The North Texas Secular Convention

‘Activate Your Activism’ was my speech at UT Dallas last Saturday.
This is my report on how the Religious Right continues to undermine education in Texas.
"I understand it's a fallacy - ad hominem - non sequitur. I don't care. It ..."

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"Technically that's a form of fallacist's fallacy or even just plain ad hominem and non ..."

13 questions that don’t even challenge ..."
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13 questions that don’t even challenge ..."
"It was clearly meant as an ironic joke (see the "Lol" and the emoticon)."

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  • Entrak

    You should do a video where you preached atheism like you preach scriptures and cite religious people.

    It works for them, so.. :)

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  • opsarche

    what’s the harm of little idi*ts?

  • davidmc

    The link for the video doesnt work for me

  • davidmc

    Wow, you fixed that quick, thanks