What to do about America’s guns…

Tonight on Dogma Debate, David Smally and I will argue opposing views of the gun control issue with disarmed Britons, Thunderf00t and DPR Jones. 

UTS-15 tactical shotgun

I need these two in case of … you know… zombies.

Frankish bearded axe

I need one of these too, but they’re illegal to carry, because if you have one of these, then people think you’re a dangerous psycho.

"No. Why do you ask?"

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Is that supposed to be an attempt at a joke?"

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Moving the goalpost, eh? The question was about the never-born, not children. Keep trying."

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Not even the Church can give a definitive answer.As regards children who have died without ..."

Correcting Hovindophiles

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