My schedule for this year so far

For the last few years, I’ve been speaking at a different conference, convention or rally almost every month all over the country, sometimes twice a month. This year was a bit different. I gave a Darwin Day lecture at Lawrence University. Otherwise I’m only scheduled for one American convention this whole year, in October.  But [Read More…]

Professor of Atheism?

So I just read in the New York Times that a wealthy atheist has donated a couple million dollars to the University of Miami -with the purpose of endowing the nation’s first academic chair for the study of atheism, humanism and secular ethics. Now, as an atheist activist as well as an advocate of reason [Read More…]

Texas Governor and Supreme Court Prioritize Bathrooms over Classrooms

Sorry Texans! The priority in education for Texas government is to stop transgender students from using the appropriate bathroom. Our Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, called this week for the resignation of Fort Worth Superintendent Kent Scribner allowing the district’s transgender students to choose their own bathroom. “Without any discussion with parents, board members, principals, and [Read More…]


This has been a fascinating election season. This year produced the best candidate I’ve ever seen in my life, and contrasted him against a collection of contenders who should not be allowed in office for various reasons. As i said in previous posts, I used to like Hillary OK until I started paying attention. Now [Read More…]

Recap of EuroTour 2016

When I was in Europe last year, I had been invited to come back and speak at three different conferences this year too, in England, Poland, and Finland; all in the month of March. I thought the only reasonable way to do that was to hop over the Atlantic one time and stay for the [Read More…]

Political Idealism

This election has by far the most uniquely interesting primary that I have ever seen. I’ve been absolutely fascinated by it since the start and can’t read enough about it. Because the general election appears to be decided by who gets the nomination. It’s hard to imagine actually electing any of the feces-flinging monkeys in [Read More…]

Feelin’ Berned

Call me what you will, but this is my position. I have given this a helluva lotta thought over the last several months, and I’m completely sincere in what I say. Every single person I personally know is a Bernie supporter -including people who normally vote Republican. How could any sane or rational person vote [Read More…]

Freethought Friday ep303

When I was in Dublin Ireland, I met with Ashling O’Brien and Ciarán O Floinn. We found an unoccupied meeting room in the basement of the Ashling Hotel (no relation to Ms O’Brien) and did an interview for their podcast, Freethought Friday. [Read more…]

Social Justice for Reasonable People: Racial Justice Discussions

How can reasonable people discuss racial justice? Any secular group that focuses on people of color often gets ironic criticism for being exclusive. Though in my experience with American groups, I don’t know of any secular group that disallows whites from joining. As a biracial Asian-American, I have always been there doing my small part [Read More…]

It never ends

I’m in Northern Ireland at the moment, speaking tonight in a suburb of Belfast. When I was a young boy, back in the late 1960s, I heard the name Belfast on TV news the same way I heard the names Beirut, Syria, or the West Bank: they were always associated with riots or bombings. Yesterday, [Read More…]