A FFRF Nativity! Day 8

It doesn’t feel like an atheist Christmas without a contribution from The Freedom From Religion Foundation.  This year marks the 19th anniversary of their solstice sign, and the 4th appearance for the ‘natural nativity’.  See more at: http://ffrf.org/news/news-releases/item/21859-ffrf-s-solstice-sign-makes-19th-appearance-natural-nativity-returns-for-4th#sthash.EtaFdYNn.dpuf. [Read more...]

Merry Holidays from more members of the Clergy Project – Day 7

JohnComepere xmas

My Solstice Chair My wife was amused.  Said it looked a little like an electric chair! A Christmas Electric Chair?! (maybe like an electric manger?) No, no, a Solstice Chair. Ho ho holidays. Chris– www.chighland.com Chris Highland served as an Interfaith Chaplain for 25 years. In 2001 he left his Christian ordination and “came out” as [Read More...]

Have Yourself an Edgy Little Christmas – Day 6

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Good Santa – Day 5

   MERRY CHRISTMAS!   Looks like this Santa is the real deal! Photo Credit http://denizcemonduygu.com/blog/2009/04/early-christmas-2/ [Read more...]

Bad Santa – Day 4


Santa shouldn’t look put out.  Obviously this guy is a fake! PS. this unhappy little lad is my son. ======================== Bio: Catherine Dunphy, is the Associate Humanist Chaplain, at the University of Toronto, and the former Executive Director of the Clergy Project. She was trained as a Roman Catholic Chaplain and is currently writing a [Read More...]

Oh Crismas Tree – Day 3

Editors Note: Frequent blogger Mason Lane is philosophical, funny and — who knew — he’s a poet too! ============ “Oh Little Crismas Tree”   By Mason Lane   This is our little Crismas tree With the lights and presents beneath It sets up in just two minutes And saves us tons of grief We’re perplexed, [Read More...]

It’s a Merry Myth-Making Time of Year – Day 2


This is my Myth Corner which incorporates the precious ornaments given to me by family and friends over the years. When my beliefs changed, my first inclination, when unpacking my Christmas decorations, was not to display the overtly religions things that no longer held religious significance to me.  But, you know, I love the Virgin [Read More...]

12 Days of Atheist Christmas Extravaganza – Day 1

12 days of xmaspage1

Editors Note: Atheists love Christmas too, and we’ll prove it, with our  first Annual Twelve days of Christmas Extravaganza!  Today, December 21st or the Winter Solstice is the first day of our celebrations, in honour of this Catherine Dunphy has modified the words of “the twelve days of Christmas.  You will find the lyrics below, [Read More...]

Christ is Born(e)

creepy baby jesus-Santa_Maria_in_Aracoeli_Rome_Santo_Bambino

(IN THE MINDS OF BELIEVERS RITUALLY ENGAGED IN RELIGIOUS SECTS) Editor’s note: Professor Shults helps us explain the meaning of Christmas to ourselves and to people we find ourselves in conversation with over the holdiays. ========================== Where do babies come from? Why do parents keep them around? Although adults can get annoyed or embarrassed by [Read More...]

A Brief Diversion to Dog Heaven


The recent journalistic screw up on the Pope’s remarks on dog heaven got me thinking about role of human error in belief and wondering how many clergy and others who no longer hold supernatural beliefs have pondered this issue. Briefly, an article that conflated the thoughts of two popes (Paul VI and Francis) caused several [Read More...]