Our shameless state board of education.

On April 18th, I was in Austin to testify once again before our infamous Texas State Board of Education. Lilandra and I felt alone in that crowd of creationists. It was disheartening to see so many people repeating such easily refutable falsehoods as fact. But it is even worse to see organizations determined to exploit the language of the science standards to allow teachers to misrepresent evolution, abiogenesis, climate science and so on, and to replace factual lessons with fraudulent arguments from pseudoscience propaganda mills. It is even worse to see the members of the board brazenly colluding to enable a disingenuous agenda to undermine the education of public school students: in order to make students more susceptible to the lies of religious extremist reality denialists. Have they no shame?

In my testimony, I referred the board members to three of my videos, on abiogenesis, endosymbiosis, and evolutionary laws. I also referred them to my book: though I doubt whether any of them would read it.

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