Austin: Mock mass shooting mocked by students open carrying dildos

Just for more conspiracy nut nuttiness.

University of Texas at Austin: the mock mass shooting “Life and Liberty Walk to End Gun-Free Zones” planned by avid gun supporters was rendered impotent today by counter protesters open carrying dildos and flatulent noise makers. The Austin American-Statesman reports that only about 15 gun supporters showed up to stage the mock mass shooting, and they had some issues completing the act: But at 2:30, all that remained as evidence of the protest were crude chalk outlines on the sidewalks along Gua … [Read more...]

Indisputable Irrefutable Absolute Proof of God


The front man for the Restored Church of God is at least as deserving of a take-down reality check as any other creationist, especially since this guy is the author of so many publications dedicated to misinformation. I never heard of him before now. He's one of those multimillion-dollar charlatans who somehow he slipped under most people's radar. He's got the typical psychology of creationists, in that he asserts his baseless erroneous assumptions with mindless confidence; so that his clueless … [Read more...]

Why we don’t support media trolls

Image from an article entitled, "New Media Activism and Racist Internet Trolls" from the blog New Media Against Racism.

It's not like we don't see people reminding us in comments on videos asking Aron if he is going to respond to something a media troll said. Often fans of media trolls try to start off-topic comment battles on every one of Aron's videos even on innocuous topics that are not controversial in the atheist community, like science education. All because he made one video in support of feminism a couple of years ago, which was quote-mined by a media troll a year ago.As someone who writes the Living … [Read more...]

The Cowardice of the NRA and the Politicians They Own.

vote freedom from gun nuts

The power to end the mass shooting epidemic has always been in the hands of the American people. As if we needed another reminder that Republicans are too cowardly to oppose their faithful campaign contributors in the  NRA, yesterday the Senate blocked an emergency effort by Senate Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of known dangerous people. In one of a series of near-party-line procedural votes, the Senate by 54 to 45 blocked a proposal by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that would have … [Read more...]

Report: Police Seeking 3 White Males in San Bernardino Shootings

Fox 11 tweet

Fox 11 Los Angeles tweeted that police are looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear.  Although there have been Islamist terrorists, who appear white such as the Chechnyan Tsarnaev Boston Marathon Bombers, here is more preliminary evidence this is domestic terrorism: During a news briefing, San Bernadino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said information about the party was "preliminary" and declined to comment on a motive for the shooting. “We have no information at this point to indicate th … [Read more...]

Another Religious Witch Hunt

I've often said that whenever religion has had rule over law, the result has always been an automatic violation of human rights. This is why I'm an advocate for secular governance. Because all the news I hear from theocratic regions is just this stupid and sometimes worse.This is another example of a literal witch hunt and what humanist organizations are doing about that. It is inexcusable that grown-ups anywhere in the world should believe in demons, devils, and evil spirits. This is … [Read more...]

Secular Idea for Giving Tuesday

Just give her the cookie.

Giving Tuesday is a campaign to break the record for 24 Hour charitable giving. Before you think, "Well, La, Dee, Da...", it is sort of a reaction to the crass consumerism  of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (I would like to see us break the record for Voting Tuesday, which I just made up.) Also, I realize that both of these consumer days help budget conscious families to afford things that are normally out of reach. Anyways, what if you as a secular person are down with giving, but not down with … [Read more...]

Look who dropped in


Something fell through the ceiling.It made quite a mess.Oh look who it is.You are adorable!I coaxed that opossum into a pet carrier and took her down to the park. I left the door open with a piece of turkey on the exit, and left it in a field by a creek with trees in three directions.I went home and had dinner. I came back an hour later, and she was still in there. I had to slowly dump her out again. She didn't even notice the turkey. Poor thing.She … [Read more...]

Creationism’s False Equivalence


This was my lecture to the Secular Student Alliance at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, 2015/11/24.Today I’m going to talk about creationism, also known as Intelligent Design or Creation Science –as compared and contrasted with actual science. The term creationists use to describe actual science is ‘evolutionary’ science, but they apply that to a lot more than just evolution. Because for them it’s more than just population genetics. In fact in their minds, it’s not population ge … [Read more...]

How we atheists do Thanksgiving


My friend, Vyckie Garrison posted a very sweet article on Raw Story about how atheists celebrate Thanksgiving. She asked several prominent atheists to participate, and I meant to. I don't know what happened. I thought I sent the message, but I'm not seeing it now. Pity. I really wanted to be a part of that. So let me just post it here.Obviously a lot of us know that we were lied to about Columbus and about the pilgrims and all of that. We certainly don't hold the Puritan's slaughter of the … [Read more...]