Blasphemy in Bangladesh

I’m just relaying a tragic story. Hundreds of thousands of activists gathered in Dhaka Bangladesh last Friday, protesting against blasphemy laws and the severe penalty associated with them.

“Atheists must be hanged” shouted scores of armed Islamists who descended on the demonstration, assisted by local police. Violence erupted with cudgel canes and rubber bullets. Dozens of people were killed or maimed in an attack by the religion of peace. Ironically the activists were only protesting religion’s long-standing practice of inhuman oppression of dissent, and the Islamists reacted the way religion has always reacted, the only way it knows how -senselessly and without reason.

"No. Why do you ask?"

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Is that supposed to be an attempt at a joke?"

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Moving the goalpost, eh? The question was about the never-born, not children. Keep trying."

Correcting Hovindophiles
"Not even the Church can give a definitive answer.As regards children who have died without ..."

Correcting Hovindophiles

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