Jesus: Human or Supernatural? The Liberal/Conservative Divide


By Linda LaScola Wow, are conservative and liberal clergy ever different when they think about Jesus!  This is especially evident when exploring how clergy doubts grow into disbelief. Speaking from the perspective of a researcher who is very familiar with the differences between liberals and conservatives, I’d say that many former conservative Christians are simply [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #8 – Liberal Presbyterianism “Naturally” Leads away from Supernatural Beliefs

Editor’s Note: This is the first of two liberal clergy who discuss their move away from religious faith. While we’ve noted a trend of increased liberalism as clergy doubts grow into disbelief, it’s also important to note that some clergy start out liberal-minded and their seminary studies and their denominations encourage it. For them, the [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt # 7: Catholic Church Sex Scandals Ultimately Lead to Disbelief

Catholic  bible- rosary

Editor’s Note: This former Catholic parish priest  lived his vocation intensely and just as intensely decried the abuses he found in the Church as he became more involved and knowledgeable. Like Mary Johnson, the nun, his transition was not complete until after he left religious life. He is the last in our series of four Roman [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #6: Catholic Seminary Leads to the “Exhilaration of Knowing”

Editor’s Note: Instead of responding directly to the questions I posed, this Roman Catholic seminary grad addresses her experiences with doubt in free form. In my opinion, it’s somewhat reminiscent of Catholic mystics — and quite refreshing to see this style applied to earthly reality instead of divine imagining. ========================  By Catherine Dunphy Doubt – [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #5: Left Convent Life First, Then Religion

2/18/15 12:45 est Update:  The Friendly Atheist now has a post about Mary Johnson’s discussion in the comments section here with Thomas J. McDonald about transgendered people. Editor’s Note: The second Catholic in our series on Clergy Doubt that leads to disbelief  was a nun with Mother Teresa’s order for 20 years. When responding to [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #4: The Catholics – From Celebrating Mass to Being Featured in Atheist Billboards

Editor’s Note: This is #4 in the Clergy doubt series and #1 of three posts by Roman Catholics. Catholic clergy are complex. Like fundamentalist Protestants, they have a very strict set of rules that they are expected to adhere to and like progressive/liberal Protestants, they are taught modern Biblical scholarship and taught to develop a [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt #3: From Conservative to Liberal to Agnostic to Atheist

Editor’s Note: “Andy “is an active United Church of Christ minister who tried to quell his doubts. Finally, he followed them to disbelief.   Still, he believes in social justice and human goodness, and uses his position as pastor to further both. =========================== 1. What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? Doubts at first [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt: 2. Doubt that Leads to Disbelief doesn’t Dissuade Orthodox Practice

Editor’s Note: “Sherm” the active Orthodox Rabbi answers the questions I asked about doubt and adds one of his own. He explains his transition clearly and remains firm both in his atheism and in his commitment to practicing his religion. ======================== 1. What caused you to start seriously doubting your faith? There are two primary [Read More...]

Clergy Doubt: 1. Fundamentalism isn’t Fun


Editor’s Note: Our first response in the series on Clergy Doubt is from a former fundamentalist pastor. Here, Mason Lane responds to the questions I posed in an email to blog contributors. As some of them have pointed out to me, the questions don’t necessarily hit on all the relevant issues of clergy who start [Read More...]

Doubt Street: U-Turns Only Allowed

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting clergy contributors’ answers to questions I asked them about their experiences with religious doubt.   After all, “doubt” in the title of the blog and without it, there would be very few non-believers.  Just about everyone who was once taught a religion would still believe it, if they [Read More...]