Big pay day for Anti-Choicer Everett: Texas Awards 1.65 million dollar grant

The Raw Report is reporting that Carol Everett has been awarded a 1.65 million dollar grant for her Heidi Group that seeks to dissuade women from having abortions. I debated Carol Everett on the legality of abortion last October and she made many claims that just don’t pass scientific muster. Since then, she has been testifying in favor [Read More…]

Some folks never learn

The infamous charlatan “Dr” Kent Hovind (with a worthless mail-order PhD) is opening another “Dinosaur Adventure Land”, this time in Alabama. Somehow hucksters like him always find rubes to donate money and property to keep lying in the guise of education. Otherwise he’d have to sell used cars, wonder drugs, or multi-level marketing schemes. As [Read More…]

What is faith?

I happened across a video of a couple of Christians reviewing my debate with John Lepp. They said it wasn’t very polished or professional on either side. I agree, but the biggest fault I have with myself is assuming that once I give the clues, my audience should be able to connect the dots and [Read More…]

Fact Checking Anti-Abortionist Carol Everett VS Lilandra Ra Debate

The United States has made some encouraging progress since I debated the question “Should Abortion be Legal?” Last year in October, I debated with staunch abortion opponent Carol Everett. Everett makes the rounds on conservative programs such as the 700 Club and Focus on the Family and also Fox News. Her group, the Heidi Group, networks and trains Crisis Pregnancy [Read More…]

An Amazing blurb

James Randi has written an Amazing endorsement of my book! The seemingly unquenchable popularity of the so-called “paranormal” has long been a puzzle, both to me and to my good friend Aron Ra. However, Aron’s much more important and more specific interest in preoccupation with woo-woo is bifold: religion & creationism — to the study [Read More…]

Dillahunty vs. Giunta: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead

Matt Dillahunty will debate Blake Giunta tonight at the Bible and Beer Consortium Debate Series.   This is RationalWiki’s opinion on their last debate about the existence of god.  Apparently, his opponent plays with probability in a way that weights his conclusions about god more heavily and discounts natural explanations while leaving out other possibilities. He [Read More…]

Number One New Release in Christianity

This book has been something like eight years in the making for me. The official release date is November 1st. So my book hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already the #1 New Release in Christianity on Amazon today! There’s a certain irony in that, I think. :-) Yes, there will be an audio version. [Read More…]

Brilliant satire of racial justice denialism by Youtuber Edward Current

Social Justice Warrior is often meant as a pejorative. The insult is applied by everyone from Rightwing crank sites like Breitbart to people who aren’t as religious but share a few opinions with the Religious Right -the new Alt-Right. The Alt-Right centers nativism even over religion as an integral part of its identity. A trait that is shared [Read More…]

I’m on IMDB

I have an IMDB page now, because I’ve been in a handful of movies, almost all of them documentaries, and only two of those are listed on that page. Take A Scarlett Letter for an example of one of the ones that are not listed. In the one exception to the documentaries, I played an [Read More…]

My debate with John Lepp

This was my first formal debate ever. I mean, I’ve argued with a few evangelicals online or on someone’s radio show, and some of those were called “debates”. But this was the real deal, two people sharing the stage with a proper moderator -addressing a live audience in the same room. I’ve never done that [Read More…]