My debate with John Lepp

This was my first formal debate ever. I mean, I’ve argued with a few evangelicals online or on someone’s radio show, and some of those were called “debates”. But this was the real deal, two people sharing the stage with a proper moderator -addressing a live audience in the same room. I’ve never done that [Read More…]

As a result of protesting the ark park…

I was invited to protest Ken Ham’s ark park by Jim Helton, Kentucky state director of American Atheists and president of Tri-State Freethinkers. It was such a well-organized and successful protest that I knew it wasn’t over when it was over. There were more ripples coming after the waves that he made. So I knew [Read More…]

The new President of Atheist Alliance of America

Atheist Alliance of America is 25 years-old, one of the oldest atheist organizations in the U.S., founded in 1992. They are the source of Secular Nation bi-annual magazine and podcast. For the last fifteen years, they have bestowed the Richard Dawkins award to honor outstanding scientists, authors, artists, and other advocates of uncompromised and unapologetic [Read More…]

The Answers in Genesis Movie

As offensive as Ken Ham’s ark park is, we know that cumbersome eye-sore is doomed to an inevitable financial failure that would be comical if it didn’t waste $18,000,000.oo of state tax incentives despite 1st amendment prohibitions failing all three prongs of the Lemon test. That’s in addition to another $107,000,000.oo out of individual donor’s [Read More…]

Trying to reason against fallacious ignorance

Earlier this month, I drove to Kentucky to protest the Noah’s Ark Park. Trying to reason with believers there was an exercise in futility. Now, Eric Hovind and his crew are deliberately trying not to understand; or at least they’re to appear as if they don’t understand, or that they understand something else. I don’t [Read More…]

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism available for pre-order

I just saw the listing for the first time. Pre-orders of my book are available on Amazon.  The publisher returned their edition to me, and I’m now reviewing the final format. I think it will be 6×9″ and 440 pages. No pictures though. I should be recording an audio version of it sometime next month. [Read More…]

My first formal debate, July 23rd in Downtown Dallas

If y’all know any theists in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, you’ve got just one week to convince them to come see me debate some random Christian guy named John Lepp (I don’t know) over the question, “Is God the source of all that is good?” (I know, right?)   This event will be at the [Read More…]

Rick Wiles: Pokemon Go is Satan’s Cyber-Demons

Hyper-vigilant, would-be televangelist, Rick Wiles of TRUNews a member of Jim Bakker’s PTL Ministry, recounted the seemingly benign tale of a stranger playing Pokémon Go outside his office building this week. According to RightWingWatch, Wiles attributed the player’s otherwise explicable behavior to none other than the Biblical villain Satan himself. He went on to describe a vast [Read More…]

The Meaning of Race

Is race a biological or social construct? The word “race” as it is applied to describing ancestral traits in humans is notoriously difficult to disambiguate. The word itself is polysemous, or has different but related senses depending on the context of the discussion. The word “man” is also a polyseme that is ambiguous to the [Read More…]

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism book tour

I’ve never published a book before. So I’m pretty excited about this. My book is available on Amazon for pre-order. Copies should be in stores come November. I’ve scheduled a promotional tour with different secular humanist skeptical atheist groups for a nice circle round the western states where I grew up. Once there are links [Read More…]