My first formal debate, July 23rd in Downtown Dallas

If y’all know any theists in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, you’ve got just one week to convince them to come see me debate some random Christian guy named John Lepp (I don’t know) over the question, “Is God the source of all that is good?” (I know, right?)
This event will be at the Door in Deep Ellum, hosted by a Christian group called the Beer & Bible Consortium (seriously). This is the same group that hosted my wife’s debate against anti-abortion spokes-weirdo, Carol Everett. That was nine months ago, and Lilandra whupped her polished professional opponent so bad that the organizers are still hesitant to release the video. So I’m bringing three cameras and two mics to record this debate myself.
Lilandra’s abortion debate was before an almost entirely Christian audience. The BBC is aware that my debate might draw a few more atheists, and that we won’t drink Anheuser Busch. (atheists tend to be beer snobs, and we tend to favor the dark side). So they said they’d stock some Founders Dirty Bastard, Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, and Dragon’s Milk. That’s better than Miller Lite or Budweiser, which is what most places serve ’round here.
This will be my first formal debate before a live audience. So it’d be great if you can make it out and bring any Christian friends you still have. But if you can’t make it, I’ll go ahead and tell you how this will inevitably end. Spoiler alert: the answer to the question is obviously no.
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