Aron’s Travails in India

The United States is actually still putting out more than twice the CO2 emissions of India.

As many of Aron Ra's Facebook friends already know, he went to the hospital for pneumonia, after staying in Delhi, India. As his wife, I can tell you in the 8 years I have known him; he has never been seriously ill. He was admitted with a temperature of 41.2  Celsius; that is 106 Fahrenheit in the antiquated Customary system.This trip already had me worried because of a tourist advisory for terrorism and an earthquake there. Odds start to be less of a lightning strike of those happening … [Read more...]

Texas weather has gone all “Texas” down here

Rowlett Tornado 10 26

Yes, Texas weather has gone plumb haywire, or "Texas" in Norwegian slang.  On the East side of Dallas,where Aron Ra and I live, secular relief efforts are underway from an estimated 11 tornadoes that tore through Dallas county and neighboring counties to the North and East. Tornadoes in December are rare, and the one that struck Garland where we live was classified as an "F4" leveling some houses to their foundations. The DFW area death toll is estimated at 11 people, and 600 structures were … [Read more...]

Governor Abbott: FFRF Capitol Holiday Display “Mocks Religious Beliefs” and must go.

FFRF Bill of rights

In a characteristic display of both irony and projection, Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a show of disrespect to the state's nonbelievers ordered the Freedom From Religion Foundation's holiday display removed from where it had been squirreled away on the basement floor for this reason:"The Constitution does not require Texas to allow displays in its Capitol that violate general standards of decency and intentionally disrespect the beliefs and values of many of our fellow Texans," Abbott … [Read more...]

Austin: Mock mass shooting mocked by students open carrying dildos

Just for more conspiracy nut nuttiness.

University of Texas at Austin: the mock mass shooting “Life and Liberty Walk to End Gun-Free Zones” planned by avid gun supporters was rendered impotent today by counter protesters open carrying dildos and flatulent noise makers. The Austin American-Statesman reports that only about 15 gun supporters showed up to stage the mock mass shooting, and they had some issues completing the act: But at 2:30, all that remained as evidence of the protest were crude chalk outlines on the sidewalks along Gua … [Read more...]

Why we don’t support media trolls

Image from an article entitled, "New Media Activism and Racist Internet Trolls" from the blog New Media Against Racism.

It's not like we don't see people reminding us in comments on videos asking Aron if he is going to respond to something a media troll said. Often fans of media trolls try to start off-topic comment battles on every one of Aron's videos even on innocuous topics that are not controversial in the atheist community, like science education. All because he made one video in support of feminism a couple of years ago, which was quote-mined by a media troll a year ago.As someone who writes the Living … [Read more...]

The Cowardice of the NRA and the Politicians They Own.

vote freedom from gun nuts

The power to end the mass shooting epidemic has always been in the hands of the American people. As if we needed another reminder that Republicans are too cowardly to oppose their faithful campaign contributors in the  NRA, yesterday the Senate blocked an emergency effort by Senate Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of known dangerous people. In one of a series of near-party-line procedural votes, the Senate by 54 to 45 blocked a proposal by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that would have … [Read more...]

Report: Police Seeking 3 White Males in San Bernardino Shootings

Fox 11 tweet

Fox 11 Los Angeles tweeted that police are looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear.  Although there have been Islamist terrorists, who appear white such as the Chechnyan Tsarnaev Boston Marathon Bombers, here is more preliminary evidence this is domestic terrorism: During a news briefing, San Bernadino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said information about the party was "preliminary" and declined to comment on a motive for the shooting. “We have no information at this point to indicate th … [Read more...]

Secular Idea for Giving Tuesday

Just give her the cookie.

Giving Tuesday is a campaign to break the record for 24 Hour charitable giving. Before you think, "Well, La, Dee, Da...", it is sort of a reaction to the crass consumerism  of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (I would like to see us break the record for Voting Tuesday, which I just made up.) Also, I realize that both of these consumer days help budget conscious families to afford things that are normally out of reach. Anyways, what if you as a secular person are down with giving, but not down with … [Read more...]

If you have ever used the term “Social Justice Warrior” as an earnest insult…

Because why would anyone have a problem with Social Justice?

The term "Social Justice Warrior" is often used as a pejorative by internet commenters to denigrate speech aimed at reducing gender, class, and racial inequality. To put this in perspective of the atheist microcosm of the larger community, atheists who criticize social justice advocates and who have large followings, often use this word liberally (meaning a lot, not politically liberal). For those who promote anti-social justice rhetoric with this term, have a look at what you may sound … [Read more...]

Two Suspects arrested in alleged white supremacist shootings at Black Lives Matter Protest

Where does a civilized society draw the line between free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to protest safely? First some background: MINNEAPOLIS — Two men were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the overnight shootings of five people during a Black Lives Matter protest outside a police station, the Minneapolis Police Department said. Black Lives Matter Minneapolis has been camped outside a police station to obtain justice for the shooting death of Jamar Clark. Police say that C … [Read more...]