could embrace non-believing clergy, increase attendance and fatten the coffers. By Daniel C. Dennett In a recent OnFaith essay, “Pastors Who Don’t Believe:  Can Churches Support Them?” I discussed the issue of non-believing clergy: If you’ve [Read More...]

#Patheos5Yrs Happy Anniversary Patheos

Great timing, Patheos, to schedule your fifth anniversary just a few days after Rational Doubt: The Clergy Project Blog started up. We’ve been “live” just 12 days, since April 24th, and already feel like a member of the family.  The Patheos team has been nothing but welcoming and helpful as the latest member of the [Read More...]

The Incarnation of Christ is a Humanist Concept

That’s what I heard today while tuned in to live-streaming of the Drew Marshall Show in Toronto  – “Canada’s most listened to Spiritual Talk Show.”  Catherine Dunphy, a founding member of the Clergy Project and Operations Manager here at Rational Doubt, was a guest on the show, along with Thom Schultz, who offers “an innovative [Read More...]

God’s Not Dead (But even if he is, he deserves better than this movie)

 Editor’s Note:  Clergy Project member Mary Johnson is author of An Unquenchable Thirst, a memoir of her 20 years as a nun with Mother Teresa’s order.  This memoir was named one of the best books of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews.   Mary is currently working on a book about her move away from her religious beliefs, [Read More...]

From the Sanctuary to the Dialogue

Welcome to Rational Doubt: The Clergy Project Blog. This is the public conversation area of a very private* online-support group for clergy who no longer hold supernatural beliefs.  This public forum will allow people both to listen and participate; creating a dialogue between clergy and regular folks (“lay people” in church-talk) that is not easily available [Read More...]