I was once unsure about the criticism of “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy, but not anymore. Read more

Christianity isn’t the religion of America. America has a religion all its own, and it too hates blasphemy. Read more

It depends on what kind of movement you want. Read more

Anyone can claim to love truth. It’s another thing to show it. Read more

When it comes to certain matters, the truth can be fuzzier than we might like. Read more

Is nuance always good? The answer might surprise you — or not. Read more

Getting free means being able to claim our pain and give it the fair assessment it deserves. Read more

It isn’t shameful to be fragile, no matter what the world says. Read more

Diminishing privilege is not the same as marginalization. Read more

We can always use more resources for secular celebrations. Here’s how you can help. Read more

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