Florida Secular Rally

Whenever I post some prior notice of some event I intend to attend, my wife says it looks like I’m ‘pimping’ myself.  If I don’t do that, then people complain that they live down the street from whatever it is and are mad that they didn’t know about it in time.  I got several messages from folks in Arkansas who didn’t know about Reason in the Rock, and woulda been there if I had just said something.  So fine.

This Saturday, November 3rd, I will be in Tallahassee Florida for a secular rally.  We’ll be there to raise awareness -and opposition- to that state’s Proposition 8, which threatens to strip religious protections from tax appropriation direct from the state to whatever religious group is favored at the moment.

The event is free!  It’s sponsored by practically every atheist or secular group in the state, and will be held in Tom Brown Park.  So if you live in range, and you’d like to go, don’t bitch that I didn’t tell you.  Otherwise please don’t bitch that I DID tell you.

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  • dougal445

    tut tut Aron.

    Dont let ophelia etc read you use that language.

    They might accuse you of being a hater.

  • http://businessinsurancedigest.blogspot.com/ Arni

    This is awesome, thanks for the post. I could not have said it better myself.

  • godlesspanther

    Pimp yourself, Aron. Go ahead, do it loud and proud. As a businessman, I can assure you that there is no such thing as too much advertising.

    Tell everyone on the planet Earth about your gigs — twice, at least. And if there be creatures residing on distant planets — tell them about it too.

  • Patricia, OM

    Unless you post a price list for your services for each event, it’s not pimping.

  • JPGK


    I’m a long-time reader, Tallahassee resident, member of the Tallahassee Atheists, and fellow speaker/performer at the rally!

    We’re all excited to have you with us; it’s been a long process getting this thing together, but it’s going to be one hell of a rally.

    I look forward to meeting you Saturday, thanks for the shout-out!

  • Psychopomp Gecko

    Iwas there and got to meet you. I just contained my manly hetero squees at the time.

  • blindrobin

    As a person with a public presence it is your duty to inform those who attend your public utterances regarding your scheduled appearances so that they may attend them if they so desire and circumstance permits. It is a matter of nobles oblige and definitely not blatant self-promotion. Now accept your status gracefully…

  • JPGK

    What an amazing group of people!

    Again, thank you for being there, Aron, and sharing your insights with the group.

    See you in March!

  • http://oakleyholbrook oakley holbrook

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