22 questions for ‘evolutionists’ -answered

Ever since I saw that Buzzfeed article, ‘22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution‘, I wished I could talk to each of those poor, misguided people. I mean, many of them seem like nice genuine folks, but they’ve all been deceived by the charlatans of religion, and that is very sad.  What they think they know about science is usually completely backward.  They’ve been so misinformed that some of their questions and comments remind me of the famous quote from physicist Wolfgang Pauli, criticizing poorly composed research, “That’s not right, it’s not even wrong.”

Hopefully some of those people will see this video.

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  • Data Jack

    This video is good. However, these people are frighteningly uneducated.

  • barry21

    Nice video. The questions you’ve answered are pathetic.

  • notyet

    I never heard whether those questions were written before or after the debate. If before, then maybe the questioners learned something from watching Bill school Ham. If after, then they are willfully ignorant and have no desire to change. If that is the case then they will not benefit from your video. They will just have pity for you because you are misguided and you are missing out on the joy that comes from having Jeebus in your life. And while we’re here, maybe you can explain to me where the exploding star that set off the Big Bang (as a fuse, blasting cap?) came from.