Presidential Debate Tonight:Live Fact Checking and Drinking Game Strategy

Many of us don’t want to believe it has come down to Trump Vs. Clinton but here we are making the best of it. A new feature thanks to the plucky folks at Bloomberg TV is live fact checking! So you aren’t watching with that nagging voice in the back of your head that tells [Read More…]

El Paso Atheists

Atheist Alliance of America is establishing network connections with El Paso Atheists: seen here at their usual gathering place, a Unitarian Universalist Church on Byron Street. It’s a charming location, but it still seems paradoxical for me to give anti-sermons in any sort of church setting. I’m interested in uniting unbelievers wherever I go, if [Read More…]

How many atheists are there in the US, really?

After being elected president of Atheist Alliance of America, the first thing I wanted to do was to find out just how many allies we really have. According to a Pew poll in 2014, only 3.1% of Americans identified as atheists while another 4% identified as agnostic. Agnostic is a word that means “atheist in [Read More…]

Satanic Panic and Exorcism in Schools?

I was quoted in an article on Vice talking about exorcism. That article talks about how there are only a limited number of Catholic priests in the International Association of Exorcists who are approved and authorized by the church to chant the official incantation that will expel demons. Try to ignore for the moment that [Read More…]

Documenting the Exodus from black churches

When I went to DragonCon, I didn’t care about all the comic book stuff or who played the voice for some video game I don’t play or TV show I’ve never heard of. I know, since I stopped watching TV around Y2K, I’ve really fallen out of the loop as far as pop culture goes. [Read More…]

Sponsored links for creationism

I looked up my book on, and noticed these “sponsored links”. Do you see this shit? How should I respond to those links? “Is evolution just a theory?” That’s the 15th foundational falsehood of creationism. If you think evolution is “just” a theory, then you don’t know what a theory is. “You can prove [Read More…]

The TIES evolution education program

On the latest episode of the Ra-Men podcast, we interviewed Bertha Vazquez, Director if the TIES program (Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science), which is an educational program supported by the Richard Dawkins foundation, through which Bertha and other members of TIES give middle-school teachers the background they’ll need to teach evolution in an effective and [Read More…]

The New Texas State Director of American Atheists

When I was elected president of Atheist Alliance of America, I had to resign my previous position, creating a vacancy: one that will be filled by a much more accomplished activist than me. She is the executive director of South Texas Atheists for Reason, the founder of Atheists Helping the Homeless of San Antonio, the [Read More…]

Noah’s Farce

After I finished the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism video series, I considered doing another related series on the Noachian flood. I wanted to do separate episodes showing how meteorology disproves the flood, (by which I mean physics, really.) how geology disproves the flood, and how archaeology, anthropology zoology, and even mythology disprove the flood. I [Read More…]

Target loses significant business because of trans-friendly bathrooms

Unfortunately, it appears bigotry is a good business strategy as boycotts of Chick-fil-a for donating money to organizations that opposed same-sex marriage caused the opposite of the intended effect. Sales to Chick-fil-a actually soared 14 percent (edit)after the company defiantly supported the “biblical definition of marriage.” To make matters worse, a business, like Target, taking a pro-LGBTQ equality [Read More…]