Why I Took So Long To Leave

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Editor’s Note: A question I’m often asked about the non-believing pastors I’ve interviewed is, “Why didn’t they just leave?” There are many reasons clergy don’t “just leave” when they realize and finally accept that they no longer believe.  Here’s the perspective of one non-believing pastor, reprinted with permission from his personal blog. ===================== By Jim [Read More...]

Caught in the Pulpit, Expanded Edition: In Bookstores Now!

Caught in the pulpit cover

5/4/15 Update New article with Dan Dennett on the future of religion and Caught in the Pulpit by Religion Dispatches reporter Andrew Aghapour —  “Churches Can No Longer Hide the Truth:  Daniel Dennett on the New Transparency” Editor’s Note: My colleague on this blog, Catherine Dunphy, asks me some pertinent questions about the expanded edition of [Read More...]

Tooting our TCP Horn – Clergy Project People in the News

Dan Dennett

The media has been pretty active lately for Clergy Project (TCP) founders and members – and all in a positive way.   My colleague and TCP co-founder Dan Dennett has a piece in the Wall Street Journal this Monday that is still going strong. As I write, it’s ranked #3 in popularity of all WSJ [Read More...]

The Poison of Creationism: One Science Teacher’s Perspective

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Editor’s Note: As a former fundamentalist minister and current science teacher, “Preston” considers himself fortunate to be among the freethinkers, agnostics, atheists and secular humanists who are at the forefront of change. In this post, he presents the bad news and also gives us hope based on real evidence of changing demographics. ==================== By “Preston” [Read More...]

If There Were No God (There Would Still be Creation)


Editor’s Note: In a post-Christian world, today’s featured blogger would feel right at home, out of her the brick and mortar church and into the natural world. ======================= By Caroline Fairless Before I was ordained – before I ever contemplated that possibility – I was a scientist, a biology major and (by nature) an ecologist. [Read More...]

Taking the Sacrament with Naturalist John Muir

Editor’s Note: Happy Early Earth Day, everyone.  April 22 is the actual day, but we’re celebrating all week here at Rational Doubt. =========================== By Chris Highland                          “[You ask] When are you coming down [from the mountains]? Ask the Lord—Lord Sequoia.” -John Muir In the college literature course I teach, “a wild spirituality of nature,” we have [Read More...]

Three in One – a New Secular Trinity


Editor’s Note: In anticipation of Openly Secular Day (April 23rd), we offer advice and options for identifying yourself as – well however you think of yourself now that you no longer believe in a deity. 4/19/15 UPDATE: CBS Sunday Morning featured a 10 minute “Openly Secular” segment.  View it here:  http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-challenges-facing-atheists-in-the-u-s/  (Spoiler Alert: It’s wonderful and [Read More...]

Wrest in Peace

John Lombard

Editor’s Note: A frequent commenter on this blog has started a website of his own.   I’ve visited it. It’s very comprehensive and well organized and it addresses important issues, such as —— Well, I’ll let him tell you about it himself. =========================== By John Lombard One of my great frustrations in all the various discussions about [Read More...]

What to do? Believing Child with Ex-Christian Mom and Siblings

Editor’s Note: The Atheist Ex-Pastor is B-a-a-a-c-k! Where has he been? Writing and promoting his new book, Life Beyond Belief: A Preachers Deconversion. He’s now “out” as Bob Ripley, long-time pastor of a large mainline church in Canada. He’ll tell us about his après book experience in a future post. Right now, he’s responding to [Read More...]

Thank God it’s Over

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Editor’s Note: The last essay in our Easter series is by a mainline Protestant pastor who recently and gratefully left the pulpit after too many years of parish ministry. In this reflection on Easters past, I think he sounds frustrated, cynical, a bit obsessive,  and ultimately relieved. What do you think? ====================== By Former Pastor [Read More...]