Religious indoctrination rampant in rural Texas schools


Amber Barnhill recently moved her kids to a small south eastern Texas town called the city of China. There she found out what Lilandra and I have been complaining about for so long. All the local schools push their Christian religion. They do it overtly, during school hours, and as part of all curricular activities. They put crosses everywhere, promote prayer in every activity, and even have the elder students preaching to the younger ones as part of their daily morning assembly. There the … [Read more...]

Global warming ruined my whole weekend. Thanks Obama.


On Thursday, my wife Lilandra and I drove her car to the little town of China Texas for a Religious Freedom Panel. It consisted of representatives from the Foundation of Contemporary Theology, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Attendance was full. The mayor was there. Local Channel 12 News was there. Even Faux News was there, though I can't find any mention of the event online anymore. There was one story posted about it yesterday, … [Read more...]

Religious Freedom Panel in Houston on Thursday 10/22


I've been getting messages from out-of-state wondering WTF is going on with Texas' politics, whether it is the governor shutting down Planned Parenthood and protecting their religious monuments, or the local cops plastering Bible slogans on their cars and telling secular citizens to suck it. To say nothing of what's still going on in our schools -especially in rural communities, despite all our protests and against the advice of experts. Now we've got police departments hiring only right wing … [Read more...]

Interview at INR5


While in British Columbia for the 5th Imagine No Religion conference, I was interviewed by one of the locals.Love the thumbnail he created. … [Read more...]

Hemphill County Texas Sheriff dares you to take offense to Bible verse on police vehicles

How about the Golden Rule if you want to be kind?

Just like unattended graffiti, police departments are getting bolder and bolder about putting their Christian stamp on state owned police vehicles. In Hemphill County,  Sheriff James Pearson wants everyone to know that if you take offence to "I am the good shepherd. John 10:11" on vehicles paid for by atheist tax money too that you are "missing the point". Which sort of begs the question exactly which "sheep" does this department see themselves as the good shepherd of? His reasoning:Hemphill … [Read more...]

Physicalism and Metaphysical Naturalism discussed

I was interviewed by The Objective Centrist on the notions of physicalism/metaphysical naturalism and atheism's dependence on that. … [Read more...]



Last week Lilandra debated Carol Everett of the Pro-Life Action League. I was proud of how well my wife did on stage. Although there were a few theistic critics in the live audience, the comments we saw online were exclusively positive and supportive of Lilandra's performance. The event was hosted by the Bible and Beer Consortium, who invited her to debate again next year.It's funny to me that this was Lilandra's first debate, because I've still never had one. I know a few other people who … [Read more...]

Twitter says Bernie won


Normally whoever wins the debate is whoever you already agreed with before it began, but it seems that Twitter has an objective way of determining the winner of last night's Democratic debate. See the link here.It was an amusing thing to see. The funniest summary I saw on Twitter was "a corporate sell-out, an idealist, and three cardboard cut-outs walk into a bar..."  It did seem like Hillary vs Bernie in the midst of three stuffed suits. I understand those other three didn't get equal … [Read more...]

Anti-choicers Faux Concern for Women.

Having reproductive choices actually empowers women.

Beth Presswood, of the podcast Godless Bitches and Atheist Experience, has started a new blog with a take-down of another  specious argument that abortion somehow demeans women. She is a dear friend, and her rants against anti-abortion quackery sites like Life Action News, which she calls " Lie Action News" are not only amusing but informative. In answer to a "Lie Action News" post about how abortion supposedly demeans women: Here we see the typical anti-choice lack of understanding of the … [Read more...]

Texas Governor Calls Freedom from Religion Foundation “Misguided and Malicious”

In God we Trust Texas Senate

Of course Texas Governor and Christian Culture Warrior, Greg Abbott, has pledged his full support for the Childress Police Department's commandeering of state owned police vehicles for the motto "In God we Trust". "There can be no doubt that courts in Texas would uphold the constitutionality of the Childress Police Department's decision to place 'In God We Trust' on the department's patrol vehicles," Abbott said in the letter. "If the Childress Police Department chooses to continue this … [Read more...]