Atheist Ink

As a former tattooist,DarinP I retain an interest in ink.

Last year, I met this guy, Darin in Illinois, and he had a cool idea for a tat.

Check this out!  Darwin-fish, DNA, humanism, the American Atheist logo, the works.

He even has the zopdoz of the apistevist! Nice! Thanks for sharin’ Darin.

That’s how an atheist responds to Leviticus 19:28!

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  • smrnda

    How long did he have to sit still for that one?

  • l3g3ndizatheist

    I would estimate that there was about 8 hours of chair time… (didnt really keep track) I give the artist respect for being so patient because I was constantly making little changes to the design throughout the process. 4 sessions $600