My 3rd of the Unholy Trinity

This was my contribution to the first tour of the Unholy Trinity.  It is so bizarre when I find myself addressing a full house from the podium of a church.  I would have worn a blazer like I did in Amarillo and Albuquerque, but there was a problem with the air conditioning in that church in San Antonio.  Go figure.

"The reason sometimes that atheists charge agnostics with "sitting on the fence" and want them ..."

You're either Theist or a-Theist; There ..."
"I don't think we have to get too intellectual. Agnostic is a noun. It can ..."

You're either Theist or a-Theist; There ..."
"If you are a child and your parent tells you something then it makes good ..."

Defining Faith
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  • Conversion Tube

    How convenient the air was broke with Atheists were using the church. Just joking, could totally be legit.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Thanks. I enjoyed that talk.