About Mason Lynch

Mason Lynch resides in Washington State, where he programs computers, drives Porsches, and climbs small mountains. He blogs regularly at castinglargeshadows.wordpress.com

Confessions of a Recovering Christian

This article is a general response to the plight of queer Christians who think their same-sex attraction is sinful. There’s a middle place between the hateful and loving versions of Christianity where they treat same-sex attraction as an unfortunate character flaw to overcome. In such churches, gay people may be accepted but with conditions; they are expected to either force themselves into an approved heterosexual union or remain celibate for life. [Read more…]

Two-Spirit: Gender Identity in America, Before America

Long before Europeans introduced smallpox and Christianity to the American continents, many of the native tribes recognized non-binary gender identities, which are now described by the term two-spirit. [Read more…]

It’s Not Immoral: Examining Four Bad Arguments Against Gay Sex

In my last article I had some fun writing about a few examples of sexuality in non-human animals, to establish that variations other than heterosexuality are indeed natural and caused by biological factors. However, a few readers who commented seemed convinced that I was trying to justify human actions based on what animals do, despite my disclaimer near the beginning of the article that said the exact opposite. This time, I’d like to examine some common arguments used to claim same-sex intercourse is morally wrong. I will also explain why they are terrible arguments. [Read more…]

It’s Not Natural? Nine Gay and Bisexual Animal Species Found in Nature

The point of considering the widespread incidence of homosexuality in animals is not to say that humans should base their morality on what animals do, but rather to gain a better understanding of how and why same-sex attraction exists. Sometimes it’s beneficial, like for certain birds, while other animals may just be doing it for pleasure. In any case, a small percentage of gay members aren’t going to have a negative impact on the future of a species. [Read more…]

The Ugly Side of Religious Purity

I’ve seen families and friendships torn apart, churches split with hateful words, and children denied the love of their parents. I’ve seen young people end up homeless or in the hospital because they dared to be individuals instead of conforming to the expectations of their family and church. I’ve seen kind and loving people harassed and slandered for asking the wrong questions or holding the wrong opinions. [Read more…]

Autistic, Bisexual, and Afraid

I feel that I’ve been luckier than most in my experience of growing up a homeschooled conservative Christian. It hasn’t taken me long to distance myself from the harmful ways of thinking, and my success in that respect can probably be attributed to the mild autism that has also been a barrier between me and everyone else. [Read more…]