You better believe it …or else

Someone recently asked me whether there was anywhere other than Revelations 22:18-19 that talks about having to believe the whole Bible in order to get into Heaven.  Right there in the last chapter, it says not to add anything to the Bible nor take anything away from it.  But there are several other places where the Bible says that too.  It even says that in the Old Testament! (Deuteronomy 4:2 & 12:32, Psalms 119:160, Proverbs 30:6) because "every word of God" is supposed to be "true from th … [Read more...]

Weary of unwarranted Solispist Idealism

I readily admit that I don't know philosophy, because I'm not interested in it, and that is exclusively because of this topic. The more I talk with solipsists, the less interesting philosophy is.  We've had this conversation, and I was hoping to be done with it, because I've already given it more of my time than it will ever deserve.  I would like very much for this to me my last word on the idea that the whole of perceptible reality might only be an illusion created within the i … [Read more...]

Angels are everywhere

angels are everywhere

Here in Detroit waiting for a plane back to the triple digit heat in September of  Dallas TX. Where it is so hot that it's been said:“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell”  Philip Henry SheridanHere in Detroit, several people have complained to me about the 84 degree heat here that maybe feels like 94. And I suppose that is impressive for Michigan, especially given the school I gave a presentation at didn't have Central Air. We air condition everything in Tex … [Read more...]

Take him to Detroit!

Great Beer!

I think this was my first time in Michigan.  All I knew about Detroit was what I'd seen in Kentucky Fried Movie, but there's a good group there.  Only 15 were expected to turn out to meet us tonight, but more than twice that showed up.   The people there represented Detroit Atheists, Ann Arbor Atheists, Michigan Atheists, the Center For Inquiry, Sunday Assembly and others.  The Dragonmead Brewery even called in additional wait staff when we suddenly filled the place, and we stayed until the put t … [Read more...]

Living Science Videos


My wife, Lilandra is a secular activist like myself, advocating for improved education as I do, but she is also a science teacher and a curriculum specialist with the Next Generation Science Standards.  One of the projects we do together is a series of classroom supplement science videos teaching biology at the middle school and high school level.  We have a separate channel just for our Living Science series, one that is separate from our other activism videos.  This is our latest one.  It's a m … [Read more...]

Philisophical empiricism vs metaphysical solipsism


In my previous post, as in the one before that, I criticized faith, as I always do.  Someone always tries to rebut me, either by trying to say that faith isn't really what it has always been consistently proven to be, or by projecting their greatest fault onto me by pretending that scientists are just as bad as believers; as if science is were a matter of faith too.  I call it a game of equivocation and projection. It’s an attempt to paint the illusion that science and religion are somehow com … [Read more...]

New Texas textbooks a bit light on historical facts

"During the 1600s, people from Europe migrated to North America, settling along the Atlantic Coast and inland. The great majority of the colonists were Christians familiar with both the Old and New Testament of the Christian Bible. They brought with them Judeo-Christian values and ideas derived from biblical law. These beliefs made an important contribution to the founding principles and documents of the United States. In the Old Testament, for example, Moses calls for the law to apply equally to all people, even kings, and sets forth rules for a fair trial. The biblical idea of a covenant, an ancient Jewish term meaning a special kind of agreement between people and God, influenced the formation of colonial governments and helped shape the thinking of the men who designed our constitutional structure."

Although many concerned citizens, including Aron and me, testified in protest to certain claims like the theocratic dictator Moses having influenced the American  system of government, Texas students will now learn that, and also about what an exceptional snowflake America is.  It could have been worse had people not stepped in to remind the Texas State Board of Education that American history is not all white, nor all 'Right', but even though they stopped some of the shenanigans some of it st … [Read more...]

Religious faith IS “belief without evidence”

In my previous post, I criticized faith, as I always do, and some believer predictably accused me of misrepresenting what Christian/religious faith really is. Usually the argument is an attempt to equivocate or project their own faults onto the opposition, as if science requires faith too, and that scientists are therefore “just as bad” as religious believers. Of course the applications of science and faith are completely opposite in every respect.Religious apologists are like litigators, who … [Read more...]

What do atheists think?

This is my first submission to the Patheos network, where I am told there is much better chance that my posts will be read by religious believers. Good, because that’s who I mean to reach.When I read this article about evangelist John Lennox, I meant to reply to him, but then I realized that his answers are mostly shallow and evasive excuses. The more objectionable assertions came from the author of the article, Heather Tomlinson. So I will address her instead, taking Lennox' comments to s … [Read more...]

Loaded question

So I got the following email from a financial adviser in New Zealand: Hi. As you strike me as an honest and sincere authority in the atheist worldview, could you please help me by advising me: How can I be an intellectually honest atheist when it seems to me that atheism itself, logically demands that I distrust my brain, because it’s merely a cosmic accident -  evolved from a random, mindless and unguided process in the 1st place? I’ll donate $10,000 to a mutually agreeable charity for the 1 … [Read more...]