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It looks like the Canadian tour has been postponed, and I had to cancel the trip to Minnesota for personnel reasons. (That’s not a typo)  So Skepticon was last presentation of 2013.  I’ve only been on 21 airplanes this year.  Compared to 33 last year!  But to be fair, I think I drove to most of this year’s events.

Anyway, it’s weird but after more than two years of giving at least one presentation every single month, I find myself without any confirmed dates on my horizon.  So I’m taking that opportunity to get back to my book.  I promised the publisher that I would, and I’m having fun doing it.  Chapter III should be done by the end of this week, but it requires that I re-read the gospels afresh.  Wow.

I read Matthew again this evening.  So much I forgot.  How the fuck did anybody ever read this and manage to believe it?  I’m not going to go into details; y’all already know it all.  But I retire this evening shaking my head the gullibility and hypocrisy of the people who claim to believe in and follow this ridiculous book.

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  • Argle Bargle

    Reading the Bible was what convinced me to jettison Christianity.

  • otrame

    Reading the Bible from cover to cover* is what made me an atheist. I was 16.

    *Okay, I kinda skipped over the begets, and I never did quite finish Revelations. It was just too weird, and I kept trying and failing to make any sense of it. Maybe someday I’ll get a copy of Asimov’s guide to the bible an try again.

  • everbleed

    Reading the Bible, page by page?

    Proof of the truth.

    You are a masochist.

    Your publisher is a sadist.

    Your fans eagerly await the resulting agony.

    Happy Newton Day

  • Hojo.Jack

    I hope your book will be available on Kindle.