Aron Ra State Senate Campaign Donations

I have a certified public accountant registered with the Texas Ethics Commission as my campaign treasurer. Together we opened a separate bank account specifically for my 2018 run for State Senate, District 2, and I have a website linking to a PayPal account where I can finally begin accepting campaign donations. I hate that it takes money to run an election in this country, and it is absurd how much money is required. At a recent meeting of the local Democratic party, I was told that a State Senate run in my mostly rural peripheral district may cost a quarter million dollars! Fortunately, I have a few months to raise whatever I can. According to the Texas Politics Project at UT Austin, there is no limit to how much individuals, committees or PACs may donate. Though the only PAC I expect to have any interest in me is a small one dedicated to supporting only secular candidates. However I can only accept donations from American citizens. I cannot accept from foreign donors.
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