I just came from Apostacon. Kudos to the Pastafarians of Omaha.  I thought they ran a really good conference.

How often does it happen -that you upload a video to YouTube, and within a couple hours of posting, it’s already on the news?

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  • http://blog.theleagueofreason.co.uk/author/he_who_is_nobody/ Hojo.Jack

    “How often does it happen -that you upload a video to YouTube, and within a couple hours of posting, it’s already on the news?”

    That is what happens when you are a big fish.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Freethinkin Franklin

      its what happens when the timid are curious about what they fear…… exposure of any kind is a good thing when it comes to opening folks minds.

  • Freethinkin Franklin

    Good job… Now theres a video that the Texass school board should put on the “recommended viewing” list.

  • sbuh

    “Interpretation” is another one of those words like “theory” that creationists just don’t get.

    I try to explain it in terms of translating languages. If I ask a straightforward question in English and someone interprets my question into French, there is only one correct interpretation. In this analogy, data is the language spoken by the natural world.

    They think of “interpretation” rather in the way referring to the way we look at ambiguous things like abstract paintings or poems. How we personally interpret things and what they mean to us. Of course I’ve argued with many of my high-minded artist friends that even a work of art necessarily has a definite meaning, even if the maker himself might not be sure what it is precisely.

  • pianoman, Heathen & Torontophile

    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

    Very nice, Mr. Ra – if only your words would penetrate the willfully thick skulls of the religious.

    Unfortunately, we must continue to waste our energies on this, because folks like Ham and Comfort have made their livings fooling the believers. I think they know full well they cannot refute evolution so all we get is “no, it isn’t” in reply.

  • Entrak Entshuldiga

    Geez, that comment-section of that news-site is giving me braincancer.