Light the Night

Every autumn, I get involved in a few charities.  There is DPR’s BlogTV 24-hour charity for MSF -which is on right now.  On November 18th, I’ll be riding in the Motorcops for kids motorcycle run, which I haven’t done since the 2009 run.  Usually Skepticon is on the same weekend, but that’s on the previous weekend this year.  Between now and then, due to a special request from Todd Stiefel, I’ll be doing this:

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  • Anonymous Atheist

    On a charity-related topic, I’d like to draw your attention to this:

    People are voting until Sep 19 (once, not daily) for charities to receive money from Chase Bank, and there are 3 atheist-y ones in the running: Secular Student Alliance, Foundation Beyond Belief, and Camp Quest.

    It doesn’t seem to have hit Freethoughtblogs at all yet, and it could sure use a lot more momentum, as we just keep falling further behind so far (I’ve been keeping track of the rankings in comments there). If you could help spread the word among your fellow FTBloggers et al, that would be great. :)

  • Buzz Saw

    Thought I’d give an easy link for the FBB page here