Speaking to San Diego Humanists

Every February when I’m starting to get tired of freezing temperatures every day, someone invites me to a warmer clime, and I welcome the escape.  (Yes I know, most of you live in lots colder places than Texas!) This weekend, my wife and I will participate in the Southern California Secular Humanist conference at the Mission Valley Resort Hotel in San Diego.  There will be many other speakers including, Margaret Downey, Dan Arel, James Croft, illusionist Jamy Ian Swiss, and comedian Steve Hill.  If you’re in that area (or want to be) please check the link to sdhumanists.org for other speakers you might want to meet, and please attend.

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  • L.Long

    Enjoy the southern Calif sunshine but remember you will now be facing an even bigger problem…

    Having to return to the cooler Texas weather.

  • Data Jack

    Hey Aron – you are going be AACon2014, right? What about Orange Country Freethought Alliance? Criss is speaking there this year… :)

    • http://www.aronra.com aronra

      I spoke at the Orange County Freethought Alliance year before last. But I haven’t been invited since.

  • John Nugent

    Aronra –

    Welcome to SoCal! Sadly, I haven’t the means of attending, but I’m sure it shall be a blast!