Proof that Hellenism is the true religion

So it seems that scuba-diving archaeologists were looking for remains of Napoleon’s defeat at the hands of Lord Nelson, when they accidentally discovered the sunken city of Heracleion instead.  This was the Egyptian city where Herodotus said that Helen had fled with her Trojan love, Paris.

OK so maybe it’s no quite proof of the truth of the Hellenist religion, but if the city were called Sodom instead, you know that Jews and Christians would be calling that proof of their god(s).

Some of the ruins of this city are remarkably well-preserved, especially this obelisk inscribed with hieroglyphics.

Apart from it’s obvious significance as a text speaking to us from a lost civilization, it is also (I think) quite a beautiful object, and priceless as a work of art as well.

Whether it was rising sea levels or a sinking shore, the city was submerged by some point in the 7th century.  Bearing that in mind, look at this next image.

This elegant bronze statuette has not only fallen beneath the waves, it is being slowly buried as well.  Think of it.  To me, this artifact of our culture represents our impermanence, just one of the many accomplishments of humanity which will eventually be lost, reclaimed by nature, and forgotten forever, like every other trace of our species.  Knowing that, I take some delight in the idea that this piece at least was rediscovered and rescued to be appreciated for just a bit longer.

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  • nicholasferriola

    This was discovered 13 years ago. Why is this being propped up on a bunch of web pages as if its a new discovery?

  • Félix Desrochers-Guérin

    Obelisks have a square base, are much, much taller than they are wide and have a pyramidal top. That inscribed stone isn’t one.

  • L.Long

    Just as you said if this find had been called Sodom the xtians would be going ape-shit over it.

    If anything real is found and mentioned in the buyBull….then…JESUS!!!!!!

    But at the same time there is more ‘real’ stuff for moremanism…..but it aint true.

    There is just as much ‘real’ in islame…but it aint true.

    The Hindu stuff goes back many thousand of years…..but it aint true.

    Religion is an exercise in delusional hypocrisy.

    But is this find is 15yrs old the it means that the economy is very bad as not more has been pulled up and investigated.

    But as you point out anyone studying any sciences should realize nothing lasts long so enjoy while you can, it all ends soon. Which is one reason I dislike the xtians death cults….’be miserable now so when you die, you MIGHT go to some vague joyful someplace.’

  • blockbuster

    I really like what you guys are usually up too.

    This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep

    up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you

    guys to my own blogroll.

  • Ben Weaver

    That is a stella, not an obelisk. Also, technically, it’s coverd with “hieroglyphs” or “hieroglyphic characters” but not just “hieroglyphics.”

  • Jason Failes

    “just like every other trace of our species”

    Are we going extinct now? I hadn’t heard.

  • anbheal

    Love the second photo!

    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings!

    Look on me, ye mighty, and despair.

    (and yes, I also believe that technically it’s a stele)

    • Guitcad1

      Yes, stele. I didn’t think to check the spelling on that. Thanks.

  • Norfolk Boy

    I am reminded of Shelly’s Ozymandias,

    Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,

    and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,

    tell that its sculptor well, those passions read;

    which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

    the hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.

    And on the pedestal these words appear –

    “I am Ozymandias, king of kings:

    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and Despair!”

    Nothing beside remains, round the decay

    of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

    the lone and level sands stretch far away

  • moarscienceplz

    Guitcad1 #5

    Well, since we’re all going to pick each other’s nits, the correct spelling is “stele” not “stella”