Possibly World’s Largest Gathering of Atheists in Foxholes

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

Although you can't officially salute them yet because they are trainees, you can unofficially salute the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.  The group just hosted a meeting of a possible world record 270 Airmen recruits based in the San Antonio area. They discussed where atheists get their morals from, which every atheist knows is from the reality of living in society and empathy.The meetings are conducted by Rebekah McGraw, a Humanist Chaplain,Ben Mcgraw, a Humanist Lay l … [Read more...]

Making it through the GOP Debates


I really appreciate the people, who are going the distance on watching the GOP debates especially. It takes real determination to wade through all that. There is another one for the good people of New Hampshire tonight.   It's important for me and everyone, who feels the same to get as many people to watch them as possible. I live in Texas, and we haven't seceded yet, but we are the canaries in the coal mine for just how bad the GOP has gotten. Even here there are people, who don't get how bad … [Read more...]

Not feeling ya…Bern

Bernie Iowa

I assure you I am talking about areas as a supporter and voter where I don't "Feel the Bern" in ways that are intellectual. New Hampshire and Super Tuesday primaries are fast approaching. Perhaps what the Iowa Caucus statistical tie is showing us is how much difficulty Democrats are having choosing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Understandable given the buyer's remorse over electing Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, which I don't completely get but this is not a post about the … [Read more...]

Trumpless Debate Tonight

Donald Trump

In my opinion it is always a good idea to watch a presidential debate. Even though the GOP debates have been rancorous. At least tonight we won't have to cringe at Trump bullying Jeb Bush. More information is always better though. One of the objections I often hear that sets my teeth on edge is "both parties are the same". Any potential voter, who watches both of the party's debates has substantive reasons to tell you why that is not the case. It is a claim that can only be made in ignorance of … [Read more...]

Finicum’s Martyrdom: Why Officers need to break ranks with their own unlawful killers

TDLR: He did it for God, Guns, and Glory!

The lack of justice for recent publicized cases of rogue officers murdering unarmed black people has generated widespread public mistrust of law enforcement. Mere moments after, Bundy militant LaVoy Finicum was shot for reportedly charging the FBI after trying to escape arrest in his truck. Bundy sympathizers are already trying to deify him as a martyr, who was shot while cooperating with the police. A particularly egregious example of this comes from a state Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton (R) f … [Read more...]

Report: Ammon Bundy and others in custody (Updated)

Bundy Arrested

Raw Story is reporting that according to confirmed reports that Ammon Bundy , the leader of a hostile takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, and others are in custody. (Update: Dan Arel beat me to the punch) Additionally 2 people may have been shot. According to Oregon Live, these reports are based on the Youtube live stream of a citizen journalist, who also is reporting the FBI told the rest of the self-styled Bundy Militia  involved in the stand off they are free to go. Two people have been sh … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Hear Out the Democrats

I feel so guilty when they get to O' Malley in the promo. He seems like a nice guy, but why pretend?

The Democratic Primaries are fast approaching, and time to evaluate who you want to vote for is running out. If you are a Republican vote for Trump, and make Progressives gleeful at your party's demise. Seriously, the Democratic debates started off plodding, but the last debate in South Carolina was lively and spirited. Maybe your last opportunity to see what the candidates have to say for themselves is on CNN tonight at 9 PM Eastern. It won't be a debate, and some people may actually like to … [Read more...]

Cruisin’ the UAE

Dubai for westerners

If you read my earlier article, Hopping through Arabian Airports, then you know how little I know I about Islam or the Arab world. That's actually why I went to the United Arab Emirates. It was by invitation of a rich [compared to me] Arab who funded that trip. He is an unbeliever, an infidel illegal in that country. But that is his culture, and he wanted me to see it as he does, first-hand and unfiltered. So we planned the trip to coincide with the conference in India. Upon my return, he put me … [Read more...]

The Cow


Last week when I was in the United Arab Emirates, someone gave me a copy of The Qur'an, a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem. I've already read the Avestas of Zarathustra and the Bhagavad Gita. So it's about time I read the Qur'an as well. But I'm not having a good time with it. The first chapter, The Opening is just a few lines of a pointless prayer and that's it. There is nothing there worthy of note. The second chapter, the Cow is the longest chapter, or sura, and there is quite a lot … [Read more...]

MLK: This quote is still true today

Martin Luther King jr. Ignorance

Today is of course a day to celebrate Martin Luther King's contributions to dismantling institutionalized racism. That work is still ongoing today, as recent rulings refusing to hold police officers accountable in the shooting deaths of unarmed black people shows. Everyone quotes King's "I have a Dream" speech about judging people by the content of their character. That is a laudable goal, but we are now in the 21st century and the country isn't there yet. The following is a quote to reflect on … [Read more...]